Cell Phones Don't Kill Bikers

It seems almost every biker I've met has something nasty to say about people who drive cars while using a cell phone. Their inclination...

It seems almost every biker I've met has something nasty to say about people who drive cars while using a cell phone. Their inclination is to ban the use of cell phones in cars. Why?

Most bikers I've ridden with do things that are unsafe, like riding faster than the posted speed limit, not using their turn signals to make a lane change, or trying to beat out a red light. I believe that ALL bikers have done this, myself included. What gives us the right to complain that cell phone drivers are unsafe?

The fact is that cell phones don't kill bikers. People kill bikers. Don't people also say that about guns, when someone wants to ban guns?

The fact is that bikers can break traffic laws because they have confidence in their ability to ride safely. I have a friend who frequently rides his bike well over the posted speed limit, even after having a couple of beers, and then curses a cager for using a cell phone. Does that make any sense?

Don't target everyone who uses a cell phone, target only the people that can't drive safely. If you can drive a car safely, even if using a cell phone at the same time, you should be allowed to do so. The same goes for riding at whatever speed you think is comfortable, as well as deciding how many beers you can drink without compromising your skills.

Give everyone the freedom to choose and the opportunity to prove themselves capable. Don't come up with laws that dump everyone into the same bucket.

Otherwise, if you're going to take cell phones away from cagers, then don't complain when cagers put helmets on our heads.


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  1. This is a ridiculous statement. whoever wrote this does not ride everyday. People in cars with cell phones do not use signals,cut me off everyday of the week to and from work, period, and do not even notice because they are to busy TALKING ON THE PHONE, this is from 10 years of everday riding experience. also holding a phone requires that you use your hand to do so, which means you cannot signal, as far as bikes not signaling, a bike cannot knock a passenger of a car out of there car and kill them instantly, there are no fender benders on motorcycles, you just die or are paralyzed, I have never met a biker that is willing to put him/ herself in harms way over not signalling also I have never heard and or read a case in which a biker did not signal and side swiped a car, I have personally been involved in numerous incidents were a car not signalling has entered the lane im riding in NEXT TO THEM WHILE ON THERE PHONE!!!!! everyday i watch people in cars do this knowing that if they hit something well...no big deal.
    And if you think that driving with a cell phone is safe look at the 2005 CHP tests (online) regarding cell phone usage while driving, The people driving while engaged on a phone scored lower on a behind the wheel driving test than did drunk drivers or drivers with less than 5 hours sleep for a week, so your idea that you can "safely" drive while on the phone is proven false over and over and the basis for California's ban on handheld phones, 7 other states have adopted a no cell phone while driving law. The last statistic put out by the DMV states that since the proliferation of cell phones, accidents with cell phone related causes are responcible for 35-37% of all accidents Nationwide annually.
    Carl Fletcher
    write me and prove your case that cell phones while driving are safe, you cant becasue there is no such proof, anywere.

  2. Read these Links About Cell Phones, Hand held and Hands Free, reguardless, both types can kill or mame Bikers and cagers, with Inattentive Blindness Behaviors.

    From a study done at the Univercity of Utah Phych department.



  3. Rediculous.

    People cannot be trusted to make sensible decisions, that's the reality of life. Some laws might annoy you, but the alternatives are far worse.

    Here in Australia, it IS illegal to drive and talk on a cell phone. It's also illegal to ride a motorcyle (even a bicycle) without a helmet. Our national drink drive limit is 0.05% blood alcohol.

    Without a moments hesitation I would say our incidents of both cell phone related accidents and severe head trauma in motorcycle accidents are significantly less per capita than the United States. With so many hands free devices these days there really is no excuse for holding a phone while you drive. Don't even get me started on riding without a helmet... you'd have to be completely mad!



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