Harley's New Motor Mounts

Just got my bike back from the shop, TMS, an indie shop, and they had to replace the front motor mount on my HD Ultra Classic. They said...

harley davidson motor mounts
Just got my bike back from the shop, TMS, an indie shop, and they had to replace the front motor mount on my HD Ultra Classic.

They said Harley came out with a new type of rubber for their motor mounts. I'm not aware how recent they came out with this.

Anyways, my bike now shakes and rattles like a mobile home in a tornado. Apparently, Harley is saying things should settle down after about 500-800 miles of riding. If not, I'm going to have to take it back to the shop, and have them install a different mount.

I mean, it shakes so much, the numbers on my speedometer are blurry.

It's ok when you idle. But as soon as you put it in gear, it's like an earthquake.


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  1. Ok Steve, that was a week ago, I know you are getting close to 800 miles by now. Let us know how it works out. I hope all is good.

    Later Dog.

  2. Although I have Only owned a Vrod in my lifetime and its Very NON Harley like (as 95% of the HD people like to tell me) so I have Very little to no shake, I have friends with Tourers/Dressers etc.. and this sounds like Bull to me. It took me 2 years to find a Shop that could actually work on my bike, He is Warranty Certified and In Huntington Beach CA, called Huntington Beach Hogs and Choppers, Ed and crew are the most Knowledgeable guys I have ever met, they have a HD Drag Racing team so they constantly tear down and rebuilt their own bikes for competition. Noit sure how far you are from there, but I travel 50 miles, passed over 15 dealerships to go to Him, He is the only person I allow to touch my bike.

  3. The "fun" part of living in SoCal is there are a plethora of motorcycle shops; many of which are not competent in bike repair. If I had to guess I would say the vibration is from improper installation more than the actual engine mount. While a given shop may be good at general maintenance, it does not mean they are good at all aspects of motorcycle repair.

  4. There is a "new" mount that goes along with the "new" touring frame. However, if the motor and mount are correctly installed it work - I don't thing there is anything that putting some on some miles will cure. Have someone who knows check the install out.

  5. Ohh Beautiful bikes..Who can live without them??

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  7. HDMC put out a P&A Service Bulletin some time back that advised dealership's of the new superceeded Front Motor Mount. Reason for the change is that the earlier version was manufactured with too soft a compound and it tore/broke. The new motormount is manufactured with a more rigid compound, thus transfering more of the engine hamonics/vibration directly to the chassis. It is critical that when installing the new style motor mount that it be installed correctly top and bottom. In some cases I have seen technicians install it identically like the earlier version, however this would actually be upside down and exacerbate the vibration condition. ensure it is indexed properly. Bottom line even correctly installed you will feel more vibration transfered to the chassis then the earlier version

  8. The shop said they installed it both ways, and found that either way still made the bike shake like Hell.

    I had the shop order me the Velva Ride motor mount, and it works so much better. It's actually more smooth than the old stock mount. That's the answer folks, Velva Ride.

  9. Hello,
    could adjusting the lower stabilizer take some of the vibraton out ?

  10. I have an 06 FLHX. fairing brackets keep breakin. I was told about a velvaride hydraulic stabilizer but cant find anything.



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