Aftermarket Exhaust Voids Harley Warrantee

D&S Harley Davidson, a dealer in Phoenix, Oregon, has its own blog, and recently they addressed a popular question. "Will putting ...

Vance & Hines exhaustD&S Harley Davidson, a dealer in Phoenix, Oregon, has its own blog, and recently they addressed a popular question.

"Will putting an aftermarket exhaust system on my Harley Davidson void the factory warrantee?"

Apparently, the answer is yes. According to D&S Harley Davidson...

This warranty will not apply to any motorcycle or sidecar as follows:

1. Which has not been operated or maintained as specified in the Owner's Manual.

2. Which has been abused, misused, improperly stored, used "off the highway," or used for racing or competition of any kind.

3. Which is not manufactured to comply with the laws of the market in which it is registered.

4. Installing off-road or competition parts to enhance performance may void all or part of your new motorcycle warranty. See a Harley-Davidson/Buell dealer for details.

Read the whole blog post here...

Point #3 pretty much kills it for everyone of us. There's already a federal law against modifying the exhaust system.

On the other hand, I have a stage 1 modification on my Electra Glide, which includes a set of Vance & Hines slipons. And, I've had warrantee work done twice already, and having it done after the slipons were put on. The first time was to address the engine light coming on, and the second was to install a new rear cylinder head after the original one broke.

So while Harley-Davidson can void the warrantee if they want, the fact is that they don't, if they want to maintain happy customers.

Anyone reading this encounter a voided warrantee after installing aftermarket exhaust? Click on "Post a Comment" below and tell us about it.


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  1. I had screamin eagle mufflers and ignition module installed on my bike before it left the dealer new in 2000. I had some handling problems and the dealer tech went through the whole gammit of things that could affect that. Total realignment of engine to frame, swing arm, replace and adjust fork bearings. All under warranty. The mods of course didn't affect handling but the warranty bit is up to the dealer. If the engine had puked, and an area warranty rep had been required to see the bike first hand then he/she might have voided the warranty but so long as it is up to the dealer you are good. Making major modifications to fuel system and exhaust can cause a too lean condition which COULD ruin the engine so have the dealer run a thorough check of the changes you have made or you could burn that engine to a crisp. Safer to have the dealer make the mods and dyno test for proper fuel mixture. That will eliminate problems.



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