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Tracy posted a comment on an older article , where she talks about Harley parts being made overseas... One comment I will add here, is tha...

Tracy posted a comment on an older article, where she talks about Harley parts being made overseas...
One comment I will add here, is that for Harley lovers (Which I am one of them) to state put down a so-called metric bike and their argument is that you should own an American Bike, is rather contradictory, when most parts for HD are being outsourced and manuctured in Japan, Chile, Germany, China, Mexico and etcetera...while being shipped into the USA and assembled! Where as several of the Japanese made bikes are actually being manufactured and assembled both in the USA! So for HD owners to put down a so-called metric crusier and make the claim it's "just a rice grinder" and not a truly American made bike, is an oximoronic statement to say the least!
This particular subject has been hashed out so many times before on other websites.

I suppose this whole notion of Harley's being made of foreign parts is going to play out even more as the years go by. While Harley's are still very popular, I'm beginning to see signs that interest is waning. Motorcycles are actually going to be more popular, but these $20,000 dollar Harleys just ain't going to keep selling. The folks in Milwaukee are going to have to come with up a cheaper hog, to keep the ship afloat.

While Harley was recently in the news as having earned profits in the first quarter of 2006, things are not all that rosy at HD. The company stated that it won't be selling its 2007 models until the third quarter, instead of the second quarter as it has before. Analysts see this as a sign that there is trouble ahead. I think it's because there is still a glut of 2006 models to be sold. Heck, I just bought a 2005 rental bike out of a dealer's showroom. Proof there is still a lot of inventory left to be sold.

And now, Harley has its first dealership in China. If Harley Davidson motorcycles are ever going to be made in China, the first logical step is to show the Chinese what a Harley Davidson motorcyle looks, sounds, and feels like. After all, no hog-riding American wants to ride a Harley that sounds like a Chinese noodle-banger. Well, now the Chinese know what a Harley is all about.

I suspect Harley will eventually open a factory in China, but only to build motorcycles for Chinese consumers. It'll probably be a lot longer before we'll see any Chinese-built Harleys sold in the USA. But it's going to go that way. At one time Wal-Mart prided itself on selling only American-made products, look where that took them! It's going to happen to Harley too.


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  1. Hi everyone!

    First off, I'm MAN, not a woman, but thanks for the compliment...or so my wife wanted me to post...SMILE!

    Second, I don't want to be misunderstood on that post, I'm not bashing Harleys (I come from a long family of bikers who have owned most every bike ever made, with my Dad owning classic Harleys and Indians in the 40's, 50's and early 60's... and then came bronson... and AMF followed :( )

    I just wanted to make a statement that we should all be more concerned for enjoying the ride and fellowship of our passion, while building memories for future generations...before they outlaw bikes or EPA laws get ridiculous!
    After what happened to guys like Rick Johnsons in Riverside, CA where the county has created laws & ordinances to prevent people from riding their bikes on their own property, I'm feeling like we are living more in more in country where constitutional freedoms are quicliy being taken away! Anyone remember Nazi Germany...HINT!

    I think there is much that can be learned from bikes being engineered both from overseas and our classic American Made bikes we all love! But I also think we should give credit where it's due the Roadstar for the mechancial art-form that it truly is in the form of a beautiful bike in the tradition of Classic Vintage American bikes it's obvioubly reminiscent of.

    I have heard many bikers that currently own or have owned HD's that now also own Roadstars and state it's the best bike they have ever owned and their current favorite. But then Again, I've heard people that would say the same about their Harley, Triumph choppers, BMW's, Indians (another one of my favorite bikes), nortons, italian or others!
    They're all good, and it would be a boring day to go to a bike rally and see the same bike, guess that's why we all like custos!

    I like what one of the other guys said earlier and it applies: "The wind doesn't know the name on your bike" and nor does the payment when you go down, of the side of the road if you break down! Then if you're like me, you could care less who rode up on whatever bike, and offered a helping hand!

    Take Care of eachother, Ride Safe and my heartfelt best wishes for all riders!




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