Coffee Cruisers

There's a group of bikers called, " Coffee Cruisers ". They're all over the world, currently boasting a membership of 299...

There's a group of bikers called, "Coffee Cruisers". They're all over the world, currently boasting a membership of 299 riders, mostly in the United States.

These folks like to hang out in coffee houses, drinking down some java, and then head out for a ride. They don't describe themselves as a club, but more like an affiliation of like-minded persons. Anyone can join, however, in order to join they require you to buy a patch.

I checked the membership roster for any folks who live in my area, Riverside County, CA, and didn't find anyone. Though, they do have a couple folks in the San Diego County area, which isn't too far to ride. They have several people in the Los Angeles area, but that's more out of my way.

I do happen to enjoy riding my bike out to any one of several Starbucks in my area, but mainly to do work. I take my laptop there, get online, and spend the afternoon blogging. I'm writing this at a Starbucks right now.

But I think one patch on my vest is enough.


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  1. Steve,
    Thanks for the article, much appreciated!
    Ride Safe!


  2. I'm still laughing. I hope you are pulling our legs here and thats a well done comedy post. The photos of the people in new leathers was especially rich. But just in case this is real, The L L Bean tag inside of your vest is not a patch,,,LOL. Thanks for the Laughs!

  3. Just heard about this group in the premiere issue of 'Backstreet Havoc' mag. I like the idea. I'm 58 and getting drunk or stoned on anything isn't fun anymore, or... uh... safe. I love ridin', althought long ridin' is more my thing, and a great cup coffee adds to the bliss. Adventure and coffee go hand in hand, so I just might fit in.
    Vanstheman, if new leather makes you laugh I'll send you a pic of me in a NEW classic brown leather ridin' jacket (if laughing at these sort of things makes you happy). My old levi jacket was in shreds and I like new & different stuff sometimes! Will I pursecuted for buying new jeans now. Where does it stop?
    Another thing, this contention over patches 'earned' or bought online means nothing. What does a person have to do to earn a patch? I have to make a stand here and say some of the things some do doesn't go on my list of being an exemplary person. You earn honor by being the person you are period! I see brothers & sisters all around with & without patches who are quality people. Lastly forgive me if I have misjudged you.
    Now back to the CC. It's their thing. They love ridin' and drinking coffee. The pursuit of happiness. Very American!!!!



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