Harley Stops Selling Screaming Eagle Exhaust

An older post from the Kneeslider reports that Harley Davidson will cease selling Screaming Eagle exhaust systems for street bikes after Ma...

An older post from the Kneeslider reports that Harley Davidson will cease selling Screaming Eagle exhaust systems for street bikes after May 31, 2006.

In my conversations with other riders, there seems to be those who hate loud pipes, and those who love 'em. The Kneeslider seems to hate 'em...
I like the sound of performance as much as anyone but being considerate of others is one of the hallmarks of civilized society. If you act like an inconsiderate fool, people react, and often their reactions are bad for a lot of others far beyond the guy that got their attention.
Ok, I respect that opinion, even if I have aftermarket pipes on both of my bikes. But I wanted to make some comments.

If it was simply about preserving the quiet, then where is the effort to reign in on obnoxiously loud cars and trucks?
  • There are a lot more pick up trucks with loud aftermarket exhaust than bikes with loud aftermarket exhaust.

  • There are more lowered Honda Civics with loud whiny megaphone tail pipes than there are motorcycles with loud aftermarket exhaust.

  • There are more 1970's muscle car hot rods with loud aftermarket exhaust than there are motorcycles with loud aftermarket exhaust.
If there are more loud cars and trucks than loud motorcycles, why are people focusing on bikers?

It's because people hate bikers. That's all it is.

Laws against loud motorcycle exhaust is simply the justification for stopping bikers from enjoying too much freedom. It's the biker lifestyle that a minority of people are afraid of. They use the loud exhaust pipes as rationale for removing them from their town.

For one thing, the issue of loud pipes never comes up in cases of a single rider gunning his throttle in a suburban neighborhood. It's not even an issue on freeways and city streets where motorcycles are loudest.

Rather, the issue of loud pipes comes up during bikefests. I monitor the news everyday for this blog, and that's the only time the issue comes up. It's been a big issue at bikefests in Laconia, NH, and Daytona, FL, but in only in certain cities like these. You don't hear complaints about loud exhaust pipes in Sturgis, SD. People in Sturgis seem to love the bikes, or tolerate them at best.

That's why I said it's an issue of hate; it's not consistent throughout every city. Perhaps, the folks in Sturgis understand the history and significance of their annual bikefest, that they appreciate it. But in Laconia, they take an anti-biker attitude, and use the loud exhaust as the justification. If they had a Boy Scout Jamboree in Laconia, would they just as well complain about screaming children?

The helmet laws, the loud pipe laws, even that stupid federal law on owning just one chopper in your lifetime, it's all an attempt to stop people from enjoying the biker lifestyle, and making them conform with the mainstream.

Harley Davidson is only concerned about protecting the wonderful business position it's in, hence is taking measures to prevent legislation that might hurt its sales.

But the fact is that the reason why laws against loud pipes can easily pass, along with helmet laws, is because few people ride motorcycles compared to cars. The solution towards preventing such legislation is to increase motorcycle ridership to the point where lawmakers fear angering their constituents.


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  1. I agree with you to a point. I agree that most of the focus on loud pipes does come during major biker events. But I too prefer the quieter sounds of stock pipes as it makes it easier for me to hear what is going on around me. I am in total agreement that if they want to control load pipes they need to go after the cagers also that have them as well as the folks that play their car stero to loud.
    The best solution to making sure legislation that is anti freedom is to get involved. If you really want to loud pipes if you want to go lidless then join you local Concerned Biker Association mine is http://tarriverbasincba.bravehost.com

  2. I disagree that the issue is raised as a hatred of bikers. I think it is raised simply because bikers travel in packs, which intensifies the sound levels. A single hotrod or motorcycle is not a huge problem, but get a group of bikers together and the noise rises to a whole new level. This is backed up in the fact that complaints rise during biker events.

  3. One reason I think bikers get singled out is their retarded need to sit and rev up their motors at traffic signals. Why in the hell do people do that? Just sit there and let the damn thing idle. If it won't idle, get it tuned up!

  4. I just love the 3rd anonymous' comments. My husband does that with his Honda. He loves to draw attention to himself (hopefully he never reads this (lol). At that point I ignore him. Personally, I don't rev and have no desire to.

    I did have an incident where I was at a stop light and a Harley obviously came up behind me. That thing rumbled so loud that I felt it through my being!!! I could no longer hear my engine or anything else.

    Now having said that I had my husband drill two holes in each muffler to make them a tad louder. It was after someone tried to merge in my lane who didn't know I was there. Luckily, I had enough time to break and avoid a collision. I don't mind pipes that are kind of loud, but the obnoxious ones, YES!!!

    Laws should be consistent for all vehicles, though.

  5. I disagree. I don't ride a motorcycle but live on a road that people love to ride on during the weekend. I have absolutely NO problem with those riding a motorcycle, only with those that are incredibly LOAD - maybe one out of every 3 bikes. It unbelievable that people think it is OK to infringe on others like this. I wonder if those riders would appreciate it if I drove past their house repeatedly with a super high powered stereo blaring rap music? I would rather listen to that versus those darned modified chopper bikes!

  6. I agree with the fact that most people are afraid of bikers. I don't see any problem with bikes that are loud and tuned to perfection. I think most people do not appreciate the sound of a fine tuned well machined engine!
    Have any of you who have posted ever lived in a communist foreign country? I have.
    America has far too much too worry about than loud pipes. If you caanot get along with those who choose to have loud motorcycle pipes than who can you get along with? I personally find rap music with it's discrimination toward women offensive. Do you see anyone wanting a law against rap?
    America and Americans better wake up, the communist party is amoung us.

