Florida Reckless Motorcycle Bill Deferred

Florida's Reckless Motorcycle bill , HB 137, that a congressman had proposed to seize a motorcycle if the rider was speeding over 30mph,...

Florida's Reckless Motorcycle bill, HB 137, that a congressman had proposed to seize a motorcycle if the rider was speeding over 30mph, has been deferred for a later date.

Bruce Arnold, of LDRLongDistanceRider.com, who tirelessly fights anti-motorcycle legislation such as this one, attended the hearing for this bill yesterday, and informs us that the House Infrastructure Committee set the bill aside for a later date. Bills that are deferred are often never resurrected.

Intestingly, Arnold discovered that the bill's author, Carlos Lopez-Cantera, had changed the bill to read 50mph above the speed limit, as the point at which motorcycles are seized.

Arnold got to speak before the committee, as did a member of ABATE, and a motorcycle dealer. All testified against the bill, citiing it needed to include all drivers, not just motorcyclists. The dealer testified that if this bill passed, it would hurt motorcycle sales because lenders would be more leery against financing new motorcycles.

He also went on to report that most of the committee members are not in favor of HB 137, while others would require some significant rewrites.

While I get the feeling that HB 137 is pretty much dead, look for this type of legislation to come up again in a newer form. Riders who put other lives in danger, need to be contained just like cagers who put bikers' lives in danger. But there is no need to discriminate against bikers.

Thanks to Bruce Arnold, ABATE, and everyone else for helping stop another anti-motorcycle law.


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  1. The bill needs to include ALL motor vehicles. The limit should be 25 mph over the posted speed limit.

  2. I believe that the posted speed limit for motorcycles should be at least five miles per hour or more above all other vehicles on the road, that way we would legally be able to keep ahead of the dangerous cagers and truckers also motorcycles should have some roads and lanes designated motorcycle only. Thats my opnion and i'm sticking to it.



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