Microcars Are As Dangerous As Motorcycles

Just take a look at this photograph and you can see that these "microcars" or "city cars" are dangerous to drive. The ...

Just take a look at this photograph and you can see that these "microcars" or "city cars" are dangerous to drive.

Motorcycle crash into car
The motorcycle that crashed into it makes this look as if the driver of the car didn't survive.

When you think of term, "cage" you think of something that protects you. This obviously is not a "cage".

At least on a motorcycle, you're propelled off when you collide with something. In one of these cars, you just get smushed like a bug.

Now think of the social conflicts that arise from this. You have the motorcycle-haters who want to adopt more anti-motorcycle laws, under the name of safety. Then you have the Al Gore Kool-Aid drinkers who want us to drive more cars like these, under the name of global warming. I'm curious to know how many people fall into both camps.


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  1. its interesting to note that the 'microcar' or super mini or 'A' sector vehicle as we call them this side of the pond is actually one based on a design that is over 18 years old and which went out of production at least 8 years ago. Most modern cars of this size out perform a good deal of both much larger and more expensive cars from both the US and south east Asia.
    You are right though, you do get thrown clear with a motor bike, its just a question of how you land or what you hit on your onwards trajectory.

    stay safe, all


  2. Obviously, the guy on the bike was traveling at a high rate of speed. This is something that happens to these crotch-rocket drivers all too often as they have this sense of immortality and go way too fast.

  3. Fake "Accident"!

    The car was clear crashed into a pole or large tree, sideways. Motorcycle was added for "wow!" effect.

    I love the photograph but it makes people think that small cars are unsafe.

    "Let's not by accident"

  4. That´s not a "microcar" (a la Aixam or Ligier REAL microcars) but a Peugeot 106, one of the flimsiest cars you can find nowadays on european roads (along with it´s relatives the Citroën AX ans Saxo).

    I also think that the crash was against a pole, and the MC was added later for effect.

  5. Looks like an american car, safety meaning to keep the weirdos in and get them killed ...

  6. Look at the shadow. This is an untouched photo. I've seen the results of this sort of collision before as well. The bike has to be moving well in excess of any legal North American speed limit sign to get this far into a car. The car driver does not realize how fast the bike is running because it's WAY far away and then suddenly, part way through the turn, it's the largest, and possibly the final "BANG" for the driver who simply could not have known what was coming and look out for pedestrians and other road hazards.

    That had to be ugly for all concerned!

  7. Well, both of them died,so
    does it matter now.
    I still can't see how could
    the motorbike cut the microcar in a half

  8. My goodness, of all the places to show your ignorance!

    One "anonymous" says it an old car design? Another "anonymous" says the picture is staged?

    EssayDee finally got it right!

    Look, listen, it ain't just for railroad crossings.

    Speed kills, I have yet to see a person killed walking into a tree!


    "achim said..." "Well, both of them died,so does it matter now." "
    I still can't see how could
    the motorbike cut the microcar in a half"

    Dude, you just saved me sending flowers for you when you "can't see" ..................

  9. I have seen this short of thing before and also I was involved in a tee bone accident just recently my bike was embedded into a car in the back right hand door she had ran a stop sign to neat the oncoming traffic & stated that she did not see me I am lucky as I was knock unconcious and going by witnesses flew through the air like a rag doll

  10. its a geo metro



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