  7. I'm not the least bit afraid of bikers, & I actually don't mind the sound of a bunch of bikers getting together because I know it's an "event" which has an end to it. What I hate is the neighborhood biker
    who has to ride his unmuffled bike through our quiet neighborhood several times a day. He is our neighbor, but where is the neighborliness? Does he even think about sleeping babies, those of us who work nights or even some who just want to hear the birds sing? I'm sorry but get over that stupid "outlaw biker" BS and realize that you are seriously annoying your neighbors. We are not impressed with your damned bike. Get over yourself.

  8. I am also not afraid of bikers. And I do not mind "events." What bothers me most is the guy that goes up and down my street several times a day. Every car alarm in sight goes off. I can't even hear my television in my apartment! Who's infringing on who's freedom?

  9. I was always a skeptic about safety features of loud pipes. No more. Anything to keep the blind merging cell phoning ilk aware that you're there is an advantage. I'm all about visability and "audible visability" can work. I do like to compete with open window boomers with my pipes. Anyway I have agree by stating it differently. Bikers are always either ignored but when held to a standard, its stiffer.
    Remember, government is a monster. Never give it more authority willingly. What will be next, mandatory safety gear... oh wait, its too late for that too!

  10. I ride a 2 stroke dirt bike so shoot me...I do hate open pipes if it is on a Harley or metric cruser. I agree with one of your writers here who asks whose rights are being infringed with loud pipes? It is interestring that litering is illeagal, that pouring waste oil is illegal, yet I never read in the police blotter of a bike pulled over for loud pipes. Maybe the cops are intimidated to say anything, maybe this state (NH) makes money on bike week and does not want to rock the boat, or maybe the cops see the nuckle draggers who noice pollute as like them.

    Lastly, I love bikes. I love the sound of a well turned stock or modified single, two, three or four banger. Just don't have a sticker which says Motorcycles are Everywhere, Share the Road, and impose your arigant noise to this world. Fred Bates

  11. Listening to ultra loud Harleys really adds to my enjoyment of the State and National parks. The louder the better! Who wants to listen to birds, rushing water, or just quiet solitude?

  12. If you're concerned about making cagers aware of you, install a loud horn. That way, you can use it when needed and avoid disturbing the peace the rest of the time. Unfortunately for many bikers, a motorcycle is more a fashion statement than a mode of transportation. The loud pipes are part of the costume, just like all the chrome and other accessories. It's kind of pathetic what some people will do for a little attention.

  13. this is my opinion on this my bike is loud my truck is loud and so are my buddys bikes and cars LOUD PIPES SAVE LIVES
    i'm only 21 but half of those people talking all that bullshit about pipes now are just the fakes that put on an act just cause they got old and soft those are the ones sittin back saying i remember back when i had my 1970 chevelle with a bb 396 4 on the floor and thats right those loud old cherry bombs o remember now there goes their foot in there mouth
    i no there are times to take it easy on those pipes in the am hours if you know your neighbor sleeps in the day time for work you just gotta use common sense all of us arent bad

    so keep'em loud and proud

  14. Loud Pipes serve several purposes! I could go on and on about what purposes they serve, but "TRUE RIDERS" know what they are. Those folks inside of their cages (cars) talking on their cellphones, putting on makeup, reading the paper, cussing at the kids, jamming to the radio, etc., I could NEVER expect to understand? Those inside of their home on the weekend that have the same person riding back and forth with their loud pipes, I would recommend stopping the dude/dudette and suggesting that they actually RIDE? There are alot of those out there in this day and age who LOVE the look but actually HATE the ride, especially when it comes to getting out on the highway. With all that we have going on in the world today, are Loud Pipes really that important?? If YOU beleive
    so, you REALLY need to find a job or something else to occupy your precious time?? Bring Back the Eagles....

  15. It's not about lifestyle. I'm all
    for bikes and living life to the
    edge. But I live on a very
    busy road and can tell you that
    a loud Harley is way off the charts even compared to the biggest
    blown out 18 wheeler. It just blasts you in the face even 200 feet from the road. It is just
    pure aggression with sound. Anyone who wants to do that to other people has a problem.

  16. It is rude to use loud pipes if you live in a community that is 55 and older. we have an owner in Georgetown Parker River that has not grown up and is making a lot of people angry. next door is a sensible person with a normal motorcycle. he seems to be more mature.

  17. I can't agree or disagree really. It's a wash and not nearly as important as other major problems people need to concern themself with. I live in a quiet neighboorhood and have a very nice HD bike with "factory" pipes. Some get offended by the noise but I'm not reving my motor at odd hours waking people up. I do get woken up by kids running upstairs from me, loud stereos at 2 and 3 a.m. and bad parenting. From now on maybe I should show the ones who actually disturb others sleep what it's like. I'll get up, start my motor and whale on the throttle at 3 a.m.!! It's about respect, you can do too much of anything to a breaking point. Don't hate the people who have pipes louder than your comfort tolerance. Hate the people who abuse it or have zero respect for others in everyday situations. Hate the ignorant.

  18. LOUD PIPES SAVE LIVES everytime someone tries to pull out in front of you just crack the throttle a little and it is always enough to get their attention. If it wasn't right why are all the other companies tring to copy the sound. What happened to freedom I mean this is the USA right. If you don't like it you don't have to buy them.

