Upgraded My Ultra Classic to Stage 1

A couple days ago Drifter helped me do some stage 1 modifications to my H-D Ultra Classic. There is a noticeable difference in power. The ...

Harley Davidson Electra Glide Ultra ClassicA couple days ago Drifter helped me do some stage 1 modifications to my H-D Ultra Classic. There is a noticeable difference in power.

The new parts I added were:

1. Vance & Hines Slipons, Ovals
2. Screaming Eagle Air Kit
3. Power Commander III, USB

The power gain is most noticeable in fifth gear. Before, going up hills on freeways, especially with the wife on back, the Ultra lugged its way up. Cranking on the throttle didn't provide much response, more like a slow and gradual increase in speed.

But now it's a lot better. You can crank on the throttle in the same situation and actually get some immediate response.

In first and second gears, there is some noticeable improvement in power, but not real noticeable. It's in fifth gear where you notice most of the improvement.

The sound of the Vance & Hines ovals are sweet. Not very loud at all, perhaps on the quiet side, but still louder than stock. I bought the pipes at Direct Parts, for $409.35, probably the cheapest price anywhere.

Installing a new map into the Power Commander was a breeze. The CD-ROM that comes with it contains a large database of maps, and once you download the right bike model to your hard drive, you can click on each one to read their specifications. You just connect the laptop to the Power Commander (after you've already installed it), and click "Send Map", and you're all done. You can download newer maps from Power Commander's website.

The air kit is easy to install. You just take off the old one, and put on the new. You reuse the air filter cover. The kit uses a K&N style filter, but it does not come pre-oiled. You'll have to oil it. You can buy some K&N Filter Oil in spray form at any auto-parts store.

The pipes are easy to install. Remove the bolts and clips, slide the old ones out, slide the new ones in, put the bolts back on.


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  1. I did the same exact thing to my 06 ultra classic, same pipes, power commander, stage 1 kit. The only thing I did differently is I took it to my local dealer and had them write a custom map, it yielded 80 horsepower and 80 ft. pounds of torque. Low end torque was dramatically improved with the custom tuning and a pretty flat power band.

  2. Power...need.....more....power....

    Always a good thing!!

  3. Did either one of you have the ECM recalibrated when you put the Stage 1 air cleaner kit on with the stock mufflers. I did. And now that I have about 2500 miles on my 2006 Ultra, I'd like to put on the Vance and Hines ovals that I took off of my trade-in. I'd like to hear from someone who has installed a Power Commander on a 2006 Ultra who already has the Stage 1 ECM and Air Cleaner.



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