Motorcycle Cancer Seat Shield

A man named Randall Dale Chipkar is selling an EMF shield designed to be fitted inside a motorcycle seat. "EMF" stands for electr...

motorcycle cancer seat shieldA man named Randall Dale Chipkar is selling an EMF shield designed to be fitted inside a motorcycle seat.

"EMF" stands for electromagnetic field. He claims that EMFs can cause cancer, and that our motorcycles are emitting enough of these EMFs to put riders in danger. His EMF shield can be fitted inside a motorcycle seat to provide riders with "peace of mind".

In fact, Chipkar authored a book entitled, "MOTORCYCLE CANCER? Are motorcycles KILLING US with cancers of the prostate, colon, kidney, bone, etc?", where he documents cases of riders whom he met diagnosed with cancer, and which he claims were victims of their own motorcycles.

"All of these riders had extremely low frequency (ELF) electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation shooting up from their motorcycle seats into their lower torso", Chipkar says. "Some readings were 100 times higher than what can be considered as acceptable exposure."

Chipkar goes on to say that governments and industry leaders are in denial over motorcycle-based EMFs so as to not create panic.

To learn more about Chipkar's EMF motorcycle seat shield, visit his website...


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  1. He wrote a book about "Motorcycle Cancer," and now he is selling a shield? That figures.

  2. I can't believe Biker News Online even endorses this crackpot. Do you think there are no bikers out there with enough knowledge or education to see through this claim? Give me a break!

  3. Hey sam, I'm not endorsing this product. I'm just putting it out there because you want to know what's new in the world of motorcycles. That's all.

  4. thats a funny product MR.Randall Dale Chipkar,,,big time E.M.F. off the coil???the alternator???---I am a welder/fabricator...what would you have me do about the MASSIVE E.M.F. we encounter every day,,,ALL DAY??? man,,,now I seen it provide riders with "peace of mind"---I think your just another minor fearmonger...take your product,and sit on it,,,I'll pass...

  5. We should not miss the point here. If your motorcycle is pushing up to 500 mG of ELF EMF radiation into your groin then there is reason for health concern. Page 2 of the motorcyclecancer site presents facts that cannot be ignored. Riding is dangerous enough and we should not have to gamble with our health on this technical level also. Cancers are becoming an epidemic and ELF EMF radiation is emerging as a recognized carcinogen. To quote the site:

    Individual responsibility leads to content accountability. Science proves electromagnetic danger. Now that a type of motorcycle ELF EMF has been exposed, I hope denial is not going to be considered as a solution.

    Ultimately the choice is our own to become more educated about these EMF issues.

    As for governments and industry keeping people in the dark about emerging EMF health issues, I would like to quote the site again:

    Many experts believe existing government regulations are extremely inadequate concerning various EM close exposures and public safety. Unfortunately this can create a false sense of well being for different industries that claim compliance to government standards. Where does that leave the consumer?

    I feel that this Chipkar guy is bang on target and time will prove him correct.



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