  19. No people don't hate bikes. They hate the jerk at the 4-way stop who revs his loud bike up to a obnoxious level rattling the windows and waking small children from their naps. Yes I own a Harley with screaming eagles on it and its a bit loud. But I don't abuse it. Its for out on the road not in the neighborhoods were people are trying to relax. Bikers do this to themselves with the I own a bike and don't give a dam attitude. If they pass a law we as bike riders deserve it because we don't reign in are obnoxious brothers on the road and preach respect. There's a time and a place for loud bikes and its not in our city neighborhoods.


    I have notice that the most obnoxiouse riders dont even live in the city but come in to do their damage and leave back to their suburbs and 300,000 dollor houses and ride their bikes once a month.


    Fed Up Biker

  20. I'm a Harley owner living in Europe (Denmark) and have aftermarket exhaust systems (Screamin' Eagle and Vance & Hines) installed on my bikes. Traffic here is quite congested - bumper to bumper in the cities and even closely placed on the highways. I have two simple reasons for having these exhaust systems - for the personal pleasure I get from the sound my engines make through them, and for the personal SAFETY I get knowing that I can be heard over pretty much anything a 4-wheeled vehicle driver can be/is being distracted by. When you consider that a VERY HIGH percentage of drivers are listening to loud music (how about those trillion-watt sound systems with the HUGE bass cabinets and surround-sound sattelite speakers all over the inside of the vehicle the "kids" love these days, eh?), IPods, Walkmans, talking on mobile phones, putting on makeup, watching GPS screens or - for f**k sakes - WATCHING TELEVISIONS or just plain poor drivers, you should understand a little more why bikers choose to ride with louder pipes. Certainly, I understand the obvious need for discretion how one uses one's throttle in suburban areas - sleeping babys, etc - there's a difference between being a biker who has loud pipes and being a thoughless a**hole, and I have always been as considerate as I possibly can in these areas. However, I'm not about to give up my loud exhaust systems just because other bikers with single digit IQ's don't know how or when to be considerate of others around them. Nor will I give them up because non-bikers - in many cases the idiot drivers I've just described above - think my bikes are "obnoxiously" loud. My aftermarket exhausts have helped to keep me ALIVE for over 20 years of motorcycle riding and my staying alive is more important to me than what the whiners, malcontents and hipocrites on the roads think when my engine gets their attention away from the parallel universe they're in behind the wheel and onto the side or rear-view mirrors. If the roar of my pipes cause just ONE of these zombies to suddenly remember to use a turn signal, then my investment in aftermarket exausts is justified and I live to ride another day.

    Just my 2 cents.

  21. Fart Machine Idea:

    Before I condemn the loud-pipes guys, I am going to attach a huge speaker to my bicycle. I'll attach a microphone to my rear-end. So whenever I fart, it will be like my own loud pipes.

    I think it's basically the same concept. So I'll get to see how fun it is to wake up babies, interrupt private conversations, startle the ederly, and cause average people to hate other cyclists.

    I can't wait to feel like a real man. Fart-machine, here I come.

  22. Hey Fart Machine!
    Why not not put the mic up to your mouth, apparently you'll get the results you are looking for from either end!

    When you loose a friend or family member because some idiot was not paying attention on the road, then open your mouth about load pipes!

  23. i agree with eric from demark it is so true that drivers do not pay attention for motercycles.. loud pipes save lives.. i love the rummble.. and it is true wait until you do lose someone on a bike because a stupid car or truck dose have his radio to loud and not paying attention to the road.. or pulls out in front of you because he dosen't see you or when you are on the freeway and a car cuts you off cause he dosen't see you.. then you will think twice.. that is why i like loud pipes.. harley always rummbled from the beginning.. thats what makes them

  24. The idea that bikers have loud pipes becuase they save lives is a heaping pile of crap. Loud pipes are a part of the small-brained mentality that says, "Look at me. Notice me. I'm tough. I like loud pipes and I like driving through residential area with them. Imposing it upon you makes me feel like a rebel."

    Hey, it's a free country. You want loud pipes, fine, but ride them where you won't infringe upon others' peace. Remember the unwritten rule of courtesy?

    Oh, right, that doesn't apply to you. You're a would-be rebel, and I am to be subject to your discourtesy for me. Go live somewhere where people have no regard for each other - same attitude as you. See how old that gets.

    PS - the blue jeans/black shirts/goatees...all you non-conformists look alike.

  25. If you loud... don't feel safe on a quiet motorcycle then drive a car. I am still going to lobby my town officials, legislators and congresspeople to crack down on loud motorcycles. I am in the process of a petition drive against these ...holes on loud bikes as well. The majority of Americans and I are not convinced with your rights, loud pipes save lives arguments, etc.
    Peace and Quiet

  26. Some people really need to get over yourselves.

    I was not consulted when you decided to have your children, or when you decided to sleep during the day and take that night job. Your life is you life and is none of my business. And I like it that way.

    Second, who are you to assume why I do anything. Talk about arrogance and acting superior.

    If I can suffer through your child acting like a child at dinner or your baby whining during my flight, you can suffer through me riding down the street.

    When I start riding my bike in your front yard, then I am interested in what you have to say.

  27. Steve,

    I don't just abhor bikers with inconsiderate loud pipes, I equally dislike growler pick-ups, pig-fart Hondas, and roaring hot rods. Additionally, I can't stand those set on "drive by boomings".

