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This morning I returned back home from my first Iron Butt ride. It was the Saddle Sore 1,000. See my original article announcing the ride...

This morning I returned back home from my first Iron Butt ride. It was the Saddle Sore 1,000. See my original article announcing the ride and route.

We completed the ride in 20 hours, which is probably too much time considering the route was all slab. We left at 6:00am Saturday morning, and hoped to return home around 11:00pm that night. But we got back home 2:00am instead.

There were four of us in all that rode together. We started out with a modest speed, between 70-75mph. But as the day went on, our speed increased. In the last 50 miles we were going 100mph steady.

Our problem was spending too much time not riding. We spent about an hour for breakfast at IHOP in Victorville, and about 45 minutes for lunch at Quizno's in Flagstaff. Most of the gas stops went about 20 minutes, while another went about 30 minutes. If anything, we didn't have any problems staying awake, perhaps due to spending plenty of time resting.

But we got lucky! Everything I read on the weather forecast said we would encounter thunder storms and heavy downpours along I-40 through California and Arizona. But we didn't hit any rain. There was certainly rain all around us, just not on the Interstate, while we were on it. The traffic in Phoenix wasn't that bad at all.

One weird thing though. Somewhere after the half-way point of the ride, my arms felt like they were on backwards, as if my hands and arms were reversed. I think it was having them anchored to the handle bars for so long, not moving them around, that caused my brain to lose its bearings on where my arms were. I kept wiggling my fingers to reorient myself.

Still tired right now, even after sleeping until 11:00am.


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  1. did you miss the part in the rules about obeying speed limits or that you could be disqualified for excessive speeding. a normal saddlesore is about 20 hours on my ultra regardless of what the computer road map programs say. That's a nice leisurely cruise compared to some of the extreme rides. But they are all designed to be done within the limits of the laws. That part of the test you failed.

  2. Did you miss the part about the whole idea of doing a ride for a piece of paper being the Gayest thing i ever heard of? Ironbut-what a joke. Just another little patch for a yuppie's vest! The authro said, and I quote: "Do you think I would do this ride if I wasn't getting a piece of paper out of it?" What a Clown!

  3. The above ^^^...

    Live to ride, ride to live. Sounds like you don't understand it.

  4. Actually Steve, I understand that statement very well-it's plastered all over every RUB vest and bike that i see-even though they ride, at most, every weekend! It does not say, "Live to ride, ride for a piece of paper." I ride EVERY day-long and far, rain and shine, because I love it-not for some RUB patch or award so I can show the world how gay I am!

  5. When I said I was doing this IB ride to get a piece of paper, I said that in a amusing sort of way. I did the IB ride because it's something to say you accomplished, and that's what the certificate shows. Otherwise, if you like to ride, and you like to ride a lot, then what's so gay about doing an IB ride?

    As for patches and pins on my vest. I don't wear any. All I have on my vest is my club's back patch, and my club name patch.

  6. Don't dis someone because they want to accomplish something they feel is important. You don't know them, and they don't know you. Everyone has their own road to travel, and you don't have a clue about a person's inner motivations. So shut the f___ up about thinking you know who someone else is...or whether they are "gay"...if you need to dis another person to feel superior then I guess you haven't traveled on your road long enough...



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