Got My Ass Kicked Out Of Star

There's a forum just for people who got kicked out of, or left on bad terms, Star Touring. It's called, " Got My Ass Kicked Ou...

There's a forum just for people who got kicked out of, or left on bad terms, Star Touring. It's called, "Got My Ass Kicked Out Of Star"

Star Touring is the riding club endorsed by Yamaha's Star Motorcycles line. It's a huge organization.

While there's a fair amount of people posting their bad experiences with Star Touring, the GMAKOOS forum is more than just banter. They're still folks who like riding their Yamaha bikes, and many of them have moved on to form their own clubs, or joined up with International Star Riders Association (ISRA).

While I do own a Yamaha Road Star, I've never participated in Star Touring. I can't really corroborate the things that get said on GMAKOOS. I do know some Star Touring guys, mainly in the Riverside, CA chapter (#345), and they seem like good guys.

But then again, forums like GMAKOOS just don't happen for no reason.

Check it out for yourself...


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  1. Wow! What began as a bit of satire and a "poke with a stick" has gained a bit of momentum as the word spreads about people's experiences in Star Touring.

    Thanks for the plug!

  2. Anyone can create a website these days, especially on Delphi. These folks on the GMAKOOS site seem to have too much time on their hands. Ten or so negative voices out of a reported 50,000 plus membership is to be expected; these types of clubs aren’t for everyone. As for Star Touring; I think the 50,000 memberships speaks for itself.

  3. "bit of satire?" "poke with a stick?"

    Not hardly. From observing the events that took place, the people that formed GMAKOOS, good people that they are, got themselves in a bind due to personal issues and a blind disregard for the guidelines set forth by the organization. They don't wish to take responsibility for their actions and are on the forefront to pass the blame. They remind me of the little children that always say, "It wasn't me," or "I didn't do anything."

  4. Hey Anonymous
    If you think we have to much time that may be the case here but we tell the truth about Star and we do not pull the wool over peoples eyes.
    You may want to look in a mirror.I do not know were you got the 50,000 people from but all I here is Chapter after chapter are quiting. So our small group I think is starting to grow.The writing is on the wall and people are starting to see what we say and will get out just like we did.

  5. Bikernut,

    Your claim that “chapter after chapter” is quitting doesn’t quite ring true. I saw the list that was compiled on the GMAKOOS website and it’s as inaccurate as can be. I know for a fact that several of the chapters that were listed as being defunct (Modesto, Las Vegas, Inland Empire (high desert) just to name a few, are still very much in business.

    The 50,000-membership number I’m referring to comes from the Star’s published mailing, which was approximately 45,000 pieces. Those 45,000 mailings only represent one person per each mailing address, and do not take into consideration any multiple memberships per household. In reality, 50,000 may seem a bit conservative.

    Now lets be realistic, Star Touring isn’t for everyone. I don’t think that there is any organization that can truly boast a 100 % satisfaction rating from all of its members. Industry annalists tell us that an acceptable number for negatively fueled members in any organization can be as high as 10 %.

    The Star Touring & Riding Association recently celebrated its ten-year anniversary, which is quite an accomplishment for any company these days. Star Touring also has the distinction of being the “officially recognized rider’s association of the Star Motor Corporation (formerly Yamaha Motor Corporation USA).

    Want more evidence? Go to any of the IMS (International Motorcycle Shows) appearing across the USA. Star Touring’s kiosk is prominently featured alongside Star Motorcycles.

  6. Just to chime in about Star Touring's membership.

    It's automatic when you buy a new Star motorcycle. When I bought my Road Star, I was given a free one-year membership, which includes their newsletter. But, I didn't participate in the club, nor associate myself with a specific chapter. I didn't pay the renewal fee, because I already with another club.

    I think clubs like Star Touring and HOG get so many members because they are easier to find and join, than the smaller clubs, or clubs that require you to know someone to get in.

  7. Hey Anonymous
    First my name is bikenut not bikernut and I would like to hear from you what have you gotten from the man of Star for the past 10years?
    You do not get the so called newsletters on time and sometime you never get one and sometimes you don't even hear from the national office for a year. How is that new web site running that was announced about 2 years and 5 months ago and still not running. People stabbing other people in the back is not my cup of tea either.
    All you ever hear from the national office is they want the members to give them some information for the so called newsletters or for your time that you give up to help them run Star Days for free. People get sick of all that over and over each year. The man that runs Star ALAN is making a lot of money like 2.5 mil per year and could go out and pay someone to make a magazine that could be sent out each month but No he spends nothing to improve the club. All he wants is all the free things from the members and walks to the bank each day with a big old smile on his face.
    I got very sick of it and I was a president of a chapter for 3 years and was in the club for over 5 years.
    I worked the IMS in Chicago one year and yes they are with the Star motorcycles but so what.
    All I know is the the local Chapter here Chapter 126 Green Bay has folded and we had 48 people in that chapter and all said the same thing they was sick of all the promises that we never got.All of this also started with a stupid comment from The president of Star Touring Himself that and I quote " All you people from 126 are trouble makes"
    This is what was said to a member that went to Star days right from the man himself. That was not a very nice thing to hear after we all worked very hard to make him some money.
    I could keep going on here but I said enough. So don't try and make Star sound like they are the greatest thing out there. They are NOT and we have 48 people in Wisconsin that will back that up.
    I also wonder why so many people get so mad at us was they here the truth about Star. Could it be that they do not want to hear the truth?

  8. Bikenut,

    I can't begin to tell you how much I've gotten from over the past 8 years of Star membership. I've met people and have gone to places I've never been to before. I've got countless miles of smiles with my local chapter. We've bettered our community through charitible works. I've got drawers full of newletters and mailers from Star, all on time I might add. I've used their member discount card for hotels for a great savings during my travels. I've got quite a few discounts through their list of vendors, and yes, I even helped out at the local IMS. I guess you get what you put into it. It sure works for me and the hundreds of chapter members in our local area (Southern California). I don't hear anyone of them complaining.

  9. The reason you don,t hear any of your chapter members complaining is because they would end up like us.
    You sound like someone I us to know.Are you sure you are not Alan Cease . That may be why you do not use your name on your posts.
    I have not said one thing about the members because I agree that they are the best but I am talking about the top people running the club. If you got the newsletters on time you must be writing them and keep them to your self because no one else ever got them. I have everyone that was sent out and I have a total of 9 so that is under one per year when you are to get 4 per year and now I think is is down to two times a year.You can say what ever you want but I know different. I have been there and will not go back.
    I also hear that more and more people are getting letters sent to them from the moderators on the web site because National does not like ANY negative comments on the web site. The people are getting very sick of all the BS. If you can not give your oppion on a post what good is the web site.
    I know you will come back with a reply but I will not waste my time with this post anymore. All I can say is if you want to belong to a club that is run with all this BS and get NOTHING back from National then this is for you. I like the freedom of speech to much to give it up.
    Ok now you can reply with all the comments of how good Star is.

