NASCAR 60th Anniversary Motorcycle Series

Bruce Rossmeyer of "Destination Daytona" fame, has teamed up with NASCAR to create an officially licensed "NASCAR 60th Annive...

Bruce Rossmeyer of "Destination Daytona" fame, has teamed up with NASCAR to create an officially licensed "NASCAR 60th Anniversary Motorcycle Series"

To commemorate NASCAR's 60th anniversary, Rossmeyer is creating 60 custom motorcycles, each individually numbered, to capture the essence of NASCAR.

If you want to buy one, you'll have to hope that racing industry insiders pass up the opportunity, because they'll have first dibs. Sales will begin May 28. But if you're lucky enough, each bike will cost $48,600, and will include a commissioned painting by artist Sam Bass, as well as a limited edition NASCAR 60th Anniversary leather jacket, among other stuff.

Here's the photograph that accompanied the NASCAR press release...

nascar 60th anniversary motorcycle

However, I question that this is actually one of the "anniversary" bikes. It doesn't bear the official NASCAR 60th Anniversary logo, and the fact that these motorcycles aren't scheduled to be unveiled until next week.

But here's a link to the full press release, and you can decide for yourself...


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  2. Great motorcycle! I just want to say to anonymous that you don't have to be rich to have fun with your friends and your bikes doesn't have to be expensive, but more important, to enjoy the rides in your bike.

  3. I would NEVER buy a Harley from Bruce Rossmeyer. Went in today to buy an '09 Ultra Classic with dealer invoice, freight and assembly costs and offered $1500 over the Ready to Sell cost (about halfway between Ready to Sell and MSRP) and was told, "We are a FULL MSRP dealership." On top of the MSRP, I was told that there is an additional $1500 in dealer prep fees. Included in this extra fee is shipping and dealer assembly, which is already factored into the Ready to Sell cost, so buyer beware; you are paying double for shipping and assembly. Though Rossmeyer has large overhead, Harley Davidson had to go to Warren Buffet for a $300 million dollar loan at 15% to keep from going bankrupt. I guess in this recession, Rossmeyer feels they do not have to negotiate on price. I have negotiated a fair price with another Harley dealership. Anyone who pays full MSRP for a Harley are sheep and not worthy of riding a Harley.

  4. Anonymous said: the Factory prep and handling, freight and delivery are NOT in the MSRP price. thats from looking at the acual invoice, Bruce Rossmeyer sell over 500 bikes just Bike week itself, so for everyone that has bought a Harley Davidson from Bruce Loves there bike and enjoying the bike, because the there home town dealer either does not have the bike, He is a volume dealer and do whatever it takes to make a great deal. 1799 NEW Bikes sold 2008 made him the #1 Dealer in the country, so most people are VERY happy to purchase a bike from Mr. Rossmeyer, what a empire he has.



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