Myrtle Beach Bike Week is Back On

After all the news that Myrtle Beach Bike Week was going to be cancelled, the obvious happened: bikers are still going to Myrtle Beach to p...

After all the news that Myrtle Beach Bike Week was going to be cancelled, the obvious happened: bikers are still going to Myrtle Beach to party.

Well, maybe not in Myrtle Beach itself, but all outside the city limits.

Myrtle Beach Harley-Davidson, the local Harley dealer there, sent out a press release reminding everyone that just because the City of Myrtle Beach passed some laws that would punish bikers for making a peep in their town, those laws don't extend outside of the city. And apparently, that's where the dealer is trying to move the event to.

myrtle beach sc
Photo by Matthew Trudeau
"Many tourists wrongly believe that Myrtle Beach is synonymous with the 60-mile-long 'Grand Strand' that is visited by more than 14 million tourists annually," said Mike Shank, marketing director for Myrtle Beach Harley-Davidson. "In reality, the City of Myrtle Beach is just a small town inside of Horry County. It only has 25,000 residents. To the north, south and west of Myrtle Beach is the much-larger Grand Strand community where there are many restaurants, bars, recreational facilities and