No Black Friday For Harley Dealers?

Last Friday morning, I took the Ultra down to the Harley dealer in Temecula, CA to meet up with a club from Orange County, who invited me al...

Last Friday morning, I took the Ultra down to the Harley dealer in Temecula, CA to meet up with a club from Orange County, who invited me along for a ride. I couldn't make the ride, but I wanted to come down and hang out with them.

I got there just as the dealership opened, on the day noted by many as "Black Friday", the day after Thanksgiving, supposedly the biggest shopping day of the year. But at the HD dealer, it was dead.

I walked into the dealership and looked around. I figured I would check to see if there was anything I might put on my wish list. I found a nice pair of cold-weather gloves that was marked down by 25%.

Today, (Sunday), I brought my wife into the dealership to show her the gloves. And again today, the place was dead.

They had salespeople pacing the floor, chit-chatting together, and the place of course, was decked out with Christmas decorations. But that's about the only celebration that was going on.

I can understand that people won't be buying motorcycles for Christmas, but I figured the accessories would make great gift items. I remember last Christmas, going to the HD dealer in Riverside, CA, to pick up new helmet for my wife, and that place was mad house. Could it just be the location?

I guess it's one thing that Harley can't sell bikes. But when Harley can't sell their logoed accessories, then that's a BIG problem.


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  1. good for Harley, I have been a loyal Harley rider for more than 35 years, Ive been riding the same bike since 1973, Im in my mid fifties have long hair and a beard, and, in the last ten years I have been going to the dealerships, gonna show my support by buying a t-shirt or a mug,sticker, whatever had the bar and shield or Harley logo on it and I cant find one thing made in america, I rode Harley through all those "AMF" years when the products were not quite up to standards, I could have ridden a Honda or other make of bike but no, I stuck by my american motorcycle manufacturer, I rode Harleys because they were the cheapest things to KEEP going now you have to have $20,000, you have to tune them by a computer and the dealership rips you off every way they can, $35.00 t-shirt shit! They used to give them to you if you were a regular there just to promote their business. Take your yuppie ass on down the drain Harley

  2. The general economy is down. Folks just aren't dropping coin on discretionary stuff likes bikes, boats, etc. Also, check the classifieds. The fashion show is over and Rub's are selling clean, low mileage bikes for much less money than new ones. Lastly, some folks I know are holding off on a new bike until Harley gets a handle on the TC96 heat issue.

  3. Yes I too noticed the place seemed empty, but it was good to me you face to face , wish you could have gone on the ride , it was a good one.



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