    Look, the truth is most of us could care less that you ride a bike! Just don't force it upon me that you want me to know you ride a bike. DO IT WITH NEIGHBORLY RESPECT!!! Why should anyone have to be disturbed because you ride past them? Why should anyone be awaken in the night (or whenever) because you think it is a good day to go for a cruise? It is about EXCESSIVE noise, not about riding a motorcycle! Imagine how pissed you'd be if I called you randomly at all hours of the day or night and disturbed you by the simple sound of your telephone ringing??? Or imagine how quickly you smash your roomates alarm clock for arbitrarily going off whenever?? Or your neighbor's car alarm that sounds for no reason (by the way, most of you loud pipe bubbas set off car alarms when you drive past, and you probably get a personal chuckle out of it!)

    Your bikes is louder than my phone! You bikes are louder than semi-truck passing by!! Your bikes are louder than airplanes (whose noise Congress was forced regulate becasue it became such an annoyance!).

    Ten, fifteen years ago, loud hogs were rare compared to today. Then, they were typically driven by biker gangs specifically advertising their presence in defiance of civilized people. Today, it is more of a hobbist and the number of bikes on the road have increased dramatically. That means that the publics exposure to obnoxious noise has also increased, and thus, the increased awareness of their presence and decreased tolerance.

    Nearly 100 cars pass to every one Harley rider. The truth is, 99% of the cars are virtually silent, but almost 90% of the Harleys are intrusively loud. Imagine if most of the car drivers also felt that they should be able to create such a noise. For their size and horse power, loud pipe Harleys are far more noisy than virtually all six or eight vehicles. Imagine the world if most car owners had the same mentality towards being unnecessarily noisy as your average Harley rider. Imagine your hate for me if I frequently drove past your house and blew my horn (hey, it is safer since I am advertising my presence in case you might happen to pull out in front of me.)

    The simple truth is that you are imposing your hobby on me and others. And, in our in our soceity, when a majority of people decide to prohibit such activities, the law is written. It seems those bent on creating such a nuisance on others will ultimately cause laws that prohibit such and maybe laws that go beyond it.

    You have no constitutional rights to disturb the public, if the public decides to prohibit it. BTW, most counties already have noise ordinances that have already prevented such, except that they are rarely enforced, and sometimes are not yet specific enough to enjoin emerging related, yet equally noxiouis behaviors.

    Regarding "loud pipes save lives", so does defensive driving, and so does not riding them at all, since riding motorcycles are generally more risky anyway regardless of how much noise they make!! You might even argue that loud pipes prevent you from hearing other vehicles around you, thus "increasing" your risk of an accident.

    So, noise is noise, regardless of its source. As one group of noise makers become more and more prevelent, the public will react to it appropriately. Loud pipe motorcycles are the most prevelent in today's society. Accordingly, excessive noise and obnoxious noise will be dealt with by the public as each category of noise makers emerge. Loud pipe motorcycles owners will see more and more organized efforts to muffle them if they continue to needlessily and haughtily annoy the public.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Jim Mayors

  28. Peace AND Quiet!!!

    You can't really have one, without the other!

    Unless you "loud pipe" egotists self-police yourselves, you can bet the rest of the civilized world will do it for you!!!

  29. Big bright orange and white reflective vests and riding suits save lives too because they make you more visible. But, I have yet see any Harley rider with loud pipes wear one!

    "Loud pipe" supporters who argue that it safer typically fail the test because they generally do little to nothing to really improve their safety, other than claim loud obnoxius pipes save lives.

  30. What I don't understand is this mental image people are trying to paint where groups of Harley Riders thunder past their house non-stop all through the night. Where do these people live? Myself, I live on a major throughway between towns and am less than 1 mile from my local Harley shop. Somehow I have yet to be awakened in the middle of the night to the sound of motorcycles passing by. So I ask; is the sky really falling? I am having a hard time accepting this illustration of Harley riders circling your block all day and night trying to extract a sense of envy from you. To me, this sounds a rare sample being inflated to seem like the norm for the sake of proving a point. Somehow people have started arguing this as if it were fact. Your point is taken; people don’t like to be awakened in the middle of the night. Now, can you quantify this? Does anyone have any real world numbers or examples of just how miserable they really are? Is this something that happens 5-10 times a night? Are we talking about 5-10 per week? Maybe it is 5 to 10 times per month perhaps? Just how bad is it for you?

    Also, a few questions for those that are consistently awakened in their serene neighborhood; do you live on a street that has a double yellow line in the center? Do you live on a street that is also known as RT something? Do you live on a street that is too dangerous to let your kids play baseball on or ride their bikes? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you do not live in a serene quiet neighborhood; you live on a highway and should expect to have highway noise. You might find yourself happier living in a sub-division.

    For those people that like the examples of alarm clocks, noisy neighbors, etc; these are really not good examples because in each of those cases you would deal with the individual on a personal basis. You wouldn't go around the neighborhood gathering signatures to pass a law that applies to everyone in the state. And if by chance you are the type of person, and you do like that sort of thing, maybe you should try moving into an area with a home owners association. You can have monthly meetings to discuss how to make your neighborhood just the way you like it all the way down to what color people are allowed to paint their house.

    And on a positive note; I would like to congratulate everyone who is complaining about loud pipes and making an effort to try and have them eliminated. You should be proud that the biggest grief you have in your life consists of 5 seconds of noise that someone makes occasionally during your day. What a wonderful country we live in isn’t it?

  31. I don't hear anyone Crying... about LOUD PIPES during the TOY RUN... You have hundreds if not thousands of bikes reving & honking as they ride through town with all them toys... Thousands of $ worth... I don't hear any crying then.. Fact is people are lining the street's to see & HEAR it... HMMM, Imagine that!!!! As usual the biker is singled out again...

