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Want to go on a road trip but rather have someone else do all the planning for you? Check out EagleRider . The company is already the w...

Want to go on a road trip but rather have someone else do all the planning for you? Check out EagleRider.

The company is already the world's top motorcycle rental company and is now offering top-notch self-ride tour packages, providing complete travel and concierge services.

Tired of sitting in the snow of North Dakota? Call up EagleRider, and they'll set you up on an eight day tour around the Grand Canyon, through Arizona, Utah, and Nevada.

Customers of EagleRider rent late model motorcycles, ranging from Harley Davidson, BMW, Honda, and Victory. They stay at first-rate accommodations, and receive a personalized Road Book designed with everything a rider would need including all mapped routing, suggestions for excellent restaurants, and interesting stops along the way.

EagleRider provides round the clock roadside assistance and motorcycle concierge services standard with all EagleRider rentals, and their customers can choose to have a TomTom GPS navigation system installed with their personal trip routing.

The company does all the planning and provides all the gear, leaving you and your buddies the freedom to marvel at the scenery and experience all the thrills of riding.

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  1. Love this idea! The Grand Canyon tour sounds especially great - with your route planned for you and a TomTom (I assume the RIDER, which is a great piece of equipment) to guide you, it would be an excellent vacation! Now, if I can just find the days to take off...

  2. Guys, think European, think anout southern Europe and its marvels...there are canyons too (smaller of course but cuter) and also motorcycle tour companies with great offers!



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