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If you hang around long enough in the biker community you're bound to end up with a nickname. I actually have two nicknames. "Me...

If you hang around long enough in the biker community you're bound to end up with a nickname.

I actually have two nicknames. "Media" is the one my club came up with and gave to me, because I'm in the business of publishing websites and blogs, and I always carry a camera with me on rides. The other one is "Stelis" which is what I use as my log-in name on several web forums. Turns out that most people use "Stelis" over "Media".

Actually, forum log-in names seem to be a popular way people earn nicknames these days. Most of the time they pick out something off the wall without realizing that other users will refer to them by that name. Sometimes they come up with something bland like, "Harley2006", only to realize later on that these log-ins double as nicknames. Then they establish a new log-in using something more unique.

How people get their nicknames is always a story of interest. I remember a prospect in our club who forgot to put his kickstand down a couple of times, and so we called him "Kickstand", which was also appropriate because he was short and skinny. There's a guy in our club who gets oil blowing out of his air-intake everytime he rides his bike hard. So I suggested we call him "Blow-by". But other people in the club didn't like the word "blow".

I know a guy whose nickname is "Jello". He got it because he found his way on to our club web forum, and the first he word he wrote was "Jello". He was actually saying, "Hello", but opted to add the Spanish accent. So we all responded back addressing him as "Jello", and it just stuck.

We had a guy whose nickname is "Bump". He earned it because he had a habit of bumping his bike into yours when coming to a stop. He hated it.

There seems to be a trend to add the word, "Darth" to the front of your nickname if you replace your metric cruiser with a Harley. So if you're already "Bubba", you'd become "Darth Bubba". They figure buying a Harley is akin to giving in to the Dark Side.

I remember reading a newspaper during lunch, and seeing a rather lengthy funeral notice for a biker named, "Picnic Table". I thought that was a cool nickname.

Dogs seem to be a popular inspiration for biker nicknames. There are "Big Dogs", "Mad Dogs", "Bulldogs", and "Bad Dogs". Sometimes they use "Hound", or they'll spell it as "Dawg".

If there is any consistency with biker nicknames it's that there is never any consistency. I know a guy named, "Stumpy" who's only 5'5" tall, but I also know another biker named "Stump" who is over 6 feet tall and about 300 pounds. I know a guy named "Big Red" and when people hear about him they expect to see a red necked white guy. But no, he's a black guy.

For more about biker nicknames click on, "What Makes a Good Biker Nickname".


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  1. Each of my friends I made on has biker nickname. It's a cool thing to own your own nickname. Usually nickname is
    related to a biker's personality, motocycle, hobby, interest,adventures,etc.

  2. kobcnvcYour biker names are bullshit I belong to a club & your nickname doesnt even come close.

  3. funny how the people that talk the most shit don't have the balls enough to even leave a name. If you are so proud of your name why don't you use it.

  4. After I bought my third Harley (sweet '94 Road King), my old lady started calling me "Fognozzle". I wonder why she calls me that? As far as club member is concerned, maybe we should call him (or her?) "Dipshit", or "shithead", or "shitforbrains" (I can think of a few more!).



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