Left Turn Accidents Should Become Criminal Acts

Today I read another case of a cager making a left-hand turn into the path of an oncoming motorcycle. In this case, the rider survived, so ...

Today I read another case of a cager making a left-hand turn into the path of an oncoming motorcycle. In this case, the rider survived, so far anyways, but suffered massive injuries...
The man was traveling south on Mesa Drive when a 19-year-old female northbound made a left turn on Southern Avenue. As the female turned left, the motorcycle struck the left front end of her 2004 Chrysler PT Cruiser, police records show. Police have not cited either driver and the investigation is ongoing.
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This scenario is occuring with such greater frequency it seems. Or at least, the media is reporting on them with greater frequency. Either way, I'll admit to you that everytime I see a car waiting to make a left turn, while I am approaching on my motorcycle, I get nervous.

In the case above, the woman in the car struck the motorcycle with the LEFT-FRONT of the car. If you can imagine that scenario in your mind, the motorcycle had to have been right in front of her as she began the turn. Therefore, even if the motorcyclist could have erred for any reason, it was still the cager's fault for not yielding the right of way.

This kind of negligence cannot be written off as just a simple oversight. Even if it is just an oversight, it cannot be let go.

The fact that the rider survived prevents this from becoming a case of involuntary manslaughter, provided the District Attorney would even consider such a charge. But there ought be a criminal charge for this kind of negligent behavior that carries the same weight as manslaughter. This rider's injuries are severe, and he may never fully recover. What's worse, is that these scenarios are playing out with greater frequency.

I don't advise creating any new traffic laws to deal with this. Rather, I advise getting tougher on the people who cause these accidents. Cagers need to have some fear in them. I know that riders can seek remedies through civil lawsuits, but that doesn't help when the rider is dead. We need criminal action as well, whether they kill or maim.

I would hope that we could get to a point where each time this type of accident occurs, the world becomes a little more safer and smarter. But that isn't happening. These dead riders are going to waste.


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  1. Texas is trying to pass HB 2309 which would make failure to yield a crime punishable by fine and/or imprisonment. But what really amazes me is, commit this offense in a car, you could be charged with involuntary manslaughter. But if you turn in front of a bike, you get off with a $50 fine. What gives?

  2. I was in an identical accident. I have two fractured vertibrea and two breaks in my right foot. I hit a mini cooper that turned left in my right of way. I have 4 witnesses all pointing the finger at the other guy and his insurance( geico ) are claiming 0% responsability for the accident. Now I have to persue them with a lawyer. The mini cooper driver was not sited either. He is fine, only door and roof damage to his car. But my 2007 fatboy is totalled and I have pain in my back and medicl bills because of this idiot. Where is the justice?

  3. Maybe it should be mandatory to have a RED ARROW for the left turn lane. This might prevent this, I know it would have been different for my situation.

  4. You drive your bikes as fast as twice the speed limit and pass the cars in the middle of two lanes on highway then blame the cagers.

  5. One of the problems is car drivers are getting more aggressive. I guess people are in more of a hurry these days. So they're willing to take the chance to cut someone off, especially a motorcycle, when turning left to get where they are going those few seconds early. I have a suggestion, make left hand turns legal on green arrow only, at least on major streets.

  6. I just returned from AZ where we removed my sister-in-law from life support after a motorcycle accident rendered her brain-dead. No, she was not wearing a helmet, yea common sense would have maybe prevented this major tragedy. No helmet law in AZ is the most absurd thing I had aver heard. When people say helmet use should be a choice, I wish they could look into the eyes of my 5, 8, and 10 yr. old nieces and nephew who will be saying a final goodbye to their mommy this Friday..



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