Airetronics - Inflatable Riding Vest

Airetronics is a company that makes an inflatable riding vest. It works similar to an air bag, except it's worn on your body. The ves...

Airetronics - Inflatable Riding VestAiretronics is a company that makes an inflatable riding vest. It works similar to an air bag, except it's worn on your body.

The vest has a CO2 cartridge embedded inside. The cartridge is connected to a rip cord, and the rip cord is attacted to the motorcycle's gas tank. So, when you fly off the bike, the rip cord opens up the cartridge, and the vest inflates.

It inflates in a split second, just like an air bag, and inflates the vest completely. If you were to hit the ground, your body just might bounce like a beach ball. Hopefully, you're wearing a helmet.

Note: This is not a new product, it's been selling here in the USA since 2004, and apparently, selling fairly well. At least that's according to a sales guy I chatted with last Summer.

The reason why I bring this up, is because the folks at Clutch & Chrome recently published a news piece about a "new invention" coming out of Japan, about the same exact concept. However, C&C reported that this product cannot be marketed in the USA for liability reasons. That's why I wanted to point out Airetronics, and that they've been selling it here in the USA.

But going back to last Summer, it was actually Stumpy and myself that talked to this vendor at the Heart Ride in San Marcos, CA. Stumpy put on one of the vests to see how it felt. The first vest he put on was one size too small.

But before he had a chance to try a larger size, the sales guy proceeded to demonstrate the inflation process. He pulled the rip cord, and Stumpy quickly learned what it felt like to get hugged by a grizzly bear!

We asked the Airetronics sales guy if users frequently pulled the rip cord by accident, and he acknowledged that this happens a lot, particularly at gas stations. For that reason, they give you a few spare cartridges while you get used to wearing the vest.

An Airetronics vest will cost you between $300 to $500.


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  1. The design fits the culture! IN europe you will find that kind of equipment but inside jackets that can be used by any weather and which match more the bikes we use on the European side!
    Funny to see that in the US you can find them in the "leather biker stuff" style! And the model presenting it is very sexy too ;)

  2. I am the new sole disributor of this product We have reduced the price keeping the same quality 249.95 each in leather or Kordura

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