Convince the Wife to Buy A Harley

I hear it from people everywhere I go, "I'd like to buy a Harley, but how do I convince my wife?" I wrote an article that tou...

how do I convince my wife to buy a harleyI hear it from people everywhere I go, "I'd like to buy a Harley, but how do I convince my wife?"

I wrote an article that touched on this, based on a conversation I had with another guy about this very subject... ....doesnt-want-me-to-get.htm

Except he was more interested in Yamaha Road Stars. Probably a better choice if you have a stubborn wife, since Road Stars are way cheaper than Road Kings.

I also know some guys who already own Harleys, but realized that they either want a second Harley, or who decided they bought the wrong Harley. One guy bought a Softail Springer, and absolutely loves it, but he also wants a bagger, like a Road King or an Electra Glide. Another guy bought a Softail Standard because he didn't know what to get, and it just looked good. But since he's been riding with many of us, he realizes a bagger is what he really wants.

Both are stuck knowing that their wives are going to put up fights, if they suggest getting another bike.

So how do you convince your wife to buy a Harley?

Tell her about all the girl friends. HER girls friends that is.

What women love is to find new friends to hang out with. They want to talk about women-stuff. They want to do candle parties, and crystal parties, and lingerie parties. They want to go shopping together. If you can convince her that by riding with you on the back, and riding with others, she'll get to make new friends, she'll do it.

But that's only about getting your first motorcycle. What if you already have a motorcycle, and what if she already rides with you? Tell her its about the attitude. You'll have to introduce her to the Harley clothes. Go to a Harley dealer that has tons of clothes. Spend some time (albeit boring time) going through the shirts, jackets, pants, tank tops, everything. Tell her you'd like to see her in this stuff, and have her try it on in the dressing room. If you can convince her that she looks absolutely hot in Harley garb, then you've got a shot at getting that Harley.

So what if you already own a Harley, but want to buy a second one? If that second bike you're after is a Road King or Electra Glide, Road Glide, whatever, then put the emphasis on comfort and storage. The biggest complaint chicks have when riding bitch, is that her butt hurts. So tell her that the touring models have really comfortable seats (and they do). Have her sit on one with you. Show her all the comfort amenities, hand grips, rear speakers, tourpak backrest.

The storage is the other selling point. Chicks always bring lots of stuff with them. They like to bring extra clothes, a second pair shoes, a place for their purse, a bottle of water. Plus, they want storage to haul back all the junk they buy. Tell them that the bike you have now just won't hold much.

So what about the money? How do you convince her that spending $15K to $20K on a new Harley makes sense? Well, you have to fit her into the equation by convincing her that your weekends for the next several years are going to be riding Harleys with your friends, going on road trips, rallies, and having good times. And of course, she's going to be a part of it. Thus, if this is how you plan to have recreation, then it makes sense to do it right.

But what if you don't want her to be a part of it? Well, that's marriage for you. You're going to have to make her a part of it if you want her approval. I mean, you can't tell her that you're going to spend $20K on a new Harley so that you can get away from her.

But most wives eventually grow tired of the motorcycle thing, and may only ride with you once in awhile. And once you have the Harley in your garage, your quest is complete.


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  1. You forgot one other option. That is to leave your wife. If she is holding you back on getting a motorcycle who knows what else her scared and "caring" attitude is holding back in your life. There is always another woman out there and perhaps you'll meet her at a rally or on a tour.



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