My Wife Doesn't Want Me To Get A Motorcycle

Well, not my wife, but another guy's wife. That's what this guy told me today in the parking lot of a restaurant. His wife thinks ...

Well, not my wife, but another guy's wife. That's what this guy told me today in the parking lot of a restaurant. His wife thinks he'll get killed on a motorcycle.

As my wife and I left a restaurant yesterday, I saw him crouched down behind my Yamaha Road Star, with his head cocked to one side, looking down the lines and curves of the bike.

He asked me if it was the Road Star 1100 or the Road Star 1700. I said, "Well, the 1100 is the V-Star. This is the 1700 Road Star."

"What year is it?" he asked.

"2004" I said.

He went on to tell me how much he wanted a motorcycle, but his wife was against it. She kept saying that he'll get killed on it.

I told him to just go get one. "If you buy one and bring it home, what's she gonna do?" He just kinda nodda and said, "Yeah, but it's not that easy."

He looked to be in his 50s, and told me that he had ridden motorcycles in his teen years, and just itched to get back on again. I suppose that's pretty much like most of us. I told him, "If you don't get one now, you never will."

This guy also said that he wanted something to commute back and forth to work, and something that will take him to Phoenix and back (to Southern California). I told him the V-Star 1100 will definitely do that, but my preference is the Road Star, particularly since that's what I've been riding.

"Yeah, the more I keep looking at bikes, the more my wife complains about it", he went on to say. I told him to just go with what you want. "It's not like you're cheating on her."

"If one day she came home with a $3,000 diamond ring, you'd probably throw a fit too. But you'd probably let her keep it knowing it made her happy."

"Just get the bike."


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  1. My husband has been told many times how lucky he is that we both ride. He rides his Honda Nighthawk and I my Yamaha V-Star. His only grumble is that he wishes that sometimes I would ride on the back of his bike (lol). I say "no way," I want to have fun actually driving too.

  2. I say just get the bike.... you are grown, make the decision and go. she too will love it once she is on it!!!!!!!!

  3. My wife, pretty much was the same way, then she said that if I sold my car within $500 of blue book value, and waited 3 months, then went thru an MSF New Rider course and get my license I could get a bike...I sold my car within the price allotment, and did everything else, and now that I've bought my bike, she complains that I'm riding it...
    I don't think it's wise to just buy a bike if you are married...if there is opposition, the problem stems deeper and that needs to be dealt with, I would much rather live in poverty in a tent than with a nagging wife. Riding a motorcycle, with it's inherent risks is a risk you are willing to take, but not your wife. You are probably married to a controlling wife, like I am...she says it's either me or the bike. I've only had it for 2 days...In my case the problem is pretty serious, I'm not allowed to check my mail (I don't even have a key or know where our mail comes in into our housing development) But I was stupid enough to let her run my's one of those things like, OK you can check the mail, OK no spending on anything over $50, ...but it balooned from there. I let it happen and this is exactly how my brother wound up in a divorce, she just did whatever she wanted and he agreed on everything. I belive (can't prove it though) that wives want to hear a 'no' sometimes. Wives out there - please take no offense of my stereotyping you- I am simply indicating my situation.



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