Shape-Shifting Motorcycle

The "R-Bike" is billed as a Robotic Shape-Shifting MotorCycle. It adjusts it's wheel base longer or shorter, causing the seat...

r-bikeThe "R-Bike" is billed as a Robotic Shape-Shifting MotorCycle.

It adjusts it's wheel base longer or shorter, causing the seat height and rake shorten or lengthen. Here's a quote from the website...

Imagine leaving the house on your MotorCycle in "Standard" mode. As you leave the side streets and enter the open highway, you shape-shift into a Cruiser and take the highway out of town. The ride gets long and so for comfort you switch to Touring mode. After many miles, you take an exit onto rural two-lane twisty roads and see a dirt and gravel road on your left, so you shape-shift into an Enduro and take the turn ....

Here are some specifications...
  1. Regular, Hemi or Diesel (750cc and 1000cc)

  2. No rusting materials anywhere .... inside or out.

  3. Extremely over-engineered to last as long as possible.

  4. Variable length intake

  5. Variable length exhaust

  6. Multi-link suspension ON BOTH ENDS!

  7. No chain tensioner needed

  8. Center of mass retained by shifting the engine

  9. Mimics shapes of each bike style precisely, from Chopper, Cruiser, Tourer, Enduro, Deep Woods
The design is in concept form, but according to the designer, the next stage is to look for investors, and then actually put it into production.

Visit the website for more info...


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  1. Wow ! Amazing ! I want one ! !
    The iPhone of motorcycles.
    It looks stunning.
    An Army friend of mine clued me in on it.
    And it is goes in the woods.
    I took the time to look at the videos in the GALLERY and I have been reading the REPORT.
    A lot to absorb. A huge amount of detail.
    It is like a puppet where all the pieces work together. Every curve, the position of every part has meaning. No wonder it took him 9 years !

  2. Way Cool !
    I am reading the details on his website report
    Why didn't someone do this 20 years ago ?

  3. Harley should have this for us girls.
    Bring in the younger folks too.
    Imagine a Harley with engineering in mind,
    What a concept !

  4. After 40 articles written all over the world. The R-Bike has now commercially launched as the PANTHER. Go to Check out the Build-a-Bike section.



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