Profile of a Dead Motorcyclist

Scripps Howard New Service obtained death certificate records of 3,697 people who died in a motorcycle accident to paint a statistical portr...

Scripps Howard New Service obtained death certificate records of 3,697 people who died in a motorcycle accident to paint a statistical portrait of dead bikers.

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The data came from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta and includes accidents occuring in 2003 up to the current year.

90 percent of them are male.
87 percent of them are white.
46 percent of them are aged 40 and up.
33 percent of them have attended college, compared to 50 percent for the general public.

Scripps Howard also found that 20 percent of cycling fatalities were men who were divorced at the time of their deaths, a rate that is more than double the national average.

The study goes on to suggest that motorcycle deaths may be particularly linked with middle-aged men, going through mid-life crisis, compounded with failing eye-sight.

Interestingly, the study did not take into consideration that cars were involved in many motorcycle accidents, and that it might have been a 40+ year old cager in mid-life crisis with failing eyesight that actually caused a biker to die.


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  1. I don't like those studies. Did you notice how each time they are used against us? Here in Europe you will find also stats about motorcyclist deaths and accidents and as you said most of the time the biker was riding correctly but a cager killed him....which in the stats and news just shows up as one more dead biker because he was driving that dangerous contaption called a motorcycle..and he was for sure too fast...and anyway he is wrong...blablabla!

  2. The article also states that The Motorcycle Industry Council said its marketing data show similar patterns for race, gender and age of owners, Meaning the profile of a Dead motorcyclist and the profile of a living mototcyclist would be the same! Common sense explains the fact that divorced men, (who seldom win custody)would be able to spend more time riding thus raising thier percentage. Since Scripps Howard obtained death records, but didnt get accident reports, suggesting that motorcycle deaths may be linked to anything is rediculous. I am more inclined to believe that the recent rise in popularity of SUVs (causing larger blind spots and being driven by soccor moms more used to the size of thier volvo's) and Celphones (Taking to much attention from drivers with already limited attention spans)combined with the quickly growing number of inexperienced riders (of all age groups)is what motorcycle deaths may be particularly linked to!

  3. Perhaps the reason older white males are able to purchase motorcycles after the age of 40 is because they can now afford them. I don't think they are going through any mid life crisis or anything else.
    We need tougher laws on people who drive cars in a irresponsible manner. We also need to do something about the illegal alien population. Here in Calif I watch the news and most if not all the accidents involving motorcycles are because of people driving badly and illegals driving with no license of any kind.
    I happen to be a female motorcyclist and I obtained my bike after the age of 40. I keep a close watch on what is going on in the community with motorcycles and I find most people who drive cars need to attend a car driving safety course.



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