Will Cheaper Oil Save the World?

The price of oil keeps getting cheaper all the time... http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20081111/bs_nm/us_markets_oil The price of oil affec...

cheap oil
The price of oil keeps getting cheaper all the time...


The price of oil affects the price of everything: food, dining, durable goods, travel industry, plastics, urban sprawl, just about everything.

Had the price of oil kept going higher, $5.00 a gallon and up, I would have curtailed my joy riding habits, by more staying closer to home, and on fewer days. As long as it keeps going down, I can at least still ride.

And when I ride, I usually stop somewhere for a bite to eat. And as long as I keep riding, I'll have to maintain my motorcycle and purchase new tires, oil, filters, etc. I'm still spending money.

In a world so dependent on oil for everything, it makes sense to me that we need cheap oil to get the economy back on track.


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  1. I'm a fan of gas prices going up to save the world. The economy will suffer in the short term, but the recent oil/gas prices magically got Americans thinking about the cost of sprawl, SUVs, transportation of goods by horribly inefficient means (ie trucks), and even mass transit. I think we can help the economy through research and "green jobs", rather than continuing to hope for cheap oil.

  2. I beleive that the real solution is not letting the big corporations to buy the product to take it to other countries, the the supply will be abundant, the price of oil will be cheap and all the products made from oil will be cheap too.

  3. I will say that Gasoline prices is not the problem. The problem is the way people handle the money and the purposes for that.

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  5. It's not cheaper oil that will have an effect as much as less dependence on oil. The electric driven vehicle will put countries out of the terrorist business not to mention dictating to us what we can and can not do as many oil producing countries do. all the USA hate mmongers in the world are supported and encouraged by the profit they make from oil. If we become electric dependent in transportation they will become allot more cooperative and certainly less antagonistic.

  6. Cheaper oil probably means more SUV's and trucks on the street-not a good thing for motorcycle riders. At least high gas prices was causing many people to ride scooters for the first time, taking some cars and trucks off the road.



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