Simple Anti-Lock Brakes for Motorcycles

A new product called Lifesaver TCB provides motorcycles with an anti-lock braking system. The device simply replaces the banjo bolt on yo...

A new product called Lifesaver TCB provides motorcycles with an anti-lock braking system.

The device simply replaces the banjo bolt on your disc brake calipers.

The Lifesaver TCB is described by its manufacturer as a "Patented Gas Charged Accumulator Valve" that gives your braking system as a compressibility factor. You can custom tailor it for road conditions, riding style, or experience to your needs.

No matter how hard you apply the brakes the TCB device will modulate the brake fluid pressure through its diaphragm inside the unit. From light or soft to hard, the difference will increase or decrease the amount of wheel slip.

The price of Lifesaver TCB system kit retails for $89, and they're available for Harley, Japanese, and European bikes.


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  1. this is not "ABS" this is BS. Use your own fingers to modulate braking pressure with finer control. This brake pressure limiting device is dangerous or useless.

  2. No it is not "ABS" and not "BS" and not a dangerous limiting device! TCB means "Traction Control Braking" The unit was devised to save lives in panic situations, not everyone has the capabilities to modulate brake pressure under these conditions. The Lifesaver TCB has already functioned well at Motorcross events and some people won't race without it. Superbikes and Street bikes are testing all over the World, please try it before you pass judgement the life you save could be yours!

  3. I Was the first person to test the LIFESAVER TCB unit on a Kawasaki Ninja street bike. You can see my testimony on the website. Post your arguments as you will but I am a firm beliver in this product because during the test at 80 mph I crunched the front brake pretty hard. Normally a "Heelee" would have occured but the test bike just squatted and stopped. I use it now on my Harley but not to the limits I tested before. Furthermore any product that can help during a panic stop to help keep from locking the brakes is a good product.
    That's me on the Lifesaver website email me if you have any questions.

  4. I Steve Chicilo own the original any questions please feel free to call me at 612-282-4119

  5. The comment Anoymous said about using your fingers to modulate the braking is BS. When you are in a panic you dont finger your brakes. You slam on the brakes as hard as you can, because your mind is telling you STOP!! This part prevents you from locking up the brakes. If this part doesn't work why would guarantee it????

  6. Test it on ice, then we know it works.. Its just a diaphram and air.. Theres a limit to how far the diaphram can go.. How much air can be compress.. How does it sense the wheel locking when It only sense the pressure applied on the master pump.. This device simply release the pressure applied.. The harder you brake.. The more it release the pressure.. Different brakes locks at different pressure.. So i dont see any way you can get traction on this.. I can see sales person down here.. Or same person??



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