  10. Bikenut

    You obviously stepped on it really good and got the boot. What's wrong, didn't you get your way? And no, I'm not Alan Cease, just a another satisfied member.

    By the way, I don't see your name on any of your posts!

  11. 50,000 members????? Basing your membership on your magazine distribution is not how to count your memberships. Because I am sure you send magazines to dealerships, etc. Also there are numerous "former" members who are still getting the magazine. 50,000 may be your magazine distribution numbers but it has NOTHING to do with how many members of star there are.

    Now, Debi, Ron, Alan - go back to work. You've got a website you need to get working.

  12. Web site Ha ha ha ha
    You will never see it.
    Just one more thing they like to say and not live up to it.

  13. Hey Bikenut
    I just stumbled onto this forum as I was trying to find the starchapter 126 website. (it dissappeared) Wow am I ever supprised to find the club has folded. I was one of the charter members. I don't have your e-mail
    address around anymore and would like to chat with you about what some of the former members are upto knowadays. So if you could email me or give me a call here in
    Kewaunee it would be appreciated.
    I would also like to get Randy's
    email address as his former one no
    longer works. Thanks here's my
    address in case U forgot.

  14. For By Anonymous, 12/23/2006 07:25:00 PM

    You noted that folks got in a bind due to personal issues and a blind disregard for guidelines set forth by the organization.

    I disagree... the 2 biggest problems that I have pointed out are inconsistent application of the guidelines and an unwillingness to accept feedback. The guidelines are inconsistent, internally conflicted, and apply differently to different folks.

    This is the heart of the controversary. My Chapter submitted proposed changes to the Charter immediately upon receiving it, we received no response from National but were notified via phone by our National Director that our chapter 'license' had expired (about a month and a half sooner than it would have had we not questioned the contact we were signing. As far as my membership, the rules for a 'comp' membership (having been a Chapter president last year) were changed mid-stream.

    To Anonymous, 12/24/2006 12:27:00 AM

    You said "I saw the list that was compiled on the GMAKOOS website and it’s as inaccurate as can be."

    I compiled that list personally based on information that was currently displayed on the STAR website's Chapter listing. I have a hard copy and backup information as well.

    My observation was that quite a few Chapters were not listed on the website, and that they must have folded or were on some sort of probation.

    If you wanted to challenge my findings, why didn't you post on GMAKOOS? Fortunately, I found this blog and was able to respond to you here.

    I am hearing an increasing chorus of negative voices, and most of them have never been to the GMAKOOS site.

    We've met a lot of great folks in STAR, this is true of virtually any organization. We have no concerns with the majority of STAR (e.g., most members and Chapters). However, we do reserve the right to call a spade a spade.

    My Chapter has moved on, found an organization that is a much better fit for us, it's not a for-profit corporation, and it allows the Chapters much more autonomy.

    Feel free to drop in GMAKOOS on delphiforums anytime... folks who are straight up and have a sense of humor are welcomed!

  15. I find it interesting that the GMAKOOS folks have no problem identifying themselves, posting under real I.D.s and stating their concerns clearly and consisely. While the people who question the accuracy of information posted on GMAKOOS or this forum do so annonymously or under false identitys... Such as was pointed out on the GMAKOOS forums in the folder "Posers Exposed".

    We know who you are. And we find your antics amusing and entertaining. You should find your antics embarassing. For YOU are shedding a poor light on your own organization. Not us. All we've done is turn on the light so everyone can see.

    What are you saying in your private forums now??? At least our forum is public. We are willing to stand behind what we say and do it publicly so others can decide for themselves.


  17. Way back in 1999 a number of people were complaining about the fact that the newsletters were not being as regular as they should be. Many also didn't care for the new guidlines for having a charter, even though they may have existed for a while. It was basicly to sustain and protect the for profit business that is Star Touring.

    I made a series of posts on the forum of Star at that time, I asked only simple questions such as, Can the books be opened to the general membership so that they can see where the money is going and how it is being spent. (ABATE, and many other motorcycle related organizations do this at their monthly meetings, why was this a bad question?)

    I also asked, why, if a new rule was coming down that all charter presidents had to be elected every year, why not the national president. (this is when I found out the true nature of Star, not an actual RC but a for profit business)

    I also asked if it was ethical for the President to also be the treasurer which was the case at that time.

    I soon found myself locked out of the forum, on the phone with national and ultimately out of the group. The others in my chapter, hearing and seeing for themselves what was going on with myself, and a few of them, decided at that time to leave, all except one rather self serving person that was feeding info to national and became the new chapter president.

    In America, you are allowed to voice an opinion publicly, even protest. This does not seem to be the case where Star is concerned.

    Numbers are inflated by the automatic membership when buying a bike of a certain class from Yamaha. What strikes me as interesting is the fact that people who have been kicked out or left when buying a new bike of that class from Yamaha are not allowed to join. The price of that membership being built into the bike, they can not get a refund either, and Yamaha will defend their position as NOT AFFILATED WITH STAR and that they can do nothing about anything having to do with Star. Wonder why I switched to Harley, each dealership there has full responsiblity for their HOG chapters and help folks work things out.

    From my observations of how I was handled, how others have been handled, and recently visiting the GMAKOOS Star site I was both surprised and sadded to see that nothing had changed since 1999, that in fact, there have been more changes in some area's and the same ole gag and shut up the disenters rather than work on the issues.

    While like it is said that there are many good people that are Star members, there are also a certain number of sheep in any segment of life, and they seem to have their share of those that will follow the herd just in order to have that sense of belonging.

    What I find most interesting, is the same people who find fault with GMAKOOS would loudly complain themselves about any other defective product. I have to wonder why it is so many Star people visit the GMAKOOS forum, reading, copying what is written, but never posting. And, what would make them create false names in order to do so? Even here they post under annonymous rather than their online screen names or actual names. One must wonder exactly why it is they are afraid of being identified.

  18. Ya know, When people that run a chapter come to you and say, "Dave, why don't you start your own Club?". That tells me something.

    The President of the Chapter that I started told me that along with his Sergeant at Arms.

    You see, they would not have their little breakfast club now if it weren't for me, yea, I was a Charter Member of 260.

    They do not realize that. So....after a hiatus of a couple years, I went back to the chapter. What a big mistake.

    No open book policies, if you ask a question, be prepared to get lied to and accept it, or challenge it and get hostility in return from the little girl that is the guy that is the guys girl in which the guy is the President.

    Ask about the money in the chapter, and you get told, "We don't talk about that", right PEARL? AM I RIGHT? yea, YOU SAID THAT!

    Ask about a chapter specific event, and get told, "We will think about it after another cup of my head up my ass."

    RATS is run from the top down like this.

    Yea, I started Chapter 260, Started Remembrance Wall, Created the Memorial Pin, and Created the Memorial Bell, I was the first Remembrance Officer.

    They cannot stand it if it isn't their idea.

    Narrow-minded. Self-Centered. STAR. That is what it is all about.

