The Philippines to Ban Motorcycles

Lawmakers in The Philippines have submitted a bill to ban motorcycles on all main roads, thoroughfares and national highways in the country....

Lawmakers in The Philippines have submitted a bill to ban motorcycles on all main roads, thoroughfares and national highways in the country.

The move goes back to a report from the World Health Organization (WHO), that proclaimed motorcycle accidents as a "Public Health Epidemic". So to do their part in curbing this epidemic, legislators want to take away the motorcycles.

According to All Headline News...
"Nearly 1.2 million persons die of road traffic accidents every year, 40 percent of which are under 25 year-olds," Santiago said.

Santiago noted that young motorcyclists make up a significant percentage of injuries and fatalities among road users in many Asian countries.

"Reports identified over-speeding, non-use of helmets, risk-taking behavior, and drunk-driving as contributing factors to the rising trend of traffic accidents," Santiago said.
While this is The Philippines, and not the United States, the facts are that motorcycles are more heavily relied upon in The Philippines than the USA. This could be something we'll be dealing with here in the States should motorcycle usage continue to increase.


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  1. I live in the Philippines. I use my bike everyday.

    This congressman just want to gain media mileage, thus the controversial bill. It won't pass. Never will.

    Example is the clean air act made into law a few years back. It originally included the banning of 2-stroke motorbikes (heavily used as public transport when attached with a sidecar). Well, until now, they are still on the streets.

  2. It's not an isolated case. check this out:

    and this:

    It's worldwide, wherever there are moronic lawmakers live.

  3. So much for global warming and saving our fossil fuels. So goes the saying "If they are elected, they are STUPID".

  4. Oh goody - so they're going to encourage irresponsible, over-speeding, reckless drunks to get into cars so they can kill not only themselves but maximize collateral damage. Brilliant.

  5. I also believe 2 stroke motorcycles should be banned from the Philippines. What about these smoke belching buses and trucks? Even some of the deisel passenger vehicles need to be cleaned up. I ride a four stroke Kawasaki 175cc Baraco. Sometimes when my wife and I get behind one of these dirty burners we have to stop and let the air clean up before we continue our journey.
    Let's not concentrate on the bikes. Lets concentrate on how to clean up our dirty air! Maybe we should have mandatory testing on all vehicles that use our roads, not just the small two stroke motorcycles!

  6. Epedemic? Those idiots in congress should be considered epedemic! they are spreading their stupidity on the government thus prompting them to create idiotic rules and whatnot!

  7. riders should undergo an extensive diving and safety course before they are allowed on the streets... banning bikes is not the solution... well, it is... for the blockheads who came up with this harebrained idea...



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