North Carolina Troopers to Crack Down on Speeding Bikes

According to the Rocky Mount Telegram, North Carolina Highway Patrol will be cracking down on "out-of-control motorcyclists"... &q...

According to the Rocky Mount Telegram, North Carolina Highway Patrol will be cracking down on "out-of-control motorcyclists"...
"We're going to be paying closer attention to them, and we're going to be checking motorcycle endorsements," Stone said. "You can see what a dangerous situation this can be."
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This is coming as a result of two riders who lost control of their bikes and lost their lives, as well as another case where patrol officers gave chase to a biker who fled to speeds of 140mph (but survived).

Here we go again with another case of government claiming to be so concerned for our safety, that they have to give chase to us and apprehend us. If state and local governments could put so much effort into pursuing violent crimes as they do in pusuing traffic violations, we'd have an even safer country.

If someone wants to kill themselves on a bike, let them. If someone wants to molest a little girl, go get them!


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  1. As a Rocky Mount NC resident and a Member of the NC CBA/ABATE I actually agree to a point with Trooper Stone. I hate to see riders out there with out the endorsement. But having also read about all three accidents I also know that they were all doing stupid things on their rides. I also agree with YOU Steve let's go after the more serious crime with more Vim and vigor. I feel the in part it is motorcycle dealerships fault for selling a bike without making sure the buyer has the endorsement. You can't buy a car on a lerners permit why can you buy a bike on one or with out showing the proper endorsement????


  2. Well, speaking about violent crime, this is violent enough for me.

  3. Hmmmm I liked the one eyed idea at the ende... that some how people who carry on quite dangerously on motorbikes are less "bad" than people who are sexually abusing children...

    It's like when everyone is a thief, then no one gets punished for stealing...


    But the case doesn't quite balance up.. This case of "It's OK for ME to speed and carry on.... (on the sly) - but Ohhh some idiot was driving so fast and they ran into ME / my family / my friends / the innocent bystanders and crippled / killed them.... Ohhh we can't have that".

    In one sense I can also understand well why should the dealers be checking these things...

    When are YOU going to take responsibility for your OWN attitudes and actions....??????

    And while I do feel that some of these "safety" committees are a pain the the arse and overly conservative at times, almost everything is made or done in a way that makes it very safe or gives you a fair chance of surviving when failures, errors of judgment or inattention places one in a position to hurt, be hurt or hurt others.



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