Most Twistiest Road in the USA

The Coronado Trail (US 191) in Arizona is a road that has intrigued me the past month, after learning about it. Road Trip America publish...

The Coronado Trail (US 191) in Arizona is a road that has intrigued me the past month, after learning about it.

Coronado Trail, Highway 191
Road Trip America published a couple of good webpages about this highway, including the following paragraph...
The Federal Highway Administration considers this drive to be the curviest road in the nation. There are nearly 450 switchbacks, (many marked at 10 mph) along the route. There is a 6000-foot change of elevation, starting from the topography of the Upper Sonoran Desert to near-alpine meadows high in the White Mountains. The route provides access to the Apache Sitgreaves National Forest.
It sounds like one of those roads that you want to ride for the sake of riding, but could very well find that you can't wait to reach the end, because of how twisty it is.

I mean, 450 switchbacks, many at 10mph, across 165 miles of road. That's comes to about 1 switchback every 1/3 of a mile. Road Trip America goes on to say that it takes about 6 hours to travel it's length, and the average speed is about 25mph.

I keep hearing a lot about how twisty the Tail of the Dragon (Deal's Gap) is. The Coronado Trail sounds like it puts that road to shame.

I'm thinking of doing this ride this Summer.


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  1. Sounds like my kind of ride too! You would have to make 11 trips through Deal's Gap to go that distance, so no contest as far as I am concerned. Don't get me wrong, there is excellent riding in the smokies, and it is definitely closer for me.

  2. Summer? Arizona?
    I think you should reconsider!
    I'm an Arizona native, and I wouldn't ride more than an hour in the summer!
    You are much better off picking February thru Early May to go.
    You have to remember, hydration is a big issue out there. Passing out, or getting a cramp or severe shake in your muscles while going around one of those switchbacks is a real possibility. You would need a hydration pack and several gallons of water for sure.
    I can't tell you how many times I've seen visitors get severe dehydration and have to be hospitalized because they aren't used to the heat.
    Just keep that in mind when scheduling a trip to any desert, but especially in the summer.
    Dry heat my ass! Its still hot as hell!

  3. Justin's comment does relate to much of AZ when it comes to riding.

    My wife and I Gold Winged the Trail three weekends ago; fantastic ride, but there was still SNOW (yes, it DOES snow in AZ!) still along the sides of the road.

    Very wide range in temperatures as well.

  4. The best place to test your skills in a bike!!

  5. I rode the dragon a few weeks ago. It's 11 miles and 318 truns. I rode my cruiser on it with my wife on the back. It took me 25 mins the first run and 17 the next.
    I'm 42 years old and I LOVE riding bikes and roller coasters. This was both in one. At the end of the second run my head was spinning! I HAD to stop. I can't imagine 6 hours of that kind of abuse.



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