Wild Hogs - Which Character Are You?

So, everyone's watched the movie "Wild Hogs" by now. There was an interesting post on HDForums asking the question, which ch...

So, everyone's watched the movie "Wild Hogs" by now. There was an interesting post on HDForums asking the question, which character are you?

Here's the primary cast of riders...

  • Woody Stevens (John Travolta) - Leader, lonely, wealthy, always wants to ride somewhere, has plenty of time for it, but can't get people to go

  • Doug Madsen (Tim Allen) - Tied down at the job, always worred about work, always worried about everything but riding

  • Bobby Davis (Martin Lawrence) - Pussy-whipped, bark is worse than his bite, can't ride because the wife won't let him

  • Dudley Frank (William H. Macy) - Science nerd, politically correct, in touch with his feelings

  • Jack (Ray Liotta) - Leader of Del Fuegos, needs to be center of attention, always wonders what his idols would have done

  • Damien Blade (Peter Fonda) - A former clubber turned independent, blazes his own trail, doesn't try to be cool because he just is

Most people who responded on the forum saw themselves either as John Travolta's character or Tim Allen's character, either because they saw themselves as often having to lead and never finding people wanting to ride, or never having enough free time to ride.

I suppose I see quite a bit of John Travolta's character in me, in that I'm usually the one who steps up to plan a ride and organize a ride, and often find myself searching for people to ride with. My job situation is such that I can usually ride most any day of the week. I also see a little of that William H. Macy character in me because of my quirky thoughts and introverted self.

As for Peter Fonda's character, some people likened themselves with that. The truth is that his character is the biker we all want to be like: free, independent, a bit of a rebel, fearless, and wise. But no one ever becomes all of that. Some people surround themselves with the people, places, and things they idolize in hopes that it rubs off on them. Most of us try to conform to the culture a little, but not too much. I mean, how many of us wear vests when we're taking the family out to dinner? A few of us just screw the culture altogether.

Basically, nobody is "Damien Blade". Most of us are one or more of the Wild Hogs, and only a few us are "Jack".


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