Wearing Shorts When You Ride

I've had some people tell me, "I can't believe some people wear shorts when they ride". Funny, because I do it all the ti...

Wearing shorts while riding a motorcycleI've had some people tell me, "I can't believe some people wear shorts when they ride". Funny, because I do it all the time.

They say that to me, not just on a safety perspective, but on a style perspective. I guess it looks geeky to some people.

I wear shorts pretty much most of the time. I wear them at home, going out to eat, riding my motorcycle (did I say that already?). I wear those Levi's shorts, the loose-fitting kind that come down to your knees.

On my feet are my riding boots, the only ones I have. They look more like hiking boots but they're not. They're brown, and I usually have on those short white socks that come just up above my ankles, and barely peek over the tops of the boots. Then I wear a t-shirt, and sometimes my denim vest over it.

Does that sound geeky?

I suppose you need a photo to see, well I don't have one.

But anyways, I can only ride this way if I'm on my Road Star. The reason is because my legs never touch the exhaust pipes. In a comfortable position, they just never do. On the other hand, the left-leg is always touching the cross-over pipe on my HD Ultra Classic. I just can't wear shorts on the Ultra for that reason.

Only once have I ever burned my leg from touching the exhaust pipe. And I did it on my friend's bike. He has a Dyna Wide Glide. This time, it was my right leg that wanted to touch the pipe in a comfortable position. I knew ahead of time that my leg kept trying to touch the pipe, so I kept putting my legs far out everytime I came to a stop.

Except one time, I forgot about it. Tsssssss! Ouch!

My friend likes to ride with shorts also. He had a few really nasty burns on his right leg.

Why do they call them "heat shields" when they still burn like Hell?

Otherwise, the only problem you ever encounter when riding with shorts, is flying debris. Like pebbles getting picked up and thrown at you from the car ahead. I don't wear chaps, so I don't have any.

And wearing chaps with shorts would be geeky.


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  1. Hi Steve,

    We all have to wear what we feel comfortable in. What you described as wearing doesn't sound "geeky" to me.

    I personally wear all the gear. The armored motorcycle jacket, helmet and chaps or now my husband just bought me leather pants. We have lots of debrie on our roads and when the bugs hit (yuck!!!). When something hits me pretty hard, I'm glad for the coverage.

    I also have the problem of the pipes right next to my right leg. With my short legs, they're just too close for comfort without leather inbetween.

    Safe Travels, Betty :)

  2. I wear shorts too steve just like yours. From time ot time I wear my chaps over them because like Betty I like that extra padding form the bugs and debris.

  3. the big prob with shorts is the way they funnel bees and wasps into you softparts...

  4. hiya!..I love to wear shorts too occasionaly, but thing is I get a suntan from the hot sun and then too I wear my 2" sandals too..I know I know that's a no no, but i wear a helmet!..anyhoooooooooo, regarless we get a thumbs up and then again there will always be negative people if they want to be mean..lots of lookers anyways..ha, just smile all is cooooooooool..

  5. any of you guys with shorts ever go down at any speed ? pants don't help much but it's a lot better than bare skin hitting the road !

  6. Does it look geeky? HELL YES . . . not to mention just plain stupid.

    When you go down, and everyone does, and you leave most of your skin on the pavement, you will wonder next if your ass looks geeky . . . after they use it to cover the muscle on your legs.

  7. Take a chance Anonymous. It's a lot more fun.

  8. a denim vest! aahhh yeah it doesn't get any geekier.



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