  32. The "they hate freedom" meme died a while back; but I agree in the sense that there are other vehicles with obnoxious exhausts out there, but I fail to see why that excuses meatheads on motorcycles behaving like complete asses.

  33. What is wrong with you people ?

    I love the sound of a good Harley (from any vintage) or a good V8 car. I'll stop walking in my tracks to turn and get a look at the awesome piece of machinery driving past.

    Face it... V8's and V-Twins sound really good... and in fact sound absolutely awesome when they're loud like they should be.

    Yep, I'm a motorhead and damn proud of it.

    You people who don't appreciate fine machinery should have yours forcibly removed and be given nice quiet eco-friendly electric pushbikes and a fistfull of ear plugs so the rest of the world can get on with it !!!

    Richo, Australia.

  34. Selfish.

    Whether a car or a bike, making something much louder than
    necessary just becuase you can then drive all over creation with it is low class and selfish.

    End of story.

  35. Isnt it funny how 95% of those bitching are singed anonymous. Your the ones who can flip people the bird then drive away. Or keep looking straight ahead when confronted when you cut someone off. Do you bitch and complain when "those damn punks" drive by listening to their music? Or when a stupid rice burner drives by making a sound like a cat getting raped? Loud bikes are a part of our history (recent). Next time I'm on a plane and your baby cries I am going to get up and smack you for disturbing me.

  36. Loud pipes. Ahhh, May, June, the drone of mo...
    no, not mosquitoes, motorcycles. July, August, it would be nice if it was just a "drone". It is ear-splitting, about every 30 seconds. I live not in suburbia, but rather in the middle of no-where. I have recently read in a motorcycle magazine that we have "30/30 curves. This is the place to ride!!!" This once peaceful valley where hundreds of people actually reside has become a joke. It has become a raceway for motorcycles. There are a few quiet bikes (thank you, bless you) that drive past. I don't even mind the logging and chip trucks going by anymore. These guys have a job to do and most of them respect the jake laws. You loud pipes, get a life, or do you actually know what that means?

  37. "There are a lot more pick up trucks with loud aftermarket exhaust than bikes with loud aftermarket exhaust."

    "There are more lowered Honda Civics with loud whiny megaphone tail pipes than there are motorcycles with loud aftermarket exhaust."

    "There are more 1970's muscle car hot rods with loud aftermarket exhaust than there are motorcycles with loud aftermarket exhaust."

    "If there are more loud cars and trucks than loud motorcycles, why are people focusing on bikers?"

    "It's because people hate bikers. That's all it is."
    No, actually it's because normal people hate the NOISE you make. Your motorcycles are far LOUDER than ANY of the examples you cited above. But just to be fair, we hate them too, especially the Civics and Integras that sound like weed-whackers on steroids.

    I don't need to hear you three blocks from my house, and you don't impress me - really.

    To counter some of your claims:

    Loud pipes don't save lives - driving safely saves lives. Loud pipes just irritate people. Try not splitting lanes and getting between cars if you don't want to get hit.

    You don't have the "right" to impose your noise on me, but I DO have the right to quiet, as specified in most cities noise ordinances. Disturbing the peace is a violation of the law - get it?
    There's nothing in any city ordinance anywhere in the country that says you have the right to make as much noise as you please.

    As others have said, the more you insist on imposing your arrogant lifestyle on us, the more we're going to push back - and there's a lot more of "us" out there. All we have to do is get off our lazy asses....

  38. I ride, no I don't have loud pipes,but I thought about putting them on. I have been cutoff in traffic, no I do not lane split. I also thought about getting a gun, that way when someone rides my butt or tries to run me off the road, I could shoot them in head. Oh wait, I could go to jail for that, but if they kill me all they have to say is "I didn't see him" and get a slap on the wrist. I did use to own a Kawasaki Vulcan with straight pipes. I once had a lady behind me talking on the cell phone and riding my tail. I pulled up to a stop light and she came very close to hitting my back end. Of course that pissed me off, and revved my engine. I knew this pissed her off because I saw her get this expression on her face while still talking on the cell phone. As the light turned green she backed off. I didn't do it to show off or piss anyone else off. I did it so she would back off. I now ride a Suzuki Boulvard, with stock pipes. Now if someone does that, I cuss them out. Anyway I am not against loud pipes.

  39. I'll repeat what I blogged before:


    Whether a car or a bike, making something much louder than
    necessary just becuase you can then drive all over creation with it is low class and selfish.

    End of story.

    (It's nothing personal against bikers, obviously...whatever it is and whoever you are, your background, etc.)

  40. LOUD PIPES SAVE LIVES ! End of story.

  41. I ride. I have loud pipes. They give me a headache.

    My next bike will not have loud pipes.

    Stay away from the cars and wear steel cap boots.

  42. Found this sight when just cruising the Internet. I own and ride a Harley Road King with modest HD SE slip-ons. The local HD still sells this stuff. When were they suppose to discontinue? I enjoy the sound and try to be considerate of neighbors. I have fuel injection so it isn't necessary to rev. I never bought the "Loud pipes save lives" theory and I seriously wonder what would happen to Harley Davidson if bikes could only be sold and operated with stock mufflers. It seems that noise is a large part of their attraction.

  43. Since loud pipes save lives, perhaps all us cagers should pull off our mufflers so 16 wheelers and Hummers are aware of us. I bet it would save a few lives.

    The above argument doesn't make much sense, does it?

    You ride an open vehicle. You take that risk. Don't penalize me for you doing so.

