International Female Ride Day 2008

Oh Please! Apparently some folks are trying to organize an " International Female Ride Day " on Friday, May 2, 2008. Here's ...

International Female Ride Day 2008Oh Please!

Apparently some folks are trying to organize an "International Female Ride Day" on Friday, May 2, 2008. Here's what they say about this...
International Female Ride Day a synchronized day worldwide where women motorcycle riders "JUST RIDE" -- demonstrating their enjoyment and in most cases, passion for motorcycle riding. The campaign was created with the aim of highlighting the number of women who ride and building female rider awareness -- encouraging other women to take up the activity. The event places a spotlight on the female rider and celebrates the countless numbers who do--riders new to the activity or those who have had the pleasure all their lives!
Why do women riders need a special day to celebrate themselves? Why do we need to raise awareness of women riders?

Who gives a f**k?

Look, I have all the respect for women riders, just as I would for male riders. I'm not bashing them. I'm bashing this lame idea. I'm sorry, but do we need "female empowerment" in the motorcycling community?

If a chick can master a motorcycle and hold her own among the biker crowd, does she need empowering?

"Hello, I'm a chick, I ride a motorcycle. Today is my special day to celebrate my biker-chickness".



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  1. I am a woman rider also. I think if they do a ride just for women then we separate ourselves for the men riders. Why? I happen to love riding with my husband. I don't want to ride with a bunch of women who want to empower themselves. I ride because I have a great passion for motorcyles and riding. I celebrate it everyday. Just celebrate motorcyclist as a group whether they are men or women.

  2. I thought the women wanted to be included and not kept separate. Guess not. I always considered a biker a biker, regardless of their sex, color, or creed. If the women want a special day just for them, so be it. I guess I have to reconsider my thoughts on bikers. There are bikers, and then there are women bikers.

  3. If you really can't figure out the comradeship women feel when riding with other women, you might consider asking why there are organizations such as WIMA (started long before you were born or even got your license), VTWIN Mama's, Harley's Women Ride,Women in The Wind, Women Riders Now--etc. Women enjoy riding with their female friends as well as when they ride with men. There are still far too few women riding motorcycles --there's nothing wrong with highlighting the numbers who do. Check out this small recap of some of the THOUSANDS of women that participated in 2007.
    The success is determined by the women who have embraced this campaign--they are the leaders!Kinda speaks for itself doesn't it?

  4. I think it's great that there are more women riding than ever. The more bikes on the road, the more aware the cagers are of us.

    Shouldn't need a special day to recognize themselves as riders.

    I think I'll organize a "Males with green eyes, who are 40-43 and own red bikes" ride.

    Maybe I'll start the German/Irish Bikers' Association in my area.

    Where does it end?

    Ride On.

  5. My goodness ... Barf???? Did you ever consider that it's just fun?! You know, fun like rallies, race events, and charity rides. Given that only 10% of riders are women, there's nothing wrong with gathering sisters together to celebrate on a particular day and share their adventure in riding. Maybe it's not for every woman rider out there, but for some of us, it's a hoot! Do you send your Mom a barf message on Mother's Day? What a disappointment that must be.

  6. As an internet reporter covering the motorcycle racing circuit, and having interviewed a few female riders, it's my impression that there are times when women only want to ride and be in the company of other women, to include riding their motorcycles. Who are they hurting? Nobody. Let them have their fun!

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