Big Bad "Bikie Gangs"

I happened on an article published in an Australian newspaper describing problems with local "bikie gangs"... http://www.gcbulle...

Baby BikerI happened on an article published in an Australian newspaper describing problems with local "bikie gangs"... 5091_news.html

I thought, what the Hell is a "bikie"?

Then I realized it's just their way of saying, "biker".

Here in the States, anytime we add the letters "ie" to end of a noun, it's done to make it sound like cute and playful (e.g.: doggies, kiddies, fishies, etc.)

So I ended up with this vision of several four and five year olds riding bicycles with training wheels, wearing tank-tops, doo-rags, "lick'em & stick'em" tattoos, and running roughshod over the next-door neighbor's tulip beds.

Except the bikie gangs described in the newspaper were manufacturing and distributing methamphetamines. So I guess they were a little older.


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  1. LOL

    I thought the same thing when I read your headline...



  2. I live in Australia and ride a HD Street Rod. "Bikies" are the badass element. Often HD riding, involved in crime etc.."Bikers" are the rest of the motorcycle fraternity.

  3. I live in Aus also .... bikies have alway been reference to 1%'ers .. bikers to bike riders .... and criminals to criminals - not bikies!!

    Your not a member of the local fuz or state government by any chance :)

  4. theres bikers,bikies,truckers and truckies,some say there the cowboys,the dealers,the ones living outside the law,the ones with "ie" at the end of there name,wot about the car,ies,the one,s who hide in there cages and run there shit,im a 1%,not in a club,but im a biker,an ozzie,a bloke who who is a part of the 1% off the community that is prepared to say no,to tell the filth and the pollies to get fuck,to stand up 4 my rights,that,s what a 1%er was 25-30 years ago,blokes who were prepared to get loud,party hard,make society jelious of our free culture,but now its a life style that its continually seen as the one bringing an end to society as we know it today,its not joe blogs on his ninja,or the coal miner on his hog,or the bloke driving his volvo or the man getn home to his kids in the kenny,it,s the one,s hiding,nowing there a protected species hiding behind crooked cops that will continue to make it harder for the real 1%ers in the community suffer,by the pollies pushing up insuraces,making it harder for the youngens to get there licences, to hassel us aswe ride.thats the diff to me.

  5.'re an idiot. Saying all bikies down under make/sell meth is the same as saying all cops are drug dealers just because a few of them did it, and they do.



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