    Sign my name....Sure.
    David Lupton

  19. LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT STAR I GOT SUSPENDED FOR A VIDEO AND FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND A SURVEY OFF THE FORUM. I GOT SUSPENDED FROM EVERTHING AFTER I BUT A PICTURE OF ME AND NIKKI than ron have the nerve said i could come back but i could not be on the forum at all. they must be hurting for is not a big happy family as they want you to believe

  20. All I am going to say on this matter is that Star Touring & riding let me down, and I am Glad there is GMAKOOS.. When I first quit Star Touring & riding, because they wanted me to act like a little kid, and not be myself, I thought I was the only one.. Then I met the guys and gals at GMAKOOS and found out I wasn't the only one.. I was suspended because I gave my opinion.. Then I heard a bunch of crap from the chapter Pres. because I went on the forum in the first place, and I shouldn't go there again because there a bunch of idiots there, and all you'll get is problems... When I served my suspension, I went back, and was reprimanded for posting my Star Parts & Trade Forum on there site. All this site is, is a place to go and swap your Star parts for your bike, not a porn site, or an add for Honda??? I couldn't believe it! the Pres was right! LOL
    Then the chapter let me down on a Memorial ride, I was working my as* off for my daughter that passed away.. You can have you Star Touring & Riding Club, because I don't want anything to do with it, I don't need it, thanks to the Southern Cruisers, and last but not least, all of you Star Supporters with get it one day, and then GMAKOOS will be there for you to! LMAO!!!

  21. Just as an update, GMAKOOS is now over a year old and is going strong.

    In contrast to "Ten or so negative voices", GMAKOOS has over 1,700 members who have made over 27,400 visits to the site, and made over 19,400 posts.

    The experiences cited within GMAKOOS in the early days have been affirmed by folks who were involved in STAR ten years ago, and recent events bear witness the the fact that things haven't changed within the organization.

  22. Exampel of inconsistant application of the charter and bilaws

    I have received the letter of intent to re-charter, to be given to the new Preisdent after the election.

    To answer a few of the many questions I have got in email and phone calls. The Vote will be Yes, or no. A yes vote will be for the President/VP team of Dick Young and Barry Burdett, a no vote will be to not elect the team. new president must win by a majority ( even if the only nomination). Regardless of the vote, the chapter will continue. A no vote does not mean the chapter will fold. National can make all kinds of waivers, it's their company.

    The Feed The Children account will NOT disappear. The account was established in my name, long before most of the current members, and we know Shauna Jones from that organization. Along with the fact that Jody and I will still be State Directors regardless of the vote.

    At the election you will need the Membership card from Star, or a printout from the start page on National showing your expiration date. Only members of Star, and the chapter will be eligable to vote.
    After the election, all materials from the chapter will be handed over to the new team, along with the letter to the incoming team. If there is no majority, we will schedule another meeting for three weeks from that date.

    I hope this has addressed all the concerns.
    BobCatBob 291 President 2007
    MA State Director

  23. My comments are to Anonymous, who posted on 12/29/2006 at 11:03:00 AM.

    "I can't begin to tell you how much I've gotten from over the past 8 years of Star membership."

    My wife Joyce and I were members for close to 5 years, and we got a lot out of the people that we met. You can find good people anywhere.

    "I've met people and have gone to places I've never been to before. I've got countless miles of smiles with my local chapter. We've bettered our community through charitible works."

    Yep, that happened as a result of riding with our Chapter and our friends. That would have likely happened whether we were members of STAR, HOG, ROK, the CMA, or ISRA.

    "I've got drawers full of newletters and mailers from Star, all on time I might add."

    I can't really vouch for that... my experience was that the quarterly magazine was delivered more and more infrequently, and the content eventually appeared to be largely a printing of postings from the STAR forum.

    "I've used their member discount card for hotels for a great savings during my travels. I've got quite a few discounts through their list of vendors..."

    The member discounts seemed pretty commensurate with the other discounts that I'm eligible for, and I don't need to be a STAR member to receive discounts from the local dealer who I purchased 2 bikes from, or from our sponsoring dealer.

    "...and yes, I even helped out at the local IMS. I guess you get what you put into it."

    Hmmm.... we helped out at the local IMS. We supported other Chapter Charter signings... participated in the IronAZZ rides... we were among the top 10 STAR chapters in Feed The Children donations... we hosted STAR folks who traveled in from all over to participate in Rolling Thunder... coordinated escorts for the Gold Star Mothers... supported Rolling Thunder's POW/MIA Remembrance Ceremony... coordinated STAR parking at the Pentagon parking lot for STAR, brought a Feed The Children truck into town for a local charity... I was on the STAR Veteran's Council, my wife and I received the Order of the STAR for our efforts during the Memorial Day weekend... we were both Chapter Officers (she was Chapter Secretary and I was STAR Vet Rep, Vice President, and President). We arranged a new loaner bike for the National STAR Vet Chair to ride during Rolling Thunder, and arranged a new loaner bike for Alan and Ginger Cease to ride in Rolling Thunder the following year.

    "It sure works for me and the hundreds of chapter members in our local area (Southern California). I don't hear anyone of them complaining."

    It worked for me until the honor and integrity of my friend was impugned, and implications were made that he lied about his service in Vietnam. Given a choice between supporting the integrity of a dear friend who I supported as Vice President (he was the President at the time), and the administrative acumen of an organization that confuses Frederick, MD with Fredericksburg, VA, and that can't satisfactorily provide the correct size rockers or keep track of who the current Chapter president is, the credibility test is pretty straightforward to me.

    A common theme has always been efforts to exert inappropriate levels of control over members - I've seen members placed on secret probation for making posts on other public forums that didn't concern STAR at all, and in which they didn't identify themselves as STAR members or cite their positions in STAR.

    Our Chapter Charter was pulled because we asked questions about the document, we've since affiliated with another organization (a non-profit riding club) that is far less concerned with control and with raising money for the parent corporation.

    During our first year of operation without the benefit of STAR's "help", we've raised more money for charity than ever before, seen our membership continue to grow steadily, and have been invited by the USO, local charities, and the local Head Start program to support their special events. Joyce and I are MSF instructors, and we've increased the emphasis on ride safety. We've logged an accident-free year, which is a far cry from how the Chapter rode under a previous regieme, and actually had a fatality on one ride.

    We put a lot into everything that we do. We do what we do because of who we are, and that is not defined by the purchased backpatch that contains a modified Seattle Seahawks logo.

    You may be wondering why we don't let it go? After all, my friend was disrespected over a year ago, the inane demands made of the State Director for reporting (e.g., copies of ALL Chapter correspondence - sorry, you ain't gettin' my private emails, you ain't gettin' our website administrator passwords and you already had passwords to the member's area but never used it as far as I can tell), refusal to even respond to our concerns about the Charter, then changing the rules concerning my comp membership (for last year's service as President) so that I could be KOOSed (Kicked Out Of STAR).

    It's all been a riot, and now that we aren't members, we are completely free to tell our story - it's not slander or libel if it's factual and can be proven - and we have all of the evidence.

