World's First Automatic Motorcycle Wash

Television station KSAT reports on what is being billed as the world's first touch-free motorcycle wash. Check out the video here......

touch free motorcycle wash
Television station KSAT reports on what is being billed as the world's first touch-free motorcycle wash.

Check out the video here...

You drive the bike into this thing, and put it in neutral. Your tires sit on belts that make them spin around so that they can clean the wheels. It costs $10.00 to do the whole thing.

When I wash my Ultra Classic Electra Glide, I take care not to spray water directly at the dash board. It's hard to tell from this video if that's what this machine does or not.

What they need is some kind of coffee shop or snack bar where riders can hang out and mingle while their bikes are getting washed.

Thanks to Motodisiac.


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  1. this is old news I saw this on American chopper aired on TLC a few months back

  2. I couldn't watch the video because of my slow download but sounds like a great idea. Maybe a mobile unit on the trailer of a semi would do well too. Especially at big events like Laconia and Sturgis. But then again, I think given the choice between bikini clad bike washers and a machine, I'd go for the non-automated wash.

  3. Motorcycle thefts are on the rise... I saw this news item on

  4. With all the product in the market that really clean and protect the paint in your bike, why would a person take his bike to a moto-wash like this?

  5. I own an 07 ULTRA CLASSIC with 30000 miles. I've washed it by hand over 100 times, and I soak my dash ,and I have been caught in heavy rain 3 times ,no problems yet.I think harley thought that out, you douch. I welcome the idea of a easier, faster way to keep my bike lookin good.

  6. There is no reason to be scared Motorcycle Fairings, the owners are aware of that an will never use products that can ruin the paint.

  7. I saw this on American Chopper and was horrified.

    They have a period of the wash they call a "cool down" period. Yeah right!

    People are going to ride there hot bike on this then spray down their hot cylinders.

    Not a good thing at all.

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