A New Evolution Motor Forum

Those of you who love to talk about Harley's Evolution Motor, arguably the best engine the MoCo ever produced, there's a new web for...

Harley Davidson Evolution MotorThose of you who love to talk about Harley's Evolution Motor, arguably the best engine the MoCo ever produced, there's a new web forum just for you...

http://forums.delphiforums.com/ BlockHeadGarage

It's called "The BlockHead Garage", hosted by CueBall, a guy who lives and breathes the Evo. Here's what he has to say...
While there are many fine Harley Davidson Forums out there that I visit regularly, they all seem to be dominated by the latest and greatest Twin Cam owners. I have some friends on those forums and they will be welcome here, but this forum will be focused on the BlockHead motor, whether it is a Stock bike or a Custom or Chopped and Dropped as long as the mill is a Evo/Blockhead.
Get in on it early, while the forum is still new.


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  1. I am not well Versed in the MC world as I have only been interested in one and only owned one and that being a 2002 Vrod I am pretty much Shunned by the HD Officianatos (Sp) so I looked into this Motor since statements like "The Best ever produced,etc.." has also been said about the Revolution Motor. I found that the Evo in the begining was also shunned and told that "It's not a real Harley" Bla Bla Bla. I did a little more digging and found that it was Shunned due to be a Better performing engine, lest Oil consumption and over all more reliability. That apparently is A Bad thing in the Harley world, I will not pretend to understand their thinking but I do know a few people that have these Eveo bikes that like to tell me that My Porsche Davidson aint real. Shows how smart most people really are. I not knowing much did maybe 15 minutes of research only to find out the Porsche had its hands in the Evo design too. Cannot wait to see those Geniuses again.

  2. I said that the Evolution motor was "arguably" the best ever produced by Harley, not hands down. Also, I meant to identify those engines that Harley designed. The Revolution was not designed by Harley.

  3. Lux,
    I feel your Pain and know exactly what you are talking about. I admit I was one off those Evo was not a real Harley when I owned my Shovelhead. I have owned several HD's with Panhead motors and Shovelhead motors, I loved them they were great bikes and motor that offered many an opportunity to, shall we say tinker. When I did finally get my first Evo in 89 I was amazed how much I could ride , ride and ride WITHOUT the tinkering. They were truly a big leap forward for HD in reliability on overall performance.

    The Revolution Motor is another leap for them and just maybe the motor of the future for all models, so you just hang tough and smile as you are ahead of the curve.

    Thanks so much for the Promo Steve.

  4. Good luck with the Site Cueball, hope it all works out. Found out a great deal about this motor over the past few days I imagine without it HD might have lost a lot of business to competetors for riders Not interested in Tearing down and rebuilding every winter and just enjoy a ride. I know that since I have the 1st version of the Revo engine and that I received little to no help from dealerships because they have no techs that know how the engine works so 99% of the help I get is from other owners from a Vrod forum. 3 years later I have done many things I couldnt imagine doing before from reading the Service Man. and Help online.

    Steve I hear this all the time, the Revolution Was deigned by Harley Its original was in their Racing bike the VR1000, HD had some troubles Tweaking it to make it do what they wanted in a Street bike and to meet EPA standards so they went to Porsche for Fine tuning with both HD and Porsche Engineers, not building as they also went to Porsche in the 80's for tweaking of that Motor and Transmission. What was that Motor? Oh yeah, the Evo. Not sure why the HD riders are called "Loyal" by everyone, the co. changes something and they all start screaming like 12 year old girls. Business, keep moving forward or die.

  5. I would be interested in knowing why the link to the blockheadgarage takes me to a stinkin' ABATE forum. I think that the EVO was and is still the best most tweakable motor that Harley Davidson ever built. With very few modifications you can get 90 to 1oo horsepower from one and still have a very dependable motor.

    I have one with over 300,000 miles on it and it's still by far the best bike I've ever owned.

    The more I know about Twin Cams the more I love my EVO.

  6. Alright, I had some kids and let my '90 evo sit, alot, I said i'm sorry! I wanna do a new top end and tanks thanks to this new gas that destroys when it sits. I think I heard someone say take.040 off the heads for more pop and the same reliability? I did the cam, carb, and ignition any other cheap hp? like I said I have 2 best friends and they wanna ride!

  7. I have an odd blockhead, i have an 83 flht evo with matching numbers but the engine code on the title comes out as a 1340 shovel.every body says the evo came out in 84 but i have an 83 that runs like a raped ape. the bottom end appears to be shovel with evo top. i'm confused email me at rob56@shawneelink.net if you know anything.thanks

  8. Maybe its me, but where can I buy a complete HD EVO engine? Meaning engine, tranny, ignition? I want to build my own bobber and looking for a complete package. Seems like I hear horror stories about Ultima and RevTech engines. S&S makes a fine shovel, but is just to pricey for me right now. Looking for more reliability and dependability than high performance. Besides, an 80" EVO has more than enough HP to scare me. Thanks in advance.

  9. Is there anyone out there that sent their Evo motor back to HD for remanufacturing? I sent my 98with 110,000 on it and they can't get the rocker boxes (chrome) to stop leaking. Currently this is the 4th time the front cylinder is leaking. Not only me, but another 4 people from our dealer had their engine remaned and all of theirs are leaking also. Any comments or are you currently having a problem also. Please advise.



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