I'm Doing an Iron Butt Ride

This Saturday (Oct 14) I'll be heading out on my first Iron Butt ride, the Saddle Sore 1000. To those who are not familiar, you ride 1,...

This Saturday (Oct 14) I'll be heading out on my first Iron Butt ride, the Saddle Sore 1000. To those who are not familiar, you ride 1,000 miles in less than 24 hours. The Iron Butt Assocation has all the details if you want more.

Right now, I've two other friends riding with me.

Iron butt ride map
We're starting in Temecula, CA, riding north on I-15 to Barstow, then I-40 east to Flagstaff, AZ, then I-17 south to Casa Grande, AZ, then I-8 west to San Diego, CA, and finally I-15 back north to Temecula. 1,026 miles approximately.

TurboDave, who has done several Iron Butt rides, gave me some good pointers.

The idea for doing this ride got started with one of the guys riding with me, Ledhed. He's been wanting to do this for quite awhile, but hasn't been able to get one organized. So, I asked him about it, and we just decided to do it, and picked Oct 14 as the date. Another buddy of mine, Drifter, wants to go too. That makes three of us.

From what I gather, the Saddle Sore 1000 is not a tough ride, considering you've done several long-distance rides. TurboDave says the route we've picked can be done in 16.5 hours, with several breaks and gas stops, and riding no faster than the posted speed limit.

All three of us will be riding Harleys, so I figure keeping it 70-75mph should prevent the engines from burning up. I probably ought to ride my Yamaha Road Star, being it's a lot tougher. But then again, the Ultra Classic is supposed to be for touring, and isn't that what long-distance rides are, touring? That's what an Ultra Classic is for, right?

Checking the weather forecast for this weekend, looks like possibility of rain. Great. So much for that Phoenix heat.

Wish me luck everyone!


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  1. I see only two flaws in your route. Phoenix and L.A. You are going to have to hit those just right for traffic to not be a factor. Phoenix is turning into L.A. when it comes to traffic and L.A., well it is always bad. I rode through both this summer and hated every minute.

  2. I'm not going through L.A. Phoenix will be slow, but then again, the route should take about 16-17 hours.

  3. Not that big of a deal. You said you are only doing it for a piece of paper???? You should have done the Stampede-check out this months Horse Backstreet Choppers for the details-2400 miles on a hardtail-now that was impressive. We did about 1400 miles in 24 hours going to Sturgis-no biggie!



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