    We have seen numerous STAR members making posts at GMAKOOS under false pretenses, and have exposed a few. You can read all about it in the "Posers Exposed" folder.

    We still have STAR members lurking and pulling information from the forum, then threatening folks who have made posts.

    So... I'm just reporting the news.

    Jim McLeod
    aka Ol' Dirtbeard

    Former STAR Chapter 127
    - Webmaster
    - STAR Vet Rep
    - Vice President
    - President

    - Order of the STAR, 2004
    - IWMAOFS (I Worked My Ass Off For STAR), 2004
    - Member, STAR Vets Council
    - Coordinator, Metro DC Area

    Anonymous? Hell no, I ain't anonymous.

  24. After all, my friend was disrespected over a year ago, the inane demands made of the State Director for reporting (e.g., copies of ALL Chapter correspondence - sorry, you ain't gettin' my private emails, you ain't gettin' our website administrator passwords and you already had passwords to the member's area but never used it as far as I can tell), refusal to even respond to our concerns about the Charter, then changing the rules concerning my comp membership (for last year's service as President) so that I could be KOOSed (Kicked Out Of STAR).

    Maybe not anonymous, but you certainly aren't telling the truth.

  25. Dear Anonymous who posted at 1/02/2008 11:07:00 AM...

    It appears that you subscribe to a different version of events than I have documented.

    I have emails, copies of certified correspondence, and the word of former National Officers.

    Perhaps you are short of a few facts, in which case I recommend that you conduct your research and identify yourself before you accuse me of not being truthful.

    Perhaps you're just smarting because STAR has once again fallen out of favor with the Arizona Corporation Commission because of yet again failing to submit their annual report properly (despite my reminder). This information is publicly available according to the laws of Arizona.

    At the end of the day, it becomes a question of credibility - and I have noted, on numerous occasions, who I find credible, and who I do not.

  26. Once again, some "anonymous" Rat doesn't have the testicular fortitude to put their name by their comment.

    Sign me "Legs"

  27. WOW! After reading all this all I can say is that Star Touring and Riding needs a new PR guy. You're failing miserably Vinnie, and it's nice to see your ego and head up your ass attitude hasn't changed! Who's acting childish now? You can't get your way or someone doesn't agree with your perception so you start saying that they aren't telling the truth which is basically calling them a liar. If you've got an alternate version or documents, then show it.

    Yeah, I can be Anonymous too! But the difference tween me and you is that I am happily not a rat and don't have to hide behind a bought backpatch to ride or badge and title that no one cares about to feel like I am somebody.

  28. What now, Anonymous? Got no proof? I see you're like the rest of them rats... all talk and no substance. Except... you're so pathetic that you don't even qualify for "Rat" status... you're just a lowly little scared mouse. Shooting blanks.

    No balls.

    Typical response from the same ol' people. Spouting off at the mouth with no real facts.

    Interestingly, those here who have the cajones to post their names also post the facts. (Yeah I have cajones too! I took 'em from my ex-husband in the divorce settlement).

    You're pathetic.

    You're sleezy.

    God you probably lived with your mama till you were 30 eh?

    Put on your big girl panties and be a man!

    All joking aside, put up or shut up.

  29. You guys should take your differences before your local COC!

    HA HA HA

  30. I didn't really get my ass kicked out of *, just wasn't impressed with it. Of course, the fact that there are no * Chapters within 300 miles didn't help any. BUT, there was no correspondence to me from ANY one from *, especially after sending E-Mails to as many on the list as I could find. Then there was the "Magazine" that came a few times. And few, if any benifits. The * organization could use quite a few lessons from "Honda Riders Club of America" to see how it's done right.

  31. It's funny how the only one who appears to be supporting the Star org is always anonymous could it be they are an employee asked to blog only good things. I got a star membership when I bought my R* and never kept it since the closest club was 40 miles away. Never get calanders anymore even though I bought a new Raider. If you can't keep up with support for the folks who buy your products you won't last take it from the Harley folks even with substandard products the club atmosphere is really the only thing they have going and it's working...

  32. I think the whole concept of GMAKOOS is rather pedestrian. The title acomplishes nothing more than highlight the fact that the former Star members are hurt by the disassociation.

    In short, the GMAKOOS screams "lack-of-confidence".

    Rename your club, start new, and stand proud. It's that simple.

  33. Roger,

    First of all, nice to see someone post their name who has an opposing view.

    Secondly, GMAKOOS is not a club. Its the name of a forum. Its members are made of folks who use to belong to a particular riding association, as well as folks who have never been members of that organization.

    The members of GMAKOOS that once belonged to Star belong to an assortment of riding clubs.

    GMAKOOS does not have rides or meetings. We simply get on the forum and discuss lots of things (very rarely do we even mention a "certain riding association" unless they come on our forum and start poking the hive, then we have a tendency to respond.)

    The name "GMAKOOS" was actually a sort of "parody" of "IWMAOFS" which was an award most of us earned before getting kicked out or leaving on our own accord.

    If you would like to know more I would encourage to stop by gmakoos, request access and find out for yourself.

  34. Ah, RogerD, I disagree.

    You see, STAR is a business, and as paying members, we were customers. Why is it that folks who would be the first to raise hell about a defective product or business practice seek to squelch complaints about this particular business?

    And, GMAKOOS is not a club, never has been. You might learn something if you actually read the Start page.

    Hurt by the disassociation? Actually, I think it is refreshing to be free of the controls and nepotism. However, I do take umbrage when my friends and I are accused of lying (as has happened on this very thread).

    We simply state the facts as we see them, the reaction that we receive implies that the "lack-of-confidence" label might more properly be applied elsewhere.

    Roger, I am proud that we live in a free country, where we have the freedom of speech, and we can both express our respective opinions. This is our right as Americans. I appreciate your right to express your opinion, in return I expect you to respect our right to express ours.

  35. Oh, I don't know Roger D,

    I think that paying $48 a year to a group that isn't even a true Star/Yamaha M/C organization but rather is just one of the many sponsored Star/Yamaha M/C organizations is rather pedestrian.

    Star Touring doesn't own the market on being the only ones helping communities or by being a non bar to bar hopping group. Rather, you pay to be told who your friends can be, who to associate with, what you can wear, and what you can think. Bunch of wanna be posers trying to be bikers. It's that simple.

  36. I don't see what y'all so upset with them Star folks for... they seem to have lots of fun! Like that chapter 345 their women like to drink beer and talk a little trash!

  37. Awww that didn't work. Trying a gain heres the address

  38. Recently have seen on more than one occaision Star folks wearing their bottom rocker well off their logo patch, making it almost looks like a hmmmm, territory claim. I guess the days of Riding Clubs flying under the real deal are over. The new, "I'll wear what I want when I want" mentality seems to be rapant.

    Someone suggested bringing differences to the CoC. LAMO, well, I imagine we get to many groups of Riding Club folks wearing territory rockers thats exactly where their officers will end up. Explaining to the CoC why the little fish decided to come swim in the big fish pond.


