SCRC and the Patriot Guard Riders

I was browsing the Road Star Riders forum when I came across a message from someone who quit the Southern Cruisers Riding Club (SCRC): Well...

I was browsing the Road Star Riders forum when I came across a message from someone who quit the Southern Cruisers Riding Club (SCRC):
Well, I just resigned myself from SCRC and when I get home tonight, I will be removing my SCRC backpatch and burning it. This spineless organization has asked it's membership that "choose" to participate in Patriot Guard Riders missions to NOT wear their patches. Am finished with them, and am VERY glad i didn't waste the money joining Star Touring.......they are no better.
This person is referring to a rule established by the national leaders of the SCRC that its members cannot wear SCRC patches at a Patriot Guard Riders event...
We do ask that no representations of the SCRC logo or the name Southern Cruisers be displayed by SCRC members while participating in this or any other similar organization. We do not want the Southern Cruisers name to be involved in case something unforeseen does happen.
Who are the SCRC? It's a big riding club, with chapters all over the United States. Anyone can join, even if you don't have a motorcycle. All you have to do is fill out their online form, and boom! You're in. You don't have to pay any money to join either. But, you do have to pay money to get the back patch, pins, shirts, hats, etc.

Who are the Patriot Guard Riders? They're a volunteer group of bikers who provide a "rolling thunder" of riders accompanying funerals for fallen soldiers. It started up because of a religious group heckling families at veteran burial ceremonies.

The religious group started their heckling when a gay soldier was laid to rest. They protested and shouted to disrupt the service, and made the entire service ugly for the grieving family. Since then, this group goes around the country heckling as many veterans burial ceremonies it can, even if the solider is not gay. They're claim is that these soldiers died to keep America gay.

So, the Patriot Guard Riders formed to help provide protection during these burial ceremonies. Members come from all over the biker world, including riding clubs, motorcycle clubs, and independent riders too. In fact, you don't have to be a rider to become a member.

CNN published an article that reports on this religious group and why the Patriot Guard Riders formed.

The reason why the SCRC asked its members not to wear the SCRC patch at a Patriot Guard event, is because it doesn't want its name associated with any trouble that may arise.

You gotta figure if anyone from this religious group starts throwing stuff at a rider, that rider may take exception and retaliate. If there is retaliation, certainly someone with a video camera is going to tape it, and it's going to make the evening news. Even if wasn't an SCRC member that retaliated, he or she might still get on camera.

Worse, there could be a lawsuit.

And that's what the SCRC is worried about. The SCRC claims that it doesn't have any money to defend itself. I'm not sure what they do with the money they make selling patches, pins, and what not. But anyways, that's the issue.

Personally speaking, I don't think the SCRC as an organization would be held responsible if one of its members retaliated in such a way. Mainly because it's not a SCRC event. But that won't stop this group of fanatics from trying to sue them, and if that happens, the SCRC would have to spend money just to get the case thrown out.

Bottom line is this. If you're going to join a club and wear its patch, then you have to protect the good name of that club. If you're putting yourself into a dangerous situation, it's wise to keep the patch off.

Certainly participation in the Patriot Guard Riders is a noble act, in my opinion. I'm not trying to say it's not. It's too bad that you can't participate in these funerals under nicer circumstances. But if you think you can participate and still protect your club's reputation, then more power to you.

It's just that the SCRC has so many members, and they accept anyone and everyone into their ranks, even the most stupidest and arrogant of people, that they have a tough time protecting their reputation.


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  1. I hope who ever it was that burned their SCRC patch is reading...."WELL DONE BRO". As a retired Guardsman and a member of the ALR and CBA I hope i have a lot of bikes at my funeral both as an Honor Guard and as a security force. Patrioy Guard is protecting a family in their time of need. The soldier the Patriot Guard is guarding died protecting peoples right to Protest, to be a biker, etc....
    These protesters claim to be "Good Christians" but a truely GOOD CHRISTIAN wouldn't be using someone else's grief and sorrow to get their message out.
    SCRC and every other Motorcycle Club and MRO should be more than willing to ride with and be associated with the Guard.

  2. That's today's world...everyone is looking to sue someone over the littlest things. I can see SCRC's point, but I think it a shame that someone would be worried over being sued, as opposed to doing right. And I'll sign my name...Bob Thompson

  3. Rolling Thunder supports the Patriot Guard, I think the SCRC reasons are a bit thin. SCRC patch before defending veterans? I can see why he burnt it...

