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Does Harley Davidson have a better marketing campaign than licensing its logo to manufacturers of clothing and collectibles? When people b...

Does Harley Davidson have a better marketing campaign than licensing its logo to manufacturers of clothing and collectibles?

When people buy a Harley, they start buying up the shirts, hats, jackets, and everything else with the famous HD logo. Not only are these people advertising for Harley, but they're paying Harley for the right to do so. Man, what a great position for Harley to be in!

A funny thing is that before I even owned a Harley, people were buying me Harley t-shirts for Christmas. I suppose I had to buy a Harley just so I didn't have to wear them on my Yamaha.

My wife even bought some Harley t-shirts before I bought the Ultra Classic. And now that we have one, she has a bunch more shirts to wear. I'm kinda running my own little revolt, refusing to give into the HD logo madness, though I admit having worn a couple of the Harley t-shirts people bought me.

I've seen some real beauties, however. I once saw a woman with a group of HOG riders hop off the back of a bike, wearing a leather jacket with "Harley Davidson" in shiny rhinestones on the back, and trimmed with leopard-print fuzzy around the collar. She wore her HD logo helmet, and wrapper her head with a HD logo bandana. She even wore high heels.

Anyways, I decided to capitalize on this madness by launching a new section on this website called "Harley Davidson Gear". It's a smaller blog within this blog, that features stuff with the HD logo on it. Each item is actually part of an affiliate marketing program, where I earn a commission on the sales. If you click on product link, and buy it, I get a cut.

I figure if Harley is going to make a killing on all this junk, then I'm going to get some of it too.


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  1. Harley Davidson is capitalizing on the Yuppie Market and the fact that they are the primary American Made Bike. The majority of Harley Riding Yuppies out there have more money than sense. They see their HOG as a status symbol much the same way they flaunt their BMW or Lexus. These same people are the ones you see only riding in Charity events you will rarely see them out riding for the sake of riding which what the more truistic biker is doing. I don't blame you for wanting to make a buck anywhere you can so if you can take a small piece of HD to the bank do it dude. Me personally I wil stay with my rice burning import cruiser and enjoy my time in the wind for 1/2 the price and with no hype

  2. Please! Don't get mad at Harley for having a great marketing plan. They are following the same model that Nike, Reebok, MLB, and other successful brands have. You can get all upset over wearing Harley items, but I am sure you sport other clothes where the company has done the same thing to you. Join the Walking Ad Club, everyone else in the World already has.

  3. I own some harley gear and sure as hell not a yuppie! What out there is not branded with some company logo or brand name on it.Pepsi cans have then. Are you going to wrap it up in a napkin to protest?"I just wanted a drink, not to be a walking sponsor!" Scrape the logos off your shoes, car, appliances.. etc... or just get over it!



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