  44. Sorry, but the text below is an assumption you're making for an awful lot of people! It's not true that a lone Harley in a quiet neighborhood s no problem. A male couple that just moved here has brought them in a few times (they are paving under their house to be able to eventually start them up down there, which will amplify them up and down the river -- it's 30 feet from the trout stream). We finally decided they must be a little deaf. Ten minutes at 100 dB will do that, and they've ridden their bikes a lot. They don't talk, they yell. They have a loud truck, and like to walk around with doo-rags and Harley T-shirts like they are badasses, and everyone just thinks they are so silly. The bikes annoy everyone -- we live in basically a wildlife preserve on a river, and after the bikes leave, it is DEAD quiet for hours. Every critter within a mile skedaddles. Not everybody cares about that, but the people who live here do. Nobody is going to say anything, because good relations matter more, but it's a total drag, and it's hard to believe this hasn't occurred to them. But then again, we think they must have hearing damage. There, I can hear him yelling again. My boyfriend in college, a lawyer, kept his Harley in storage on the outide of town. He loved riding it, but he knew the neighbors wouldn't appreciate it. It's not about the 'lifestyle', it's about the infliction of noise at levels that damage hearing -- the rider's especially -- on everyone within earshot.

    "Laws against loud motorcycle exhaust is simply the justification for stopping bikers from enjoying too much freedom. It's the biker lifestyle that a minority of people are afraid of. They use the loud exhaust pipes as rationale for removing them from their town.

    For one thing, the issue of loud pipes never comes up in cases of a single rider gunning his throttle in a suburban neighborhood.

  45. Kill my loud pipes and I'll kill your cell phone use in your vehicle while driving.

    You jackasses need to hear pay attention and my pipes get yours.

  46. To the previous blogger:

    You know what? I'm a cager, and I like that trade off. Let's do it.

    I'm serious. I'd do that in a heartbeat. If you were given that offer: no cell phone use while driving for cagers, no loud pipes for bikers, would you do it?

  47. Most of those who have posted on here are out of line. If you have loud pipes to be cool or to be safe it is your choice to have them for that reason. You must respect neighborhood by not laying on the gas so hard it sets off car alarms at 5am. On the other hand if youre on a high way and youre mad about loud pipes youre an idiot the bike wont be near you that long maybe if stuck in traffic but still he wont hit the gas inless he/shes being a turd and reving for no reason. Either way the bike doesnt ruin your day for more than a few seconds most of the time. Besides dont you have more important things to worry about then the sound of my pipes? If not maybe you should try to get a life. Or maybe you really have a local jackass that needs a good beat down for being rude. Or maybe you should be civil and just ask them to stop. Either way who cares non of this matters in the end you still die.

  48. Personally, the louder the better. When I feel vibration I know I need to look around. People have stated that loud bikes, cars, whatever, infringe on their rights for peace, that the noise in not neighbourly and it is disruptive. Here is something for you to think about; what about people who are blind and/or Deaf? The louder the noise the greater the vibration which lets me know something is coming. What about my right to personal safety?

  49. You people that say 'get over yourself' are just unhappy people dragging themselves through day after day of their pitifully dull existence, and should thank God for people with loud bikes for giving them something to consider other than suicide

  50. It just boils down to this:

    Dirtbag on loud Harley = small penis

  51. Response to the last comment "Dirtbag on loud Harley = small penis"

    Wow!! What a brave person you are. You probably get up every day put on your polyester suit, sit in your cubicle for 8hrs, go home eat your TV dinner while watching 4hrs of TV before going to bed. Day after day. Then one day you are on your way to work you see a person riding a bike with load pipes and all you can think about the remaining of the day is envy of that biker you saw. So you post a stupid comment like you did to overcome the jealousy you have because your life is pathetic and just one bullet away from putting yourself out of misery. Get a life and endure the 5 seconds you have to hear a bike drive by and go back to watching your TV show and wishing your life had more excitement.


  52. I have two motorcycles, one being a Suzuki and the other a Harley. I have had countless close calls with people people pulling out in front of me, almost running me over changing lanes on my quiet Suzuki. People don't see or hear my Suzuki but they do take notice of my Harley. I am now in the process of selling my quiet Suzuki due to safety reasons. Seriously now...if that Harley passing you disturbs you so much then maybe it's time to consider a retirement home. Ride free or die.

  53. point no.1]....sure there's more cars and trucks with loud exhaust systems....BECAUSE THERE'S MORE CARS AND TRUCKS !

    2]motorcycles are much louder, and obnoxious than cars and trucks. i've heard motorcycles for a mile or more when they pass.

    3]it's childish to say because there's some juvenile dickheads with boom tubes on their 45 hp jap sh*tboxs,that it's ok for you as a grown man to do the same....set an example,be a man!

    4]quiet your bikes down or invite the government to force you to keep your bikes stock....big brother loves this opportunity...

    5]don't be anti-social,you don't live on this planet alone....there's people who a baby thats just gone to sleep....old people who want a littlepeace and quiet n their last days.....shift workers....etc.

  54. "Ride free or die."

    If that means makes a stupid amount of noise or die, than I clearly prefer you die.

    I hear about more cars and trucks with lod exhausts than bikes, BS.

    I don't hate bikers or anyone, I just enjoy peace and quiet while being considerate of other people's right to enjoy peace and quiet too.