  4. Have you ever read the Patriot Guard mission statement, obviously you havn't if you would have it would be clear to you that, the Patriot Guard is by no means a counter protest group at such events were the UGS show, we do not even aknowledge their presence and give them the satisfaction of gaining our attention. We are there in support of our nation, our soldiers and their families, as a former soldier i would tell you to take you patch jump on a plane and fly to iraq, and ask your soldiers fighting for you freedom if the give two craps about a patch the only patch that matters is the flag on the left and the unit on the right. It baffles me how any club would not want there name associated with the patriot guard, look your either part of the solution or part of the problem. You should be honored to have your patch stand up at these events, in six months we have grown to over 35,000 members and have heard nothing but positive feed back from the press and the families we support.

  5. I don't know if that persons comments on Star Touring are specifically about the Patriot Guard Riders, but it so, he's misinformed. Alan Cease, President, STAR Touring and Riding Association sent the following email (dated 3/23/06) to all Star Chapters:

    “We have just finished the Executive Board meeting, and one of the subjects on the agenda was the PGR [Patriot Guard Riders]. Let me first say that I am a vet, and also a member of the PGR. I think the PGR is doing a great and noble cause. Watching this BS on the TV and hearing about what is going on during these funerals disturbs us greatly, and that is putting it nicely. The Executive Board now having time to discuss this issue, has agreed that if a member wants to wear the STAR colors to a PGR mission, you may do so. We do not have an issue with it. Just please conduct yourself as the STAR members that you are. We are sorry that anyone has to attend any funeral for any fallen solider, but we are very upset that any funeral has to be protected from radical groups.”

  6. Are people attending these funerals to show support for families,

    ---or to show off their patches and riding affiliations?

  7. The SCRC has over 2,000 members who are members of the PGR. MANY are SCRC officers. Anyone who says that the SCRC doesn't support the cause of the PGR is a liar. The SCRC members are on PGR missions for the Family and the fallen, not to show who they are.
    There are a small few who are upset about the patch request, but the other 32,000 members don't care what the small few think.
    I'm a disabled combat veteran and a member of the SCRC. The SCRC is the greatest "riding club" ever, and that's due to MANY Veterans who care.

  8. The lawsuit issue is only a portion of the reason behind the SCRCs stance on the Patriot Guard. The SCRC was founded on being just a riding club. While the PG is a great organization, there are hundereds of other organizations out there. Which ones should the SCRC officially endorse? Once you start "Officially" endorsing one, then there is the "why not this one too." To keep it's foundation of being just a Riding Club where people get together and share the road and meet and make new friends, it was decided not to officicially endorse any other organization. The 2 outside organization that got any kind of endorsement is the AMA and St Judes Childrens Hospital. The SCRC doesn't push these organizations either. It's still up the individual members is they want to join the AMA or participate in St judes events. No one in the SCRC has been told they cannot be a part of the PG. No one has been told they cannot wear the PG patch with the SCRC patch. If they have been, the person who told them was wrong. Just to not go to a PG event representing the SCRC, but go as a person who believes in the aims and goals of the PG. There are thousands of Vets in the SCRC and they understand the SCRC is just a Riding Club, not out to do anything other than provide a family oriented, safe, setting for people to enjoy the roads together.

  9. Perhaps it's my bias as a 3-piece patch holder, perhaps it's my bias as a former soldier, perhaps it's my bias as a man of self discipline, but my idea on this is simple: Control yourself.

    If you go to a PGR event, you go to honor the soldier and show your support for the family. No, you're not there to fly the colors, but one thing I can tell you is that a TRUE patch holder doesn't case his colors for anyone or anything. Your club has no liability if its members don't act like idiots. Be professional, respectful and courteous. Show honor to the soldier and behave in a manner that's a credit to your club. It's kind of simple.

  10. to the one wondering if a PGR mission is for support or to show off patches. I am a member of the PGR and the only patch on my vest besides my PGR patch is an eagle clutching an American flag and a MIA/POW flag. No club patchs as I am an independant rider. If the family of the fallen hero or the PGR asked me not to wear it I would comply as I am there for the families not for myself. Anyone who would think we show up to show off our patches dosen't know anything about the PGR

  11. Is the PGR website and forum being maliciously hacked? I just tried to visit. At the top it says:

    "we are currently experiencing technical difficulties.
    Please be advised that we will be back on line as soon as possible."

    At the bottom it says:

    "Rest assured We have not chosen this cyberwar But we will finish It
    Infidels Rule!"

  12. It's too bad that the SCRC is so chicken _hit that they have to hide their colors when standing up for what's right. That's right, chicken _hit! Nothing like letting a bunch of crazies dictate what you can and cannot do. I have members of the SCRC in my PGR group that aren't ashamed of who they belong to but are embarassed that rheir organization is too worried about showing their colors while doing what is right. To me your colors aren't worth the time to spit on if you're afraid to wear them for the right reason.

