Shifter Skinz - WTF?

Shifter Skinz gets my vote for the most RUBbie product. Seriously, I'm trying to envision a circumstance where you'd actually wear ...

Shifter SkinzShifter Skinz gets my vote for the most RUBbie product.

Seriously, I'm trying to envision a circumstance where you'd actually wear this, and I'm not sure I can. The product's website shows a guy riding a sport bike, wearing white sneakers. White sneakers on a motorcycle?

So basically, this product is for bikers who get pissy over keeping their Reeboks pristine-white.

Which proves my point, it's for RUBs.

If you're gonna be a biker, then Goddammit, be a biker.

Shifter Skinz website...


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  1. Actually, you'll find it's used (them and other manufacturers) quite a lot in Europe by business folks who can't ride their bike with all the gear. They dress in their business suits, including normal shoes, but cover their shoes so they don't look used when they arrive.

    They're not normal bikers like you or me, but business folks who use motorcycles to cut their travel time...

  2. Riding a motorcycle doesn't necessarily mean being a "biker" which apparently to some means wearing a costume of black leather jackets with patches and chaps. Stunningly to some there is an entire segment of the population who use motorcycles for transportation and fun and not just a ride to the bar to pretend to be tough.

  3. The "Shifter Skinz" are for motorcycle riders only - they protect the left shoe or boot from making a black mark and most of the new motorcycle gear shifters now made without the rubber sleeve cuts into the footwear within one week of riding ruining the footwear very quickley since one full day of riding a motorcyclist will up shift the gear shifter about 5000 times - the product is great and this is why they have 9 patents and the company has sales of 3 million per year.

  4. I sell both Ryder Shift Socks and Shu Band It Shifter Skinz.
    ACTUALLY, the reason you would wear them would be to keep your shoes from being skuffed whether they're Reeboks pristine-white or your nice black leather shoes from being skuffed. They may not be for the stereotypical "biker" or the wanna be, but for those who ride to work every day know their value.

  5. This article was posted over a year ago but I am actually thinking of getting these skinz. The Army now has tan colored boots and the shifter on my bike rubs off on my boots, then i get my tail reamed by my Sergeant Major cause my boots look like crap. I like to ride as much as i can but I don't like getting my ass chewed on a daily basis.

  6. My husband's in the army and the black scuff mark messed up his boots. At least with this, he won't get in trouble for dirty boots.

  7. Yeah... old news, but I gotta comment here, too:

    I ride my motorcycle to and from work, through urban traffic, close to 200 days of the year.

    I wear a business suit and dress shoes most every day. I wear a one piece Aerostitch suit over my work clothes and a similar product as this on my left shoe ()on days I dont have rain booties on.

    It hard-core urban combat touring at its best.

    I'd consider myself an expirienced biker.

    This product, and others like it, have their use.



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