  39. WJ - you are right and many are observing the tale of what you speak. Don't matter, the bill will still come due.

    I guess by causing all this hoopla, it makes 'em feel more like the big dogs? ya think?

  40. wow, nice to see you all again.

  41. Hi my name is John;

    I wrote the following in response to another blog comment some of which appears here.

    I know many people who would lay it all down for their friends in the Brotherhood of their choice whether it is a MC, or as you put it RC, or just hanging out together.

    I have gone to bat for many people in my life, biker, or otherwise, I have been riding for 37 years, mostly Harleys, I have seen many people have their attitude adjusted in that time, funny thing I haven’t had to have my attitude adjusted because I understand my limits, and respect what others have subscribed to in life, whether they ride a motorcycle or not.

    I lived in New York (Da Bronx), and trust me there a lot of people who could care less about a patch, any patch they would turn you for anything and a patch will not stop them as a matter of fact a patch makes you a target in many neighborhoods (Hoods), but disrespect was the quickest way to earn a beating.

    Again if you know your limits and understand respect you will probably fare well, no guaranties.

    I belong to STAR, our chapter and many of the chapters we associate with do a lot of good for different charities. Our membership gives us visibility.

    We wear our patches the way they are meant to be worn, we claim no territory. The location on the bottom rocker is meant to signify where we are from to other chapters and nothing more. To make more of the STAR bottom rocker then that is an injustice to a lot of people with good intentions for the most part. Our membership gives us visibility.

    I can’t speak for other chapters, or their members, but I know I put down roughly 20K+ miles a year on a motorcycle, and many of the other members do the same thing, or more, and yes many don’t they do the 100 mile lunch run and what’s wrong with that. I suppose it is better than BAR hopping.

    I have meet other STAR members in NC, VA, PA, TN, VM, CT, NH, RI, CT, MA, and Canada, and I haven’t run up against what has been described here about STAR members. Other then the fact STAR member’s ride motorcycles they are harmless to others. Beating the life out of a STAR member would be much like beating any good natured person for no good reason, it would be wrong.

    Your right about the patch does not make the man, you have to be a man first. I believe that Brotherhood should be about helping each other and if you’re not man enough to understand that then you can not belong to any brotherhood, MC, RC, or otherwise.

    Dictionary definition;
    Brotherhood “1 : the quality or state of being brothers 2 : FELLOWSHIP , ALLIANCE 3 : an association (as a labor union or monastic society) for a particular purpose 4 : the whole body of persons engaged in a business or profession”.

    What many don’t get is the difference between 1%’ers, and 99%’ers. Yes if you are posing at anything in life someone will take you down a peg for it, and it doesn’t have to have motorcycles in the equation.

    Even many clubs that are 1%’ers say they have their wild ones and that they stand behind them as any Brotherhood should, but they are in a motorcycle club and what they belong to is just that a motorcycle club. I have no illusions about this, I understand what they mean, and respect the power in their words.

    You mentioned an old Biker who had taught you about the meaning of patches and manhood, well I was taught on the streets of New York, you don’t F#CK ME I WON’T F#CK WITH YOU, YOU F#CK WITH ME I WILL KILL YOU. That is a pretty strong statement, but if you can understand it you will do all right with most people.

    I have traveled many places in this great country and run into many people who in the right wrong circumstances could have hurt, or killed me, patch holders, or not, but again I knew my place and understand respect, not cowardness, respect.

    As for your comments about dress up, that is a matter of perspective, many Police officers would say all bikers (motorcyclist) are playing dress up, and that the Police are the biggest club/gang in the USA/World.

    They have weapons, motorcycles, aircraft, boats, communications…etc. I know many will say if you took their badges away from them what would they be?

    Well what would someone be if their patch/badge was taken from them?

    There are plenty of examples on both sides of that table; they would be people with no brotherhood, exiles doomed to the wrath of their former Brotherhood.

    If you knew/know of members of STAR that were acting improperly by wearing the bottom rocker not as it is/was suppose to be displayed by being flush with the club patch you could/can say something about it or contacted STAR though the website. Granted you have a point about the selection of members is liberal, but our chapter has told people who didn’t fit they were not welcome.

    No one is looking for trouble, and backing down from it is any individual’s choice, I for one would not if I saw a friend being wronged whether they are in a club or not, rode a motorcycle or not.

    Yea it is about Brotherhood and many don’t get it when they are with STAR, or any other organization, and we live our life’s as we choose and it just happens we ride motorcycles also, so what is wrong with that.

    There are too many people trying to take away what we hold dear to us every day so let’s not make a target out of some people just trying to get through another day so they can go home to the ones they love, and enjoy what comfort they find in any Brotherhood.

    If you don’t want to belong to STAR, or any other group, don’t wait to be kicked out, quit, it is your right as an American, is that so hard to understand. That doesn’t make you a bad person, it just means it wasn’t right for you.

    Most of the members of our chapter are Veterans’, many combat Veteran’s at that, we understand respect; we live it every day of our lives though trying to help others.

    Why paint a group of people with a bad image when for the most part they are just trying to enjoy life, have a little fun, and help others.
    102408 at 20:50EDT

  42. Hi John

    (Gee... it's sounding like an AA meeting... "My name is...")

    You'd commented that "I have meet other STAR members in NC, VA, PA, TN, VM, CT, NH, RI, CT, MA, and Canada, and I haven’t run up against what has been described here about STAR members" and I'm curious, exactly which "what has been described" are you referring to?

    This article and subsequent comments contains reference to satire, poking fun, the dissolution of chapters, newsletter delivery, disrespectful comments from the International President of STAR, unfounded censorship on the forum, inconsistent application of the organization's guidelines, an unwillingness to accept feedback, disclosure of the organization's finances and operations, and being accused of lying when we describe what has happened to us.

    The most common theme that I see in the concerns above tends to reflect on the head shed, not the individual membership. Still, you noted "If you knew/know of members of STAR that were acting improperly by wearing the bottom rocker not as it is/was suppose to be displayed by being flush with the club patch you could/can say something about it or contacted STAR though the website." All that we have found while attempting to address our concerns was a refusal to accept responsibility and a deflection of blame.

    You also noted that "No one is looking for trouble, and backing down from it is any individual’s choice, I for one would not if I saw a friend being wronged whether they are in a club or not, rode a motorcycle or not."

    I've seen friends wronged - and I've not backed down. After seeing my chapter's charter rescinded for suggesting changes to the document (and requesting feedback in writing in a timely fashion so we could work the concerns before the charter expired), we were summarily dismissed. My wife and I saw our membership rescinded because we were supporting exactly the same events that we received the Order of the STAR for in 2004. Most amazingly, I saw my work plagiarized and used on their national and chapter websites after my membership was terminated (by a unilateral change to an implied contract).

    You state "If you don’t want to belong to STAR, or any other group, don’t wait to be kicked out, quit, it is your right as an American, is that so hard to understand." That's interesting... our honest intent in providing suggestions concerning the charter was to provide constructive feedback in an effort to repair the damage we'd seen evidence of, rather than saying "the hell with it" and walking away. We made a good faith effort that was not respected or well received.