    With my window open, it is clear the lodest, most obnoxious noise comes from Harleys, period. Not other bikes, HARLEYS ALONE. It is annoying enough that I'm going to try to get an exhaust ordinance passed and donate noise level meters and calbration equipment to e local PD

  55. I have a 2006 Ultra Calssic and want Screaming Eagle II Pipe and sound for my 2006 Untra Calssic . I went to Motor City Harley and they sold me touring pipes screaming eagle for supposidly the prior may of 2006 pipes and they are slip ons and the sound is not the same the part number is # 65115-98B and I need to know if this is correct as the sound is not like the screaming eagle II on the same year Dyna with the same motor.. Please advise what the correct numbers are so I can find then I want that sound...

  56. "It's because people hate bikers. That's all it is."

    Nope, that's not it at all!

    "Laws against loud motorcycle exhaust is simply the justification for stopping bikers from enjoying too much freedom."

    Nope, it because we are tired of being distrubed by you and you robbing our right to peaceful enjoyment.

    "It's the biker lifestyle that a minority of people are afraid of."

    Nope, it is the unnecessary noise and calling of attention to you as you arrogantly impose your lifestyle onto us.

    "They use the loud exhaust pipes as rationale for removing them from their town."

    Nope, it is becasue you use loud exhaust pipes for reasons other than to enjoy a good motorcycle ride!

  57. "If I can suffer through your child acting like a child at dinner or your baby whining during my flight, you can suffer through me riding down the street."

    Well, there you go! A real man doing what you'd expect a real man to do. That is why none of you get any respect, as you all think and act like children!

    You all rationalize that loud pipes save lives. So, instead of the costume (black shirts, black leathers, no helmets or half helmets, single headlamps, etc), why not actually demonstrate your concern for your safety and wear reflective vests, real helmets, bright colors, and dual lamps?

    Becasue it is not really about "safety"!

  58. There is a bridge nearby that lots of people used to fulfill their need for enjoyment by jumping off the 50 foot drop into the water below. Regurlarly, people got hurt, enough so that the county made it illegal to jump from the bridge becuase it regurlarly tied up our emergency resources. Smart ordinance.

    If motorcycles are so dangerous to operate as argued, maybe banning them is appropriate as the statictics prove they are simply not safe to use! (not to mention that nearly 60% of you having accidents on motorcycles are single vehicle accidents, and due primarily to you being intoxicated!)

    "Loud Pipes Save Lives"... Hogwash!!

  59. Hello,

    I own a 2006 Sportster 883 with Screamin' Eagle pipes. It is carburated so yes sometimes when the weather is not right I have to saty on the throttle at a stop to keep it running. I also own a Toyota Corolla and a Dodge Neon. The Corolla has a "fart can" muffler and the Neon has a header, high-flow cat, and a "racing" muffler. All my vehicles are loud and you know why. Because this is America, I was in the Marines for 4 years and served in Iraq twice. So it is my feeling that as long as I don't get pulled over for being "too loud" too bad so sad for those of you quiet types. Another thing loud pipes DO save lives because they have saved my butt 3 times. Before I had loud things I had a stock Honda 919. Very often was I literally run off the road by a soccer mom yelling at her kids or yapping on the cell phone. Old people like to run over people too! As well as people in expensive cars, I guess they feel they own the road because they have money. Lastly unless you ride a bike more that once a month or have been in my shoes i.e. military service. You can put up or shut up because I live in the city and my loud ass neighbors wake me up yelling but I have NEVER been awakened by a loud biker. NEVER!

    Peace out! Semper Fi.

  60. Personally i dont give a rats ass what all you biker haters think! Having served my country in combat i have earned the right to enjoy the freedoms I EARNED for myself and others. I think all you haters need to unloosen your necktie and let some oxygen back to your brains. Or at the very least loosen your belts so you can pull your head out of your ass! this is america, land of the FREE home of the brave. Loud pipes save lives, and i doubt anyone here who hates loud pipes has ever confronted a biker about it? why? because your afraid! If i were a hater i'd be afraid too! live to ride, ride to live!!

  61. I'm glad they are going to stop making pipes. The pipes they manufacture suck. I've had them discolor immediately and that was installing screaming eagle stage one kit and pipes by a HD dealer. Never again All my ad ons since then have been non-HD parts.
    Frank G.

  62. I'm glad they stopped making pipes. They suck at it. I installed a screaming eagle stage one kit and pipes and they discolored from the beginning and HD wouldn't stand behind them. Never purchase HD or screaming aftermarket parts anymore.

  63. If the "Hardly Able-son" groupies were worried about saving lives, they'd wear bright clothing, all their safety gear and drive defensively. I'd love to know how they're saving lives by revving their underpowered bikes at every stop light too. Maybe they need to practice riding enough to be able to use their horn when needed. Most of the Hardly owners you see these days are fake tough guys anyway who need a mechanic to do their wrenching.

  64. The point of Harley stop selling these pipes is political. The fact is most aftermarket pipes don't exceed the decibel level of a 18 wheeler or a off road vehicle with larger treads on their tires. The louder pipes are a safety factor on the road, in residential areas they can be too loud. I like the sound of the louder pipes but other do not. When I ride in quieter area I curb the sound to a idle. I have 2 bikes one is a 1950 Panhead so I do know how to turn a wrench. The fact that Harley quit backing the louder pipe won't stop them, other manufacturers will make or people will modify their existing pipes to produce the sound they want. You will never be able to please all the people so I don't try. I will continue to ride and do my best to ride accordingly to my surroundings. If people think they can control all aspects of everything around them, they are wrong. Enjoy life people it is too short to complain and moan about the little stuff. P.S. Most bikers I know would curtail the noise if you would just asked them but it is easier and not confrontational to say it on here.

