Fast Eddie's Discriminates Against Bikers

Was checking out a relatively new biker blog called, "Beatnikbiker". The blogger lives in Texas, and apparently was discriminated...

Was checking out a relatively new biker blog called, "Beatnikbiker". The blogger lives in Texas, and apparently was discriminated against for looking like a biker.

He took his gal to a place in Odessa, TX called, "Fast Eddie's". They were wearing doo-rags (or "buffs" as he calls them), and the waitress explained they don't allow doo-rags in their establishment...
Lisa was ahead of me and was the first to be told "Take that rag off your head". Not, "hello, how are you?" or "Is this your first time here?" or "Excuse me, but we have a prohibition here of wearing "rags" on your head". I replied "excuse me". To which the young waitress replied, "you have to take those things off". I began to comply and asked her if they did not permit hats of any kind in Fast Eddie's. She told me "No, hats and caps are ok. Just not those things."
The blogger went on to say that he met up with other bikers who all described being discriminated against at Fast Eddie's.

Well, I guess won't be eating at Fast Eddie's. From what I can find out, this place actually has pool tables, and that means trouble with a capital, "T", and that rhymes with "P", and that's stands for "Pool"!


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  1. Interesting that this place would be that way, The logo on Fast Eddie's site looks very similar to a Harley bar and shield logo, leading one to believe that it may be biker friendly.

  2. I had the exact same experience on the "Board Walk" in Bossier City, La. The Boardwalk is a new, upscale retail development featuring hundreds of retailers, who include businesses as diverse as the Bass Pro shop, apparel shops, retaurants, home furnishings etc.

    A friend of mine and I had rode bikes to Bossier from East Texas, with the intention of eating at Joes Crab Shack, going to a movie and picking up a few small tings from the Bass Pro Shop.

    Within 10 minutes after we arrived, and before we even entered a store, we were told that we could either remove the "do-rag" or leave.

    I left, and I haven't been back.



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