Yuma Prison Run, Day 2

Today was actually the "main day" of the event. We started out with breakfast at the local JB's. We got back to the fairgro...

Today was actually the "main day" of the event. We started out with breakfast at the local JB's.

We got back to the fairgrounds to find the Slow Race well underway, and won by a guy riding a Harley Springer.

Next up was the Weenie Bite contest, probably the favorite event of the day. Plenty of gals were competing to take the biggest bite out of a hanging weenie dipped in mustard. Many of the girls couldn't even get a bite of it, while some others had obviously been doing their homework.

My favorite event of the day was the acrobatics of the Victor McLaglen Motor Corps. This is a team of riders who ride vintage Harleys and put on same amazing displays of balance and coordination. I was impressed with the guys standing on top of the handle bars and gas tanks while doing donuts and figure eights. At one point they got nine guys riding on one Harley. Who needs an SUV?

The local Harley dealership, Bobby's Territorial H-D, was getting lots of business. They actually had their own benefit ride that day. They were selling their own line of Yuma Prison Run 2006 t-shirts, which were better looking than the official event t-shirts. They had couple racks of t-shirts in the middle of the floor, and it looked like a mass of bodies feasting over a K-Mart Blue Light Special.

Rumor has it that Convicted Clothing, the company I wrote about last week that sells clothes with artwork done by prisoners currently doing time, had a run in with the Peckerwoods MC. I haven't confirmed this with Convicted Clothing, but they're selling shirts with an artful drawing of the word "Peckerwoods", and I guess some members of the motorcycle club of the same name wasn't happy. Nonetheless, I saw lots of people wearing products from Convicted Clothing, though not with the "Peckerwoods" design, but others.

A guy from the Vagos MC won the 50/50 raffle, about $660.00, and promptly donated $200.00 of it back to the children's charity benefitting from the Yuma Prison Run event. Way to go!

The actual run to the Yuma Territorial Prison was uneventful. There was a large procession of bikes that ran slowly from the fairgrounds to the prison. I don't think I was able to get my Harley Ultra past third gear, that's how slow it went. But then again, it was supposed to be more like a parade than a ride. But as a parade, it was kind of a "dud". Not too many people out to watch us go by.

Once we all got to the prison, most riders didn't bother staying and turned right back to the fairgrounds. It was too hot of a day to mull around the prison, and the prison didn't have anything set up for the riders in the way of drinks, food, or entertainment. It was getting too hot for my wife, so we opted to head out and find some air conditioning.

The winds were really blowing after the sun went down. Some tents and canopies blew down in the fairgrounds. It started getting cold around 10:00pm, down into the 50s, and it looked as if most folks wanted to get into their tents or to their hotel rooms.

I posted several photos on Flickr, including some great shots of the Weenie Bite and the Victor McLaglen Motor Corps. Take a look.


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  1. lame is all i can say.

  2. Bunch a wanna be tough guy faggots.

  3. Good posting on an otherwise dull event...It was probably a good ride for the SoCal clubs and riders, getting out of SoCal traffic and helmets, but low keyed and resembled a local club run.

  4. Most of he folks going there have been going since '61. They don't give a damn about people who don't like the run. They go there so they don't have to look at jerkoffs with their squeaky leathers and brand new bikes that buy a bandana and think they are a 1%er. It is laidback and that's the way we like it!



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