Motorcycle Noise Issue Debated in Arizona

Two towns in Arizona are fighting it out over loud pipes along the Carefree Highway, just north of Phoenix, AZ. An article published today...

Two towns in Arizona are fighting it out over loud pipes along the Carefree Highway, just north of Phoenix, AZ.

An article published today in the Arizona Republic says that the town of Carefree wants its neighboring town of Cave Creek to cooperate by adopting noise abatement laws designed to put an end to loud pipes.

But Cave Creek does't want to cooperate.

The issue is that thousands of bikers during weekends travel the Carefree Highway, going through the town of Carefree, on their way to biker bars in Cave Creek. Residents in Carefree, who built homes right along the highway are complaining about motorcycle noise, and are worried about their real estate values.

Residents of the Cave Creek, however, decided not to adopt noise abatement laws because, you guessed it, bikers bring a lot of money into their town.

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  1. I think perhaps the folks in Carefree should be more tolerant. And Biker Friendly.Perhaps some of those biker dollars would flow their way.

  2. loud pipes save lives

  3. As a resident of a beautiful historic small town and an owner of a B&B on Main Street, I totally agreed with the decision of Carefree AZ. We experience the same noise problem with bikers thinking that Main street and the adjacent streets are their race track. I had several bikes and loved riding them but I never trade the mufflers for straight pipes. Bikers should go to real race track if they want to make loud noise. Not everybody likes the sound of a Harley.

  4. enjoyed going to the restaurants in Cave Creek and the other businesses located there and it is a fine town to visit and spend money in. I do object to getting a fine of $750.00 for riding through a neighboring town to get there. If you read the latest CycleRide newsletter Barry did some testing and it makes it appear that most bikes would be ok. My objection to this is the fact they had "adjusted" the db meter to a lower setting. Will they always use this setting? Most likely not and my thinking is because with the amount of the fine Carefree is going to see their coffers increase and that will lead to more tickets to get our money. I do not trust this equipment and the officers and town management to be fair at all times.

    So with this I am requesting our members to Boycott Cave Creek until this matter is resolved or eliminated. I respect your right to go there if you wish but if we hurt their pocket books this will clear up much faster.

    Below is the CycleRides article. And I must say by removing the motorcycle from their sign only does one thing, keeps us from suing them for discrimination. This law is clearly a discriminatory law and nothing more. Please pass this info to whomever you wish.


    John H Pavkovich II
    Southwest Regional Officer
    Southern Cruisers Riding Club

  5. loud pipes are selfish and you bikers with loud pipes know it. it has nothing to do with safety. you want to make noise. it's fun. so what if it bothers other people?

    i live in a "biker destination town" at the bottom of the hill where bikers accelerate. on busy tourist weekends we cannot hear someone speaking in a normal voice outside our house where we like to be on a nice weekend. we have to keep all the windows shut and that still doesn't help. the constant noise makes my child irritable. there is certainly research on the effect of constant loud noise on nervous systems.

    if bikes are so unsafe without making a lot of noise pollution for others, maybe bikes aren't safe enough to be on the road. using the same logic, let's install illegal screamer sirens on our bicycles and cars.

    all laws are the result of the breakdown of social consciousness. expect more laws and don't whine about them if you aren't willing to be socially conscious-- that means caring about other people,not just your self indulgence.



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