Harley Announces New Engine and New Models for 2007

Harley-Davidson announced today that it will launch the Twin Cam 96, an all-new Big Twin engine, as it introduces its 2007 line of motorcyc...

Harley-Davidson announced today that it will launch the Twin Cam 96, an all-new Big Twin engine, as it introduces its 2007 line of motorcycles.

The Twin Cam 96 will power all models in the Harley-Davidson Dyna, Softail and Touring product families, each of which will also feature the 6-speed Cruise Drive transmission.

New motorcycles for 2007 include two VRSC models, the all-new FXSTC Softail Custom, and a limited-edition model celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Sportster introduction.

"The V-Twin engine has always been the centerpiece of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle," said Bill Davidson, Harley-Davidson Director of Motorcycle Product Development. "It's integral not only to the performance of the motorcycle, but also to its styling, to its sound, and to the way it feels to the rider. The new Twin Cam 96 and 6-speed Cruise Drive transmission offer enhanced performance, while maintaining the traditional aesthetics of the Harley-Davidson Big Twin."

It is the timeless blend of form and function that shapes the character of every Harley-Davidson model. It's a philosophy that dictates that the machine should stir the soul not just through its physical performance, but also through its presence, an expression of the passion that has guided Harley-Davidson for more than a century.

Highlights of the 2007 Harley-Davidson line include:

The new Twin Cam 96 engine, paired with the 6-speed Cruise Drive transmission, delivers up to 17 percent more torque (varies by model family) than the Twin Cam 88 it replaces and incorporates a number of design changes to enhance performance and reliability. It will only be offered with Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection (ESPFI).

The 6-speed Cruise Drive transmission features quieter helical-cut gears in ratios
optimized to match the torque curve of the Twin Cam 96. A sixth gear reduces engine rpm by 11 percent at highway speeds. New mufflers have been tuned to enhance the lower sound frequencies for a more commanding exhaust tone.

The VRSC family of liquid-cooled power-cruisers features two new models. The VRSCDX Night Rod Special offers menacing, blacked-out styling. The limited-edition VRSCX features the pavement-scorching power of a big-bore Revolution V-Twin engine with drag-bike styling and graphics that pay tribute to the NHRA champion Screamin' Eagle / Vance & Hines Pro Stock Motorcycle racing team.

The new FXSTC Softail Custom reprises the styling cues of the classic chopper, with a 200mm rear tire, king-and-queen seat, and Bobtail rear fender.

The limited-edition 50th Anniversary Sportster features special badging, a traditional peanut fuel tank, and other classic components to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the 1957 Sportster introduction.

The FLSTF Fat Boy is refreshed and reloaded for 2007, with new wheels and styling details, a new 200mm rear tire, and the performance of the Twin Cam 96/B engine and 6-speed Cruise Drive transmission.

The FXDC Dyna Super Glide Custom is redesigned to enhance its aesthetic appeal with additional chrome and custom features, including a new two-up, ribbed seat, Fat Bob fuel tank and a mini-pullback handlebar.

Harley-Davidson Custom Vehicle Operations (CVO) will offer four exciting models for 2007: the Screamin' Eagle Road King, the Screamin' Eagle Ultra Classic Electra Glide, the Screamin' Eagle Softail Springer, and the Screamin' Eagle Dyna. Each is powered by a new high-performance Twin Cam 110 powertrain and features new accessories and fabulous new paint schemes.

The new Harley-Davidson Smart Security System, featuring new hands-free fob and auto arming/disarming, is an available factory-installed option for all Harley-Davidson models.

Harley-Davidson will offer 17 new color combinations for 2007.


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  2. Well i am pissed.I just bought a 2006 heritage softail!!!3 weeks ago.My dealer claims he didnt know about these changes.I would have waited for the 07 model if i had known.It would cost me 10 grand to have a 96 inch and 6 speed installed on mine and 07 models are cheaper than my 06!!!.What is going to happen to the value of my bike.By next spring you wont be able to give 88s away!!thats a quote from another dealer by the way!There is going to be a flood of used 88s on the market.And that means devaluation for twin 88s BIGTIME!Am i the only one who can see this.I dont think so.This whole situation has really left a bad taste in my mouth.I have ridden harleys for 25 yrs.I am not some yuppie rider.I am old school.So yea ill suck it up and ride on but is there anyone else who is pissed on this issue id like to know.later Kevin

  3. Any Harley with an 88 in it is going to be tough to sell now that the 2007's were announced. I bought a used 2005 Ultra last March, and could have gotten the new 96 inch if I waited until now, but then again, it's all 20/20 hindsight.

    Certainly the dealer did know about the changes coming up, but you can't blame him for trying to sell you a bike.

  4. I came within (1) phone call of buying a 06 Fatboy. Talked with my dealer he said wait until the 07's hit, they might have the same tranny as the 06 Dyna's. To my delight they included a little 96 inch stroker with it. I told him to hang a sold tag on the first softail out of the crate. I'm trading my 04 (which was an awesome ride) because as soon as the dealers find out the worth, they will pass that "savings" on down to us. I got mine, you better get yours....see you in my mirrors...later

  5. Does anyone know if there will be a 2007 Fatboy screaming eagle model? Did not see mention of it.......

  6. I see some people are pissed about there late season 06 purchases. My feelings are we all know changes take place with the new bikes so being a long time biker why would you buy a new bike so close to the new 07's hitting the floor? The past speaks for its self. I am getting my new 07 this week because I waites to see the new bikes.

  7. The reason you ride a Harley is not because it has the latest bell and whistle it is because, well, if I have to tell you you would not understand!

    The last inovation I drooled over was self canceling turn signals and an engine that did not leak oil. Although I vented my crankcase so that it would leak oil out of nostaligia.

    We as consumers are victims of Harley Davidsons success to finally sell a family freindly product so Doctors, Lawyers,and Soccer Moms can own and ride them. Resale will never again be like the early nineties when the trend was at its first peak.

    So ride your Harley for the right reason and quit gripeing about the resale value or lack of foresight.

  8. Unless the Motor Company seriously loses its way, there are several facts that would be worth betting on. The '06s are better than '05s and the '08s will probably be better than '07s. I'd rather ride than trade. In fact, I have trouble parting with them. Which is why I still regulalry ride an '89, a '90 and a '96; each with its special charm.

  9. Suck it up guys. I have an 2005 fxsti that I installed 95 in cyclinders and htcc heads and pistons.Cost about $1700. Along with the Vance and Hines pipes and screaming eagle air box and the Power Commander module, my scooter will eat up any H.D. 96 inch! They are only in the business of empting our wallets and making think we belong to an exclusive club.

  10. i got my 96" Heritage three weeks ago. i have roughly 1000 miles on it. i will tell you this, the people complaining about buying 2006 models are right. i traded in my 2002 Heritage and there is no comparison between the 88 and the 96. the 96 is superior in every way. Harley did not just warm over the motorcycles, the made them completely new and they did a fine job. all of the ad hype is real including the part about the re-tuned mufflers. the stock pipes actually sound like a motorcycle and not a lawn mower. It is faster, quicker, smoother, better handling and better made than any thing that Harley has made before. If you can get one, do it you will not be disapointed. Oh yeah, I am also not a yuppie rider. I have had many motorcycles over the last forty years and i do not own, rent, borrow or use a trailer. I ride 10,000 miles per year.

  11. just bough the 07 Ultra, NEED LOUD EXHAUST, anyone have suggestions?

  12. I have an 06 Road King Classic with a 95 inch kit and Rineharts. Sounds great, runs great and it has a seven year warranty. The way I see it, if you have a 96 or earlier there is only two things that you can do, spend 10k upgrading to an 07, or go down the road where I am headding and purchase the Screaming Eagle 120" motor. And by the way, once the install is complete, I will see you in my rear view mirror, if you can stay that close.

  13. The guy who waited should be playing the stock market. I bought a 2006 Screamin Eagle Fat Boy with 103". Now its already obsolete. Does anybody know the bore & stroke dimensions of the 110" Engine. I can't find it anywhere.

  14. Hello fellow road thrashers, just traded my 05 heritage softail classic for a 07 road king classic from mc iowa hd, I wanted the screamin eagle road king but no guts, all that I can say so far about my 07 is nice new ride, smooth, sweet powerfull. Here's my two bucks worth; where on earth can you buy a machine, ride it for two years under warranty and then trade it for what amounts to 1000-1500 per year for a new one, what a bargain for all of that fun, its like leasing a bike or boat for a couple of weekends per year. Who gives a rip if Harley increase the h/p every so often, and I hope in a few years the 103 or 110 become the standard, either way technology is great if implemented correctly.Look at personnel computers if you want to take a technology beating. And no matter what if you compare Harley to GM,Ford etc. etc. at least we have an American motor company that has some real valuation as a result of customer loyalty and product enhancements. And whats next with all the other bike mfg's maybe kia(killed in action) will build a bike with a big v-twin that sells for $49.99 at most discount stores. In the mean time I will spend my 2-3k every two years for a new Harley because my chick digs it.

  15. Look,the way i see it is, the 96" motor is more motor in some ways and less in others.So dont be mad about having a 88 or 95" motor. Pre 03 were the best twin cams made timkin berring in main crank.i just bought a 08 street bob, and i know the berring is strait not a timkin,and the cams are pressed not 1 peace,and the heads on a 88" are made better.So less power is a trade off for more power but cheaper built.

  16. Hmm been riding for 30 years and have only owned Harleys in my life. Seems strange that most the comments are from people that are more concerned about how fast their bike is. The 71 Electra Glide I had is not the bike they make today but I still loved covering a large part of the USA on it. Maybe I accidentely got on a Suzuki site..sorry thought this was a Harley site......



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