    "Why paint a group of people with a bad image when for the most part they are just trying to enjoy life, have a little fun, and help others." We don't have to paint a bad image - we're just recounting our experiences. The truth is its own defense. The fact that a few STAR folk choose to make fools of themselves in public - well, I can't fix that.

    Being a fool isn't much of an excuse if you disrespect someone else, though. And I've seen plenty of that.

  43. John

    Thank you for adding more fuel to the fire and not letting this thread die. This topic seems to be talked about on alot of forums these days so there must be something to what people are saying is happening within the walls of Star Touring.

    You're right, it is our right as Americans to be able to join or quit any organization that may not be what we are looking for or led to believe that it was about. That's why I will never join Star Touring for it limits what you can and cannot do, say, and wear.

    You and your chapter members being Veterans is a worthy honor but the organization you are defending in your post is well known for it's views,actions, and disrespect towards our Veterans and those fighting today for the freedom of you and I posting what and how we feel. One example; the wearing of the PGR patch on a Star vest.

    Another example; why does Star feel the need to hide their website and views from others? Heard many stories of over moderation for just mentioning a problem with your bike or of a faulty product from one of their sponsoring vendors and having the post taken off. Why? What is Star afraid of?

    Having also met and attended Star events in the states you named, I have seen the members and leaders of Star Touring acting like fools, getting drunk and trashing things, disrepecting others views, and many other things. Attended Star events at rallies such as Daytona and Laughlin and have to wonder why the Stars congregate outside and away from the rest of those attending. Is it that they do not want us to see how they really are? Do they feel better than the rest of us?

    The only difference I see between you Star people and the rest of us who also love motorcycles and having fun is that we don't hide behind a patch and being a family organization or club. Having a Teen section on your website or allowing babies and strollers at your events does not make you a family group. No, there is nothing family about Star Touring and Riding.

    Having also attended Star events we are told it is open to all brands but the truth is that there is the mentality of if you do not ride a Star motorcycle or belong to Star then you are beneath them. And then hearing and reading of Stars bashing other groups that are of one brand only. Talk about hypocritical.

    We just like to ride and have fun also but it is you Stars who are looking down and condescending upon us. What makes any of you any better than us?

    Take away Yamaha paying for new members with the purchase of a qualifying bike and there are not many paying members left after you take away all the free memberships for Presidents and Directors.

    Star Touring is not for everyone and seems to be the best choice for you so enjoy it but I hope you wake up and see the truth of your organization before you find out the truth of your organization the hard way. Naiveness and turning a blind eye on things that are really going on are not very admirable qualities.

    It's not just a few bad apples in Star Touring setting a bad example for us but many.

  44. LOL

    I love it. Those damn Stars just can't leave well enough alone.

    They keep stirring the pot.

  45. Star Touring is only scared of one thing-that the money might stop coming in.

    As long as the dollars flow from new motorcycle sales, they will be in business.

    I wonder if they are helping or hurting Yamaha sales. I know a few folks (including myself) who have decided to stop buying Yamahas and have moved to other brands, including Harley because they don't want to support Star Touring anymore.

  46. Let me see if I have this straight. Yamaha doesn't have it's own chapters like HD has Hog, Kawasaki has ROK, and Honda has it's own. Instead, it sponsors Star Touring which is owned by Alan Cease. Yamaha then gives money for each qualified bike sale for a one year membership to Alan to which he decides if the buyer is qualified to be in Star Touring or not. Have to give Alan a lil' credit. For one is how stupid Bob Starr and Yamaha must be to side and sponsor with him, and two, Alan sure knew how open his market for gullible sheep were and is making a fortune off them. I will never buy another bike from Yamaha as long as they have anything to do with Star Touring or anyone who sponsors them. Thankfully there are many other and better groups to belong to and for the guy and his kiosk, next time I can't walk in and just look at the bikes as I can at every other brand and instead have to be harassed and pursued and badgered into joining Star Touring I won't be so nice to you this year. You're embarrassing Star Touring, and I'm surprised and shocked that Yamaha would put up your actions which also embarrasses them in others eyes.

  47. To Anonymous, who posted on 11/19/2008 06:39:00 AM:

    I'm not sure what you have straight, actually. You noted that "Yamaha doesn't have it's own chapters like HD has Hog, Kawasaki has ROK, and Honda has it's own."

    Yamaha sponsors a few organizations... Star Touring claims to be the "Official Riding Organization of Star Motorcycles", but the Star Motorcycles (accessible from the Yamaha USA site) website has a link called "Rider Resources". If you click it, you will see not only Star Touring, but the V-Max Owners Club. Clicking either results in a disclaimer that states that you are entering an independent site and that Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA, is not responsible for any content, etc, on the other site. So the relationship is not quite what some would have you believe.

    Take a look at Yamaha of Canada, and you won't see Star Touring mentioned at all, although you do see the V-Max Owner's Club (again), and Yamaha of Canada has proven to be very supportive of ISRA (whis has it's own history).

    I don't know many details about how ROK works (other than the fact that they're apparently not brand-specific), but I do know that HOG is completely owned by Harley (in a really brilliant marketing move, they've tightly integrated the social aspect of riding with brand loyalty and center the activity at the dealers).

    Anyway, as far as embarassing Star Touring, well, they have managed to do that quite nicely all by themselves. I've actually attempted to help Yamaha USA to avoid embarassment by bring some unsavory practices to light; however, I cannot take responsibility for business decisions made by Yamaha. Last time I checked, though, we still have the right to express our point of view.

    And that's why we're here!

  48. Star claims to be "the official riding organization" of Star Motorcycles. Yet Star Motorcycles indicates that you are going to an "independent site" when you click on Star Touring's link. But the bottom line is Yamaha pays Alan Cease every time you buy a qualifying motorcycle. So even if Star Motorcycles doesn't support Star Touring's claim to be an official sponsor, they still are putting money in Alan Ceases pocket and for THAT, I will never spend another dime with Yamaha.

  49. This is funny as hell. One little Star comes in here and posts something and look at all the negativity it generates towards Yamaha and Star Touring. You'd think Alan and Bob Starr would shut their minions up. I hope they don't though. This is so entertaining.

  50. From John,
    Season’s Greetings everyone,

    I previously posted some comments taking into account some of the negative positions other’s had posted.

    I do not know of who the people are that are discussed followed my posting, nor do I want to know of the particulars of the Star organization that have been mentioned.

    I have a Yamaha, three Harleys, and a Triumph. We have many members, who own non-Yamaha bikes, and no one has had a problem with Star over this fact, Hell even our officers own a HD in addition to their Yamahas. I know the Star bylaws say a standing officer of the club has to own/ride a Yamaha, and that is fine.

    Ya know I can’t think of an organization that doesn’t have some sort of rules/bylaws, can you?