  65. I live in a townhouse complex and to be honest , the only ones that are full of themselves are my ignorant bmw driving neighbors who 100 percent deserve to have their balls busted.

  66. I have been riding bikes sence I was 8, I'm now 46. I always respect others in my neighborhood. I also like the sound of a well tuned high HP motor when it goes by, But not when it goes by over and over and over again! I truly believe that Loud pipes save Lives! That's no BULL. They Have saves mine more than I can recall. People just don't pay attention when they drive, and a little louder than the normal is a big advantage when the sleep driver tries to pass me in my own lane.
    When I'm at crusing speed, in any gear, my bike purrs like a big cat, but if I pass or kick it up a notch You know I'm there. That's safey in my book any day.

  67. lowd pipes are rude, obnoxious and against the law. When i ever approach a harley rider about the noise (in a verty respoectable manner), i get nothing but rudeness back. It is not a right to drive a vehicle that loud. Where are the police when we need them.

  68. #1 how the hell did this discussion get listed under "megaphone Theory"????doin all the research to design my own exhaust system on a custom built baja truck with a 90 degree v-6 wich means it doesnt have any imbalance in the firing order so it doesnt have a natural cackle in the exhaust wave such as a 350 v-8. ive studied on expansion chambers, sub-sonic & supersonic pulses,and to many more to list. but what you will find and this is a scientific proven fact is that " an exhaust system that qualifies to be in the middle of loud and quiet is gonna be the most efficient and the best performance through-out the entire said givin distance , rpm's, and geographical obstacles you will encounter.a very restrictive exhaust "quiet" forces the motor to encouter twice the work to move the exhaust out of the system wich greatly increases engine wear especialy at a rate of say 4,000 revolutions per minute for two hours for say 3 days a week for56 weeksfor 5 years.example: if you expect your motor to last for 5 years a quiet exhaust will take a suffecient amount of motor life away compaired to a "loud" non-restrictive exhaust has great top end capabilities but really poor throtle response and torqe loss in the lower half and that lack of sonic wave balance on the piston causes the waves to double up wich will definately "blue" those pretty chrome pipes from the heat waves and also cause from "LACK" of sonic back pressure causes imperfect harmonic balance wich also removes life from motor and helps burn up those points alot sooner. so now do you understand statistical exhaust process theory?????#2 i have a several years of being a patch holder for a great motorcycle club and i resigned and went solo!!! due to the club wars and assasinations of many good members, and i feel that is why the government has a bone to pick with all bikers because the only people allowed to kill people off is the government.welcome to the new communist america...sincerely"hambonious maximus ,president of the WATAUGAN ARMY 1774-2010"

  69. Loud pipes on bikes are far more often louder than any of those on other vehicles, except maybe semi trailers flying down major highways. Never seen a single one of those revving their engine outside my home. While often cars and trucks are unintentionally loud due to rust or engine problems, after market pipes are entirely 100% a choice to be annoying and abusive to pedestrians and other drivers. Sorry, the bike is sexy/macho/cool all on it's own. The loud pipes are strictly to clarify that you want everyone to know how much bottled up pain & hate you carry around.

  70. Whoever the anonymous person/people are, is obviously prejudice towards bikers. I'll be as sweet as I can when I say this, you're an idiot, so shut the %$#@ up!

  71. I used to be a proponent of "Loud pipes suck! Helmets save lives!"

    I was riding along happily on a short 2 mile journey to work going a whopping 37 mile per hour in our neighborhood down a hill, when a lady who just "didn't see me" pulls right out in front of me and causes me to force myself into the grass. Ejecting me from my brand new sport bike a few yards away from a concrete bridge over a steep drop into a flowing creek bed!

    When the police arrive to get statements from witnesses and myself the police couldn't seem to get anything out of the lady except "He must have been flying, all I saw a blue blur in my passenger side window".

    The police got from two witnesses and myself (who hobbled to his car with a torn calf muscle and a dislocated shoulder) "The biker was traveling BELOW the speed limit (40 MPH) and the lady pulled out in front of him. He tried to move as close to the ditch as possible but could not avoid it and left a 9 foot skid mark (equivalent to 20-25 MPH) and was thrown off his bike and landed only a few feet from it.

    A mighty fine piece of driving and if it weren't for my helmet and my safety jacket I may have been more severely hurt.

    The officer commended me for knowing exactly what happened, placed the other driver at fault and then asked this question:

    "Do you have stock pipes or modified ones?"

    "Stock," I replied.

    "Get louder ones...nobody is looking for you so make sure they hear you coming. And use your high beams during daylight hours."

    This coming from a police officer mind you!

    I told that long story to say this:

    I am now a proponent of:

    1.) Wear ALL of your gear ALL the time. You can't replace skin that has been replaced by asphalt!
    2.) Always wear a full face helmet!
    3.) Do whatever it takes to be seen, even if it means being heard!
    4.)Stupid hurts!

    I now ride a cruiser (better on insurance than a sport bike) and I am getting slightly louder pipes this weekend put on them. Not because I want to look macho or cool, it's because I want you to see me when I am beside you so you don't merge into me in busy 5 lane traffic! I even told my mechanic to make sure they are still baffled so that I am not annoying, but loud enough so people include me in the BIG picture on a small vehicle!

    When you have lived through injury because you were TOO loud and someone intentionally runs out to hurt you then come rant to me about how louder (not obnoxiously annoying) pipes suck!



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