An Ode to my Boots

It was three years ago this month that I bought these pair of Wolverine work boots as my riding boots. I paid close to $100.00 for them at ...

Wolverine work bootsIt was three years ago this month that I bought these pair of Wolverine work boots as my riding boots. I paid close to $100.00 for them at Boot Barn. They're still the boots I wear when I ride, and in fact I don't have another pair boots.

I didn't want "biker boots". I didn't want boots with a Harley logo on them (I was riding a Road Star at the time). I didn't want anything with buckles on the sides, fancy fringe, and I didn't want anything shiny. I didn't want black boots because everyone else wore black boots. I instead bought work boots because I figured if they're good enough for working 40 hours a week, they're plenty good for riding.

Once you find a good pair of boots you stick with them. They're like a good friend in that sense; always protecting you, never giving you trouble, and don't mind the crap you put them through.

Besides, you want boots that look like they've been through Hell and back. You don't want boots that look like they're brand new. How are you supposed to look like a veteran of the road if you're wearing shiny new boots?

I remember a friend once told me that he's got these brand new boots (I think they're Harley-Davidson logoed boots), but he doesn't like to wear them because they look brand new. I takes a long time to wear them in. So he sticks to his old ones. Kinda silly, but then again, I agree with him.

I had a conversation with another friend about how to differentiate a RUB from a hardcore rider. You really can't put a finger on it, but when you see a RUB, you always know its a RUB. Sometimes the shiny new boots give them away, sometimes it's the "naive" demeanor, and sometimes its the jacket with the large "O.C.C." logo on the back.

I've never cleaned my boots either. They have all of the 65,000 miles of grime and gunk that I've accumulated since I bought them. There's even some of my wife's barf on them. They've been scuffed up a little from a couple of crashes, and one of the boots has some dried blood inside when my first Electra Glide landed on my foot.

And they're not just for riding. I take them hiking, working around the yard, helping a buddy move, or anytime I need a reliable footing. They've been with me through eleven states and two countries, through rain, snow, and mud, and even to the trauma center.

As much abuse they've taken, and as dirty as they are, they're the one thing I can't ride without. I suppose I could wear a pair of sneakers or pumps, but how silly would that look? Nah! You gotta wear boots, and they gotta look worn in. At this point, my Wolverines are reaching their prime.

It's probably the best $100.00 I ever spent. I imagine when I have to replace these boots, I'll never be able to find another pair like 'em. In fact, I've checked. Wolverine doesn't offer model #W04722 anymore.


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  1. what a great Ode. My LL Bean work boots looked similar, but alas they fell apart. Thanks for your ode Steve, I'm going to look for some Wolverines just like yours! Carole with a Honda VTX 1300



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