Harley-Davidson Discontinues Several Models for 2008

While still not totally clear, it appears that Harley-Davidson will be discontinuing several models of its motorcycles for the 2008 model ye...

While still not totally clear, it appears that Harley-Davidson will be discontinuing several models of its motorcycles for the 2008 model year, meaning this year is the last year.

These models are...

VRSCR (Street Rod)
VRSCX (Screamin Eagle V-Rod)
XL50 (50th Anniversary Sportster)
FXSTD (Softail Deuce)
FLSTSC (Softail Springer Classic)
FLHRS (Road King Custom)
FXST (Softail Standard)
FXDWG (Dyna Wide Glide)
XL883R (Sportster 883R)

Perhaps the biggest shocker is the Dyna Wide Glide being discontinued.

This information came from a thread on HDForums from a person named, "fireballin03", who claims to work for a Harley dealer, posted several copies of the same message that these models will be discontinued for 2008...

Everyone would've probably believed it, if not for three models, FXDWG, FLHRS, and FXST, being on the list. Those happen to be very popular and very well known models.

A second person, also claiming to work for a Harley dealer, backed up the report.

Then a person named, "buttman" posted what he claims to be the actual letter from Harley-Davidson to their dealers:

But what appears to be the icing on the cake is a Harley dealer, "Denney's Harley-Davidson" out of Springfield, MO, posting a notice on their website that these models will be discontinued for 2008:

Based on what Denney's Harley-Davidson is announcing to the public, it sounds legit.

While these models are claimed to be discontinued, the rumor is that they won't really go away. Instead, new models will be introduced, similar to the ones being discontinued. One person hinted at the Street Bob becoming the new Dyna Wide Glide.


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  1. There is an EPA site (http://www.arb.ca.gov/db/search/search.htm) that lists HD registering their 2008 motorcycles. In the search box, put Harley and select ARB search engine. One of the documents lists an FXC and FXCW as a Dyna Rocker and Dyna Rocker Custom. They also list an FLSTSB without a name. Another document shows all the VROD bikes at 1247CC. They list a lot of Anniversary edition models I have never seen before either. Anyone else care to comment on these findings?

  2. In response to the "rumor" that Harley Davidson will be discontinuing models for 2008...I would have to believe that is true. And here is why I think that. I own a 2007 Dyna Wide Glyde...the thing runs hotter than you know what and detonates on a 50deg day after about ten min of riding. I have inquired as to the problem and have found that Harley Davidson...due to the EPA enforcing the clean air act, makes Harley Davidson run the bikes far too lean and which causes them to run hot when they are broken in. Of course Harley Davidson will not admit it themselves to which they reply..."that is normal for that bike to run that way." I fully believe that you will see a whole new Harley Davidson series come out...whether or not they can keep them running is another thing.

  3. FXCW/FXCWC, New fat tire Softail frame Harley Chopper with a convertible seat .How fat ???

  4. From am inside HD source there will be a Screaming Eagle Street Glide for 2008. How Cool is that

  5. ABS brakes are being offered for the first time to the public. Only on the VRSC Vrod line. Sounds legit, they would offer more technology on their most advanced technology line of bikes. It will be accepted better there than on the Air Head bikes. The old school bikers don't like changes, they are still complaining about EFI.

  6. CVO Road king in line up for 2008..with ABS brakes...harley certainly have entered the 21st century...

  7. Inside dealer:: a flaw on the steering colom breaking is to blame for the discontinuation's of these models. there have been recals

  8. If you don't like Harleys for what they are, ride something else. We like the traditional mechanical makeup of a true american machine. You wouldn't understand. RIDE A RICE ROCKET and be sure to not wear a helmet.

  9. I have bike #31 of 2000, 105th Anniversary Edition Dyna Wide Glide Available if anyone is interested. Email; eod25@yahoo.com

  10. Harley is in bed with the china made crap so whats all of this american made BS because it's not american made anymore it's over priced junk. Don't like this comment who the H*** really cares!!! I own a brand new one so i should know what a rip off.

  11. ride a rice rocket made in america and be safe and fast have the technology of liquid cooling that Harley refuses to use on their most popular models and save some bucks, and get 100k miles to a bike. Tired of Harleys shit

  12. HELP....I have a 2008 Harley Road King.The bike seems to be running allot HOTTER.The engine light sometimes comes on...I've called the dealership on where the bike was purchased.There reply was that they would check it out to see what the problem was.I've read some reports on that Harley makes them run leaner & my question is.....IS THIS NORMAL FOR THE BIKE T SEEN TO BE RUN HOT?What can I personally do to fix this?Do I trust Harley on what they tell me?HELP..Angel D. P.S.Also I wanted some info on if a Power Commander would fix this problem....PLEASE HELP ME ON THIS ISSUE....Thanks

  13. Franks Angel..... Whatever you do... DO NOT GO TO THE DEALER TO FIX THIS PROBLEM!. they can not fix it. I should know. I have an '08 dresser and went to the dealer and was guarrenteed that an $800 Screaming eagle program dump would fix the problem. When the bike STILL ran hot, I was told... "Oh well...we did all we can do...". I then had a Power Commander installed for another $800 bucks, and what do you know.....now it only over heats on 90*f+ days.... Still have some tuning to do, but I have more faith in the Power commander and the dino machine then I do Harley. The service tech at Harley even had the nerv to tell me that the fringe I put on the bike was making it run hot!... What a joke...



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