Feds to Seize Mongols Patch

This article from the LA Times paints a rather disturbing picture of what lengths the feds will go towards eliminating gang violence... ...

mongols mc
This article from the LA Times paints a rather disturbing picture of what lengths the feds will go towards eliminating gang violence...


But the most lasting blow to the San Gabriel Valley-based bikers may be down the road: In an unusual maneuver, the feds are also seeking to seize control of the Mongols' trademarked name, which is typically accompanied by its cherished insignia -- a ponytailed Genghis Khan-like figure riding a chopper.
This makes the feds no different than a rival motorcycle gang. It's not uncommon for a motorcycle club to collect the patches of a smaller club, and effectively put it out of business.

And what good would it do to take away the name and logo from a club? It's members are still out there, and will seek to continue their ways under another name and logo.

I guess if the feds can buy control of banks and mortgage lenders, they can also seize control of trademarks and logos. That's a scary thought when you consider Barack Obama is about to become the next President.

Next thing you know, Obama and the liberals will want a law that requires every club to register their name and patch with the feds.

I won't defend the Mongols or any other club, but I don't like the idea of government seizing ownership of private property under the guise of protecting the public, especially when property itself can't commit any crimes.


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  1. I have two issues with this story:

    1) The headline. It suggests the feds ARE seizing the patch. They're not; they're TRYING to. Odds are they won't succeed, either.

    2) Falling into the trap of calling a club a gang. Seizing the patch may well make the feds a rival, but it'll be a rival CLUB, not a gang. (Although the feds definitely qualify as a gang, imo.)

    Aside from that, thanks for the news.

  2. >hat's a scary thought when you consider Barack Obama is about to become the next President.

    > Next thing you know, Obama and the liberals will want a law that requires every club to register their name and patch with the feds.

    you really need to explain this leap of logic to me. I really cannot understand at all why "A" then "B" in this statement. Please provide supporting examples and references.

    Otherwise you're just another loudmouth douchebag with no better intelligence than shouting 'yay our team, fuck your team'.

    If you want me to vote like you then you need to be able to explain why. Or are you here to preach to the choir, like some fallen alaskan beauty queen?

  3. >hat's a scary thought when you consider Barack Obama is about to become the next President.
    Isn't Bush in charge right now while this is happening??? Did I miss something in your comment?

  4. "In what he called an unprecedented move, O'Brien said he would seek to take control of the Mongols' name, which the gang has trademarked, through a restraining order barring them from wearing it."

    Sounds like a good plan...

    Copyright can be revoked...if the feds take it they can then tag them for that as well...

  5. What a crock to try to tie this to anything having to do with Obama. This is happening under the Bush administration. There has never been an admin that has abused their power more than this admin since I was born a very long time ago. Tat was nothing more than more of the McCain disgruntled politics.

  6. The Patriot Act was a Bush/Cheney idea that most Americans thought was a great idea and people like me who thought it BS were called traitors.When you consider the govt. can read anyones email when they want why is anyone surprised by the feds seizing trademarks?We can only hope if the dems do get control of Congress and the Whitehouse they can undue some of this crap but I sure as hell wouldn't hold my breath since it's a lot harder to get rid of laws then it is to make one....kinda like wars.

  7. The statement about Obama fits perfectly. Obama has said that he won't do anything to stop hunting or infringe upon the Rights of sportsmen to have firearms. Here's what he's done in the past: Voted to prosecute anyone who defends themselves with firearms in their home, voted to raise the tax on rifle ammunition, commonly used for hunting, by 500%, supported legislation to ban rifle ammunition most commonly used for hunting. He's talking out both sides of his mouth. How can you trust him on other things he has said? Believe me, confiscating a motorcycle club patch is the least of our worries. Our Constitutional Rights are about to be infringed upon. This man truely is a threat to our Rights and Freedoms.

  8. I was with you in outrage until you made the ridiculous comment trying somehow to tie this to Obama.

    My advice: stick to bike news

  9. I think our Constitutional Rights have been under attack for a long, long time - long before Bush tool over. The Patriot Act was anything but Patriotic and this is but one reason why Republicans have rejected the Republican Party - McCain isn't a real Republican, Palin is - Period! With that said, I don't trust ANY of em - they are all crooks and any "Gang" you can think of aint got sh!t on the FEDS!

  10. Guys you just have to rememeber that this is a free country and that everybody is free to give his personal opinion, if you don't agree then you're not in the right place to read.

  11. Your rights end where others' rights begin. So, in this example, when you start stabbing latinas for dating black guys and breaking people's knees with pipes, suddenly, your rights will be infringed upon.

    You should probably be happy that our society works that way, or else a big, flaming bag of douche like yourself would've been ass-kicked into oblivion by now.

  12. Well it depends of the kind of right we are talking about. If a person think is his right to park in front of me blocking my way out, then that is not justification to make valid his rights.

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  14. There is gangs and a motor cycle club is NOT a gang and should not be treated as such. The feds have no right to take controle of a patch, are they going to do the same with the Free masons, moose lodge ect. Freedom means freedom means fre from goverment controle over or freedom the clubs are clubs. Has anyone thought that in every thing there are a few bad apples? The Brother in this article have not been convicted or has anyone came forword to say it was them due to the fact they did not do this crime. People only can say what they seen and NO One saaid "oh the Mongols did it. I know a lot of these Bro's and they are Good Peole!!!

  15. The Mongols patch is protected under the Constitution the Bush administration tried to destroy with the patriot Act, warrentless wiretaping and other police state nonsense.

    That Patriot Act was written by the Bush administration and a rubber stamp Congress to go after Meth dealers, seize their assets including their rides, guns and other property and then applied to everybody with data mining.

    Chances are the Obama administration won't do as much as progressives hoped to restore our freedoms, because Democrats get paid by the same lobbiests that pay Republicans.

    I like what I see as far as him personally doing what he can to change things. Sure he has a lot on his plate but with all that he's getting stuff done and seems to be at least getting rid of some of the secrecy.

    I know there are some of you who figure Freedom is a state of Being without limits and that if you are free to do whatever you want that still isn't enough because there is stuff you have been programmed not to want to do that would push the limits farther.

    There are a lot of traps the language you use can lock you into such as thinking that a government that makes the laws can't be a gang of theives whose values are supported by 1% of the population and ought to be an outlaw itself.

    There may be some Libertarians for whom if you had no laws you would have no crimes, but then that would make it hard to have a little individuality by crossing the lines.

    It bothers the shit out of me that everybody from your parents to your police state wants to make rules you don't get to vote on, but fortunately like them old blue laws, every law that doesn't get enforced ceases to be a law and that includes speed limits, helmets, and wearing colors.

    The way you get to vote on whats legal and what isn't is to do what you want and get others to do it with you until it gets to be too much of a hassle to stop you.

    When it comes to making drugs, guns and gangs legal I suppose that would cut into the profits of people who like to deal in those things, tax them and make rules, but I expect its coming sooner rather than later because most of us can make our own now.



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