Ironhorse Roundup Bike Show Cancelled for MC Rumble

Daryl at Biker-Events blogs says that the Ironhorse Roundup Bike Show in Grayslake, IL was cancelled by the police and mayor, claiming that ...

Daryl at Biker-Events blogs says that the Ironhorse Roundup Bike Show in Grayslake, IL was cancelled by the police and mayor, claiming that they received a tip that two rival motorcycle clubs were planning a "rumble" there...

Those who did show up, were disappointed to find that the show was cancelled.

Apparently, no rumble took place.

The article goes on to say that the mayor was trying to prevent what happened in Laughlin, NV in 2002. But that fight wasn't planned, it just materialized on its own.

So what do you folks think? Did the mayor simply want to do away with any kind of motorcycle events in town, or was this a real threat?

How many motorcycle clubs do you know of that schedule their "rumbles", and schedule them in in the middle of crowded area, where police and security are all over the place?


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  1. It was discrimination and the officials in Grayslake got "played".
    The police did not need to stop all the motorcyclists for the rest of the day asking for all sorts of identification and information.

  2. It's the same old crap tht's happened in the Carolinas, and other areas. I think some of these people watch too many late night "B" movies and listen to too many "informed, unnamed" sources.

    North Carolina

  3. Un-freakin-believable... Ya, I've never heard of a "scheduled rumble" either.

    At least not since grade school and the kid-threats like "At the bike rack! After school!"

  4. The same thing was supposed to happen in Cody, Wyoming in 2006. Nothing was cancelled and no "rumble" took place. Law enforcement was on alert and precautions were taken. This Mayor went way overboard. The event should pick another city for next years event.

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  6. We have the Ironhorse Roundup every year in Red Lodge, MT. It is great and a lot of fun. We have never had any problems and I highly doubt that if there was going to be a rumble, that the mayor would know about it. I don't believe there would ever be a scheduled rumble where there is already going to be dozens of cops standing next to you. I believe the mayor had a personal belief that his town shouldn't have such events and passed it on BS. There has never been rumbles at such events. We all bite our toungs and go and have fun. Why ruin it?



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