  13. I support the patriot gaurd 100%, and I support my club leadership 100%, which is why I do not wear my patch at PG events. The SCRC differs from traditional MC's in many ways, but traditional biker respect is not one of them. Anyone who would burn their patch over club rules lacks the repect to be in a club. Adios.

  14. There have been many comments about flying "colors" and such regarding the SCRC and it's position on wearing it's patch to a PGR mission. The problem with the comments is that there is no such thing as colors in the SCRC. We "DO NOT" wear colors and we are not a "MC". We are a riding club, plain and simple. Yes we have a patch, a simple piece of cloth that anyone can buy over the internet whether they are a member or not. If you had already been the focus of a very expensive and lengthy investigation and lawsuit over something you had absolutely no control over and the club it's self had not participated in, then you to might take the same position. It is not suggested that we not support or participate in the PGR, just don't wear your SCRC patch while doing so. Seems like plain common sense to me.

    TR Ganey
    1st Officer
    West Alabam 252
    Southern Cruisers Riding Club

  15. Patriot Guard in East TN are nothing but show boaters and from looking at their site the whole organization seems to be media hungry. Here in E. TN they tell lies to keep other folks from attending funerals to honor soldiers that wish to do so to get all the attention I suppose. And BTW Rolling Thunder no longer supports them, they have stepped way out of bounds in TN and at Arlington and probably more places I haven't heard about.

  16. Step up or step aside.....

  17. >>Patriot Guard in East TN are nothing but show boaters and from looking at their site the whole organization seems to be media hungry. Here in E. TN they tell lies to keep other folks from attending funerals to honor soldiers that wish to do so to get all the attention I suppose. And BTW Rolling Thunder no longer supports them, they have stepped way out of bounds in TN and at Arlington and probably more places I haven't heard about. <<

    I'm not from East Tennessee, but I am an active PGR member. I'm a Ride Captain and also an active duty servicemember. Showboating? Not around here. Media hungry? No...I (and the rest of the leadership team in this state) do everything possible to direct media to the real story: the hero, his sacrifice and the sacrifices the family makes. There is only one group whose attendance I have ever lied to prevent. They don't ride motorcycles. By your comment, though, I do wonder if you are aware that PGR doesn't just show up. If we are at a fneral service, we have been specifically invited by the immediate family. Is the group you are riding with showing up in support of PGR (who was invited) or are they just showing up?

  18. Anonymous [6/05/2007] said (in part) "And BTW Rolling Thunder no longer supports them, they have stepped way out of bounds in TN and at Arlington and probably more places I haven't heard about."

    I have been recently directed by my RT chapter to remove any PGR patches from my RT vest/garment. No reason given- just an order.

    I live/work in ANC region, and have made a number of PGR, as well as RT missions at Arlington and do not understand what the 'flap' is about. I have only seen both groups offering RESPECT for the Fallen Warrior.

    Can anyone tell me what these grave offenses are, that would cause two organizations- both dedicated to Respect for Veterans, to seperate themselves this way? As a member of both organizations, I'd really like to know.

    Even as a soldier, and NCO- I wanted to know "WHY" this/that was so. I don't blindly take orders from ANYONE. (Didn't work at Nuremburg, nor at My Lai...)

  19. MACV63,

    I, too, am a member of RT and we were recently ordered to not wear our patches. An explanation was given, but sounds fishy as I cannot find ANYWHERE ANYTHING regarding 2 incidences between PGR and RT. Perhaps they are just not wanting to further instigate the "problem." However, it tends to lend a bad taste in my mouth for EITHER group. I wasn't involved in either incident, but if they are true, then those members who committed the unbecoming acts should be stripped of their membership and patches. Problem with that is that PGR doesn't have a way to recover or ban members.

    First off, these groups are supposed to be made up of adults. And secondly, a majority of these groups are made up of veterans. Can't they just get along.

  20. Yes, you can wear your Star Touring and Riding vest when riding with the Patriot Guard. However, you are not allowed to sew a Patriot Guard patch on your Star vest. Don't question this or ask any questions as to why you are not permitted to sew this patch on, or an appointed Star rep will make something up about you and have you removed from their membership rolls. Star does not believe in "due process", so trying to prove your innocence will never be heard.

  21. >>Patriot Guard in East TN are nothing but show boaters and from looking at their site the whole organization seems to be media hungry. Here in E. TN they tell lies to keep other folks from attending funerals to honor soldiers that wish to do so to get all the attention I suppose. And BTW Rolling Thunder no longer supports them, they have stepped way out of bounds in TN and at Arlington and probably more places I haven't heard about.<<

    First of all, I'm an EAST TENNESSEE RIDE CAPTAIN and would love to know where you get your MISinformation from. At least I'll have the guts enough to SIGN my response. We DO NOT try to keep individuals from attending funerals that are members of the PGR. Might want to get your facts straight before you stick more of your foot in your mouth.

    And as for Rolling Thunder? Chapter 3 here in East Tennessee and the PGR ride together ALL the time! We're talking about VOLUNTEER organizations, when you start putting too many "rules" down for folks to follow, then it no longer becomes a VOLUNTEER situation.

    Deb McKay
    Ride Captain, Knoxville Area
    Patriot Guard Riders
    and member of The Shiloh Riders Association, East Tennessee Toy Run

  22. SCRC sucks!!! I quit the group due to stupidity. First Officer had no guts to speak up to people that were doing things that almost got several bikers injured during a ride. We also had problems with a few other people in the group. When the 2nd officer spoke up to the ones causing the troubles, he became a problem. He stepped down and refused to associated with the group. They are a bunch of want to bees... they don't wear colors, but they really want to be a MC rather than just a riding group. When safety goes the wayside and keeping face is more important than keeping safety and happiness amongst rider, then I say the first officer is chicken S-it. As far as the PGR group goes they are respectable and honorable.

  23. Hello,

    I am investigating the actions of certain National officers within SCRC, known as Southern Cruisers Riding Club and SCRC status.

    Thank you,

  24. Not a SCRC or PGR member. But I am a member of a private "Riding Club". (Only called a RC because many people in the motorcycle culture are comfortable with labels.)

    It's easy to call the officers of an organization "gutless" on a a web-site when your' not a leader and have no calls to make. It seems obvious to me there is a reason for their' actions and it is not anyone's but SCRC members business. It probably has to do with the safety of their' club and members. Or perhaps they simply do not want to affiliate with other clubs.

    Some guys buy themselves a motorcycle and read a Sonny Barger book and think they know what motorcycling and organization are about. wise up or shut up.

  25. I'm both SCRC AND PGR.

    I BOUGHT every patch I wear, as well as the vest they are on.
    MY PROPERTY to do with as I choose.

    I wear it when and where I choose, not by the wishes some wannabe dictator.

    NOONE tells me what I Can and Can't do.


    You can be a sheep and follow the herdmaster, or you can be a FREE AMERICAN and honor the sacrifices of those who fought for your right to choose.
    But there is NO middle ground.

    I choose to be FREE.

  26. (Only called a RC because many people in the motorcycle culture are comfortable with labels.)

    Where did you get this from??? There are only a couple of reasons for calling yourself a Riding Club. One Your leaders don't have the GUTs to go to the dominant MC in the area and request they approve anouter MC in the Area. Or, they have not been to the COC to get recognized as a MC.

    You see it's easy to put crap on a board under anonymous when you don't have a clue what you are talking about. Most RC's are nothing but a bunch of wannabe idiots who ride around trying to act like Bikers. The SCRC is the worst, they are no well liked in this area at all.

    They stole the patch from another club after the leader got KICKED out of another club. They added the Chicken wings to it and then copyrighted the Chicken patch.


    I know many PGR members and they are all from other clubs including 1%'s, CMA, HOG, and many decent clubs in the area. They are all honorable and decent people.

    The SCRC is an internet anyone can join club, that's what wannabe clubs are. Just look at them if you ever see them in you area, they will strut around and make complete asses of themselves. Like I said they are not liked or wanted in this area. Period.

    Some guys buy themselves a motorcycle and read a Sonny Barger book and think they know what motorcycling and organization are about. wise up or shut up.

    So anonymos I have this bit of advice to you. Maybe you should go out and buy a Sonny Barger book, and maybe one by Hunter S. Tompson. That way you might get a real glimps into the "Motorcycle Culture" as you call it. You might just learn something about Bikers. You see there is a real world out there where bikers fit in and where there is real protocol and rules. There is a vast difference between wannabe RC's and MC's. If I were you I would read up on it, then you might just know what you are talking about.

    And you shouls also take some of your own advice "Wise up or Shut up".

  27. As a member of SCRC I have to disagree with you on a couple of things. First of all, I also ride with the Patriot Guard Riders occasionally. I have two vests, one of which does not have the SCRC logo, and that is the one I use for the Patriot Guards. I don't see this as a big deal. Secondly, while we do allow just about anyone in, we do require you ride a motorcycle or are a passenger of a member who rides a motorcycle. We also have a code of conduct everyone is expected to live up to. No drinking while on a club ride, breaking laws or doing anything that would have a bad reflection on the club. So while "almost" anyone can join, not everyone will be able to remain if they break the rules.



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