Bikers who eat Sissy Food

The Orlando Sentinel has an article about Billy Huffnagel, the biker-blogger who covers Daytona Bike Week for The ar...

The Orlando Sentinel has an article about Billy Huffnagel, the biker-blogger who covers Daytona Bike Week for

The article focuses on his love for the culinary chic...
But "Biker Billy" Hufnagle has not come to Bike Week for greasy turkey legs. Lunch this week found him in front of a platter of sushi at Bamboo Garden in Ormond Beach, generously doused with that potent Japanese condiment wasabi.
There's this stereotype out there that bikers don't eat sushi, and to see one doing so perhaps makes a great segway into an article about bikers and fine dining. While I love having a burger and brew, I like sushi too. Well, more specifically, sashimi.

I'm half Japanese, a nisei in fact. And no, sushi isn't for fags; there are millions of Japanese guys who eat it, and if they were all fags there wouldn't be a Japan.

When you think of bike nights, you usually think of them at bars or places that serve beer. But what about having a bike night at a sushi bar? I know it has been done, in fact the Palomar Chapter of the Southern Cruisers Riding Club did it last year.

I recall a fellow biker in my locale making light of riders who ride to Dairy Queen. What's wrong with Dairy Queen? Everyone likes ice cream, right? Besides, who cares what the destination is, as long the route is killer.

Ok now, are there any bikers who eat quiche, not counting the guys from the Rainbow Riders?

I haven't yet met a biker who admits to eating tofu-burgers, or "Tofurky". But I do like to eat tofu. I don't eat tofu-burgers, or any tofu-based substitutes however. Tofu is meant to be enjoyed as tofu, not as a steer.

Do your biker buddies look at you funny when you order an iced-tea instead of a beer? I've had iced-teas on rides, as well as beers, sodas, mixed-drinks. It's just based on whatever mood I'm in. Sometimes you feel like an iced-tea, sometimes you don't.

Not too long ago one of the guys in our riding club led us to a winery in Temecula to cap off a day of riding. He's a member there and got us tickets for wine tasting. Later on, he bought two bottles of their riesling, and we all drank. How many riders like to sip wine after 200 miles on the road?

When you're out with the club, and you're all wearing your colors, people have this expectation that your palate is simple and rudimentary. They expect you to want chili, burgers, or steak and eggs. They don't realize that bikers come from all walks of life, and that many of them had "previous lives" before becoming a biker.


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  1. If you really believe that "bikers come from all walks of life", it seems odd that you would also talk about how "sushi isn't for fags" and ask if anyone but Rainbow Riders eats quiche. I agree with you on a lot of your posts, but you're doing the same bit of characterizing people as you say the fellow diners are when they see your colors.

    oh well... keep riding.



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