    I kept my comments to limited to the points related to the issue about patches, respect, and freedom, or so I thought, but there are some deep thinkers out there it appears that could take apart any point of view in an effort to move their own agenda forward (Large, small, or smaller…etc) I feel sorry for them.

    Time to get a life.

    Reminds me of my ex-wife’s rants, talk about someone that could disagree with you even when you took her side, and then add on top of that to the confusion created by pushing her own agenda.

    I see that some of you took a point for point position of dissecting my comments, bravo to you, you can read, no comprehension level, but you can read, someone must be very proud of you; I know I am not one of those that would be.

    It seems you are looking for someone to argue with, hey that’s fine, but I think you should go back and re-read what I wrote. I am not taking sides; I am speaking only from my own experiences. You may think there is a naïveté to what I wrote, but I assure you there isn’t. I try to avoid the minutia of people who have a cause that serves their own pathetic purposes.

    It seems that some of the writers should ride more and type less, they are feeding their own insecurities, and possible paranoia’s.

    There is an old saying; if you put two people together sooner or later there will be an augment. Listen PAM (Piss And Moaner) it’s your life and you are going to waste it by devoting this much time to this argument instead of putting a roof over your head, and food on the table, or riding then you got a bigger problem than any organization you feel might have slighted you.

    Hey I have an idea, if you are looking for some form of spiritual fulfillment go to a house of worship of your choice, or as my Father use to say go out in the yard look up at the sky and just think. It seems to me neither of these will help you, because you are so wrapped up in your own agenda.

    As for your part about the Vets portion of the club, and the Patriot guard patch, I am a Combat Veteran and while I support all other Veterans to do as they feel within the limits of the law and constitution, I feel no need to wear such symbols of my past, or my present and ongoing support of all Veterans. I suppose there are those who are not Veterans that have varying opinions about us that did serve, and however we choose to honor the memories of friends and acquaintances who were/are not as fortunate as us that fully enjoy the freedoms this country affords us, yes and that includes riding a motorcycle or joining any organization of our choice. On that note if you are not a Veteran maybe you should shut the fuck up, and if you are Veteran you probably should shut the fuck up also.

    If you remember I went to some length to explain the difference between respect and disrespect at a street level perspective. Many of you self-absorbed loser didn’t seem to get it.

    The entries before my posting 10/24/2008 07:51:00 PM seem to be consumed with ragging on anything but the writers own short comings that lead to their disenfranchisement with Star, maybe your ideas weren’t as good as you thought, maybe they just out and out sucked!!! This is what I refer to with my comments regarding “You'd commented that "I have meet other STAR members in NC, VA, PA, TN, VM, CT, NH, RI, CT, MA, and Canada, and I haven’t run up against what has been described here about STAR members" and I'm curious, exactly which "what has been described" are you referring to?” At least the people I met in these places were riding and having a good time.

    As far as the comment about sounds like an “AA meeting” Ol’ Dirtbeard do you use “Gee” before or after you suck the shit out of someone’s asshole, because that is how I am guessing you got that nick name.

    You have earned my disrespect, see the trend “Ol’ Dirtbeard/Asshole”.

    I am not going to check out this web-site any longer, originally I made some even handed comments, didn’t point any fingers, didn’t want to bend anyone, waited a couple of months to see what response would be posted, but sad to say most of them are still pathetic rants of some losers that probably can’t fit in anywhere.

    Hey I have one last idea , why not change your name to something more memorable like PAMALA (Piss And Moan Artist Losers All).

  51. Dear John

    You wrote:
    It seems that some of the writers should ride more and type less, they are feeding their own insecurities, and possible paranoia’s.

    I just want to make two points

    First,this "document" (and it is a document that was obviously typed in another program - word or email - thus the weird characters)and appears to be a collaborative "work".

    And secondly, for someone who is advising someone else to ride more and type less.... your pathetic reponse was over 5000 characters... 943 words!

    Which doesn't address any of the point. Vin... Slobcat... try again.

  52. Bobcat... you suggest that we "go to church" on the one hand and then tell us to shut the fuck in the next sentence. Son, you need help.

    Yeah I recognize your pathetic agenda. Same old song and dance.

  53. To "John" (yeah right.... )

    You showed real class there when you wrote:

    As far as the comment about sounds like an “AA meeting” Ol’ Dirtbeard do you use “Gee” before or after you suck the shit out of someone’s asshole, because that is how I am guessing you got that nick name.

    Alan Cease and Bob Starr must be so proud!

    whats with all the symbols? Can't even try to figure out what the heck you were trying to say.

  54. To Anonymous John

    Now, that right there's funny, I don't care who ya are!

    Thanks for the best laugh I've had all day.

  55. Sounds like somebody got a little touchy about Dirtbeards "AA" comment. Now who do we know thats on the wagon?

  56. The best part about GMAKOOS is you can print what your experiences with STAR really are without being gagged, suspended or put on "double secret probation" by people who REALLY have nothing else to do and rarely contribute to the group otherwise. You'll find people on the GMAKOOS forum who at one time or another were all awarded some of STARs most prestigious awards for their participation in various events and promoting the sport as indicated in STARs mission statement. I know for an absolute fact at least five of the people on the GMAKOOS page were awarded the "Order of the STAR" That award is second only to The "Shining Star Award" which carries a life time membership benefit. Only one member of STARs alleged 50,000 members is awarded that distinction each year and wouldn't you know it? GMAKOOS has one of them guys also. Not to mention a bucket of awards from other organizations these former STAR members have received for helping to infuse a positive motorcycle enthusiasm into their organizations. There is more to it then just some disgruntled former members griping about the tardy delivery of calendars.There seems to be some kind of paranoia that has developed in STAR that requires culling groups of members who are actually capable of getting more done in the name of charity, Veterans or fellow club members then just patting each other on the back. All one needs to do is to look at their STAR Veterans faction which at one time was clearly the most visible and highly mobile groups under their roof. As soon as the Veterans began talking about generating funds specifically for the benefit of Veterans and their families the organization began a campaign of gagging and red tape that pretty much took the bite out of the group. The STAR Vets forum is all but dead now. What a great way to honor fellow veterans and the service personnel who gave so much so we could enjoy the things we do, such as "Freedom of Speech" just to name one right off the top of my head.

    Still doing what I used to do, just not doing it for them anymore.....:)

  57. Hey "John"

    Like to thank you also for the good laughs I had reading your entertaining but "yawn" pathetic reply. I think the name "PAMALA" is better suited for you and your Star Touring organization. They like blind sheep and you fit in perfectly.

    Such classy answers coming from a Star Touring and Riding member. No wonder you guys are getting your asses kicked these days.

  58. good gawd,

    can't you all just let it go? life is too short for this kind of crap.

    go your own way.

    smile and be happy

  59. I find it funny that there are so many people that are not able to see the truth. I was a office of a Star chapter and got tired of all the BS in Star. Star has there members dual member so they can have the number to start a chapter like Lodi,So Stockton, Yuba City and I can go on naming more. Star numbers are BS even I am listed as a member of Star. I woundn't belong to a organazation that steals from it members under fasle pretenses. If you want the truth look at the Star Family Fund foundation finanical tax filing under Alan wife name in AZ and how much money they keep. Star does have great people in it but is lead by AssHoles.

  60. The Star Family Foundation's annual reports can be seen at

    They handed out $3700 the first year after taking in over $15000, and handed out just over $14000 the second year after taking in over $21000.

    That works out to just under 50 cents of aid for every dollar donated.

  61. Interesting... I see that some posts (notably "John's" are being edited).

  62. Wow, this just in. Want to know where your Star Family Foundation Monies are going?

    Check out the Cease's new pet project here:

    Please note the SFF logo at the top of the travel agency website. So does this mean SFF is paying advertising dollars to the Cease's new little venture? I don't know but it looks pretty interesting if you ask me.

    Here is more info on this travel scheme

  63. Speaking of the STAR Family Foundation, it's interesting to see that the Foundation is participating in a MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) scheme called YTB (Your Travel Business).

    Here's the page:

  64. Lookie here at the advertising SFF is doing on a travel website, but wait - do a little research and you'll see that the Ceases are members of the YTB Travel Network. Sooooo let me understand, is SFF paying the Ceases travel agency business for advertising?

    ooopsie - here is another:

    Here's another Star connection to YTB - check out the minutes:

    Here's what the rip-off report says about YTB:

  65. interesting, to read gmakoos you first have to join there club. how much does this cost. isn't this like the pot calling the kettle black. how many calendars and magazines do you get from them.

  66. To Anonymous at 1/5/09 4:55pm

    You asked how much it is to join GMAKOOS. Nothing, You just need to request access and give info as to who you are and if any affiliation to * Touring. Reason for requesting access is that many of the Star Touring members and Int'l Officers such as Greva have came on the forum under fake ID's to gain info to use against their own Star Touring members. Plus, you also have those Star members who like to rat out their Star brethren in order to gain a pat on the head. Kinda funny, we're protecting Star members. As for calendars, the calendars come from Yamaha M/C, not from *Touring so you don't need to be a member of *Touring to get one. You can call the Yamaha 800# and request one. For your Star Touring magazines, well, wouldn't call it a magazine but more a newsletter with not much interesting to read other than "yawn" boring reports taken off of the Nat'l forum posts and numerous full page ads trying to solicit more money for the SFF.

    GMAKOOS is a forum not a club. Heh, it's got more people on it and posting than your Nat'l Star Touring forum does...hahah.. Must get tiring looking at the start page.

  67. John wrote:

    "On that note if you are not a Veteran maybe you should shut the fuck up, and if you are Veteran you probably should shut the fuck up also."

    I take great offense to your suggestion that Veterans should STFU. You must be a complete embarrassment to ANY organization that you belong to. You are a pathetic. Hell I bet your own mother is embarrased by you.

  68. ok does some one don't or can't read english gmakoo is not a club it is forum do understand that lol

  69. Concerning Access to GMAKOOS -

    As the GMAKOOS Start Page states, "C'mon in, there's good times inside. However, as a result of violations of the Delphi TOS in the past, and because of reprisals taken against members of this forum, we have taken steps to permit us to continue to fulfill our purpose (as stated below). If you want to know the name of the organization whose members has violated the TOS (Terms Of Service) or taken reprisals against our members, feel free to ask in the "Request for Access" folder."

    GMAKOOS is no longer open to guests as a result of abuses of that privilege by posers, lurkers, and those who would initiate reprisals against folks who dare to speak their minds.

    You are welcome to visit the Start Page (although you will need a basic Delphi membership, which is free) to view the Start Page.

    From the Start Page, anyone (whether they are affiliated with Star Touring or not) is welcome to request access, we just ask that folks honestly identify themselves. A lot of people seem to have a problem doing that.

  70. Star News from top Star leaders.
    Important Information
    From: Sam Laughlin
    sent: Friday, 2008 5:01 AM
    To: Sam Laughlin
    Subject: Important message --- please share with your members.
    Importance: High
    To all STAR Chapter members,
    Friday, September 19, 20084:06 PM
    Due to several recent incidents that have happened in the motorcycle world, we are urging all STAR members
    in our region to refrain from wearing your STAR vests while riding until further notice, and to exercise caution
    and common sense in any dealings with any other motorcycle group.
    If you are in a situation where you are asked to remove your "colors" by a member of another motorcycle
    group, please do so immediately. and then remove yourself from the situation as quickly and quietly as
    possible. If you are confronted by a member of another motorcycle group, please respond with courtesy and
    respect, and then remove yourself from the situation.
    This request comes from Alan Cease, the Internationai Directors Ron and Debi Greene, and your regional
    directors. If you have any questions, please contact us directly.
    Ride Safe,
    Sam Laughlin & Shauna Manina
    West Regional Directors 12/5/2008

  71. The funniest thing about all this is that if you were to actually be on the Gmakoos forum you would see that 99.9% of it has absolutely nothing to do with Star Touring! It's only when one of Star Touring's members comes on to voice something that Star Touring is even mentioned. In fact, Star Touring doesn't mean shit to most of us anyway. Maybe that's why they are so upset these days? Cuz noone cares about them?

    C'mon Star Touring members, keep this thread going! Love to laff at your stupidity such as telling Veterans to shut the fuck up. What a classy organization!

  72. Thats the problem. Star is so worried about becoming insignificant, so they come on here or on gmakoos just to keep themselves from being insignificant. Pathetic

  73. I am posting this here to make you aware of an issue that began with a post last week on the STAR Touring and Riding forum last week. A member posted information highlighting a CBS report calling into question the role of Feed the Children in Haiti. Feed the Children is a charity supported by the STAR organization. No one was pointing fingers or making any inference that anyone in STAR was doing anything wrong. The report brought to light that only 22-23% of the cash donations to Feed the Children was making it's way to children and several law suites against board members and directors of Feed the Children. I was shocked to see several members and the moderator Vinnie Greva attack the member making the original post. I watched what went on as posts were deleted and the member disparaged. Finally I posted questioning the tactics of the moderator and the fairness being shown the member who made the post. The whole thing had a ring of Gestapo-like tactics to silence the member posting this information. After my post the moderator attacked me and the next day I found my forum rights suspended. Later I got an e-mail from the Sgt-at-Arms of the club Mark Vrabel telling me I needed to send a letter of apology to STAR or my forum rights would be permanently suspended. The submit or else tactic really set me off. I responded by comparing the whole experience to what happened in Germany in the 30's and I was deeply insulted as an American citizen with the right of freedom of speech.
    Quite honestly although I am a Charter Member of STAR and have paid 14 years of dues to STAR I really don't participate much and have not seen much value for the $45 a year. I have always looked at my dues as my way of supporting Yamaha and the sport of motorcycling. I sent an e-mail to Alan Cease the President of STAR and thus haven't even received the courtesy of a reply. I guess I'll have another $45 in my pocket to put to better use this year.


  74. $48.00 times 50000 members??? $ 2,400,000- wonder where all the money goes????



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