Riders are Unhappy with Multi-Brand Dealers

A new report published by J.D. Power and Associates, "2007 Motorcycle Comptetitve Information Study", says that while motorcycle o...

Motorcycle dealerA new report published by J.D. Power and Associates, "2007 Motorcycle Comptetitve Information Study", says that while motorcycle owners are happy with single-brand dealers, their satisfaction with multi-brand dealers have decreased from last year.

The study, which is in it's 10th year, looks at five major facets of motorcycle ownership experience: product, quality, cost, sales, and service. Overall, satisfaction of motorcycle ownership is up for the fifth year in a row.

Customer experience with dealerships appear to be heavily influenced by repair work, and may explain why single-brand dealers tend to score higher satisfaction ratings than multi-brand dealers.

A small portion of motorcycle owners report that the dealer caused a new problem while repairing their bike. More than 20 percent of owners took their bike in for repairs, and when the work was not performed correctly the first time, 22 percent say that the dealer created a new problem. And these statistics have increased from last year.

According to Tim Fox, research manager for Power Sports Practice at J.D. Power and Associates...
"While this only occurs for a few motorcycle owners, dealers should be aware that the number of initiated problems among this subset is increasing. Quality of the work being performed significantly drives satisfaction with service, so it becomes critical to ensure not only efficient service, but also accurate and high quality repairs the first time around."
The study also finds that engine problems account for 40 percent of total reported problems. Specifically, excessive heat; unusual noise; excessive vibration; and the motorcycle stumbling, hesitating or dying are the most frequently reported engine problems.

The rest of the 2007 Motorcycle Competitive Information Study reveals that 56 percent of new motorcycle owners acquired information about their desired motorcycle from displays on showroom floors. Additionally, 38 percent found information on a manufacturer Web site and 32 percent indicate that a past experience with a particular manufacturer aided them in their purchase decision.

Overall satisfaction with the cost of ownership has increased among motorcycle owners for a second consecutive year, with owners being most satisfied with the initial price and resale value of their bike. Satisfaction with maintenance/repair costs, cost of accessories and insurance has also increased.

The report also shows that motorcycle owners are strong advocates of their brand and dealer, with 68 percent saying they "definitely will" recommend their brand and 56 percent will recommend the dealer from which they purchased their motorcycle. The study says...
"Loyalty and advocacy levels are particularly high among motorcycle owners when compared with owners in the automotive and boating industries," said Fox. "For example, only 47 percent of boat and 35 percent of auto owners say they are loyal to their brand. The motorcycle industry is much more of a niche market where consumers have a particularly strong allegiance to a brand compared with automotive and marine industries."
The 2007 Motorcycle Competitive Information Study includes responses from 8,796 owners who purchased new on-road motorcycles between September 2006 and May 2007. Owners were surveyed in September and October, 2007.

Motorcycle Satisfaction 2007
Source: JD Power & Associates


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  1. I wonder how this story would read if you separated out H-D and maybe Triumph compared to the usually multi-brand Japanese shops?

    Also, any surprise dealership service quality has gone down after years of increasing record sales rates? More bikes to fix, less time on yours.



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