"Pretty in Pink" Ear Plugs for Pink Bikers

DAP World, who makes the Hearos brand of ear plugs, recently launched a new line of ear plugs called, " Pretty in Pink ". They...

Pink ear plugsDAP World, who makes the Hearos brand of ear plugs, recently launched a new line of ear plugs called, "Pretty in Pink".

They're actually meant for sleeping, to reduce the deep-throated snores of zonked-out husbands. But it looks like it could work great for motorcycle riding too.

The company claims they reduce noise by 32db, and it comes with a carrying tube, small enough for windshield bags, saddlebags, or vest pockets.

All biker chicks who have to have everything pink ought to buy these.


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  1. whomever is stupid enough to wear earplugs whilst there riding deserves to be run completely over and mashed flat by that non-attentive semi-cage driver thats drinking coffe and talking on his CB..i thought i had seen most of the stupidest idiotic shit in this world, but pussy pink earplugs for the Rufhb (rich urban faggot homo biker)in the group?...well,that takes the cake

  2. Why do I wonder if xxx is a knuckle dragger? Most knowledgeable riders use plugs to attenuate wind cavitation (roaring to you, xxx), which interferes with hearing other traffic sounds, and protects against or at least slows hearing loss (i.e., you hear better, longer, xxx). And what is this "whilst there" crap about? Do you mean "while they are"? I would say that xxx's foulmouthed juvenile tirade over something he (or she?) obviously has not applied any intelligent analysis to pretty much relegates his (her?) so-called opinion to the trash heap where it belongs. Let's hope he (she?) either gets counseling for the issues, and goes back to finish the fifth grade...... Now for those of you with actual powers of discernment, (no, not you, xxx), ear plugs will still allow you to hear what you need to while attenuating the low frequency noise from wind. This will make your ride less tiring, increase your awareness. With the benefit of more energy, you can learn signing, so that you can communicate with our soon-to-be-deaf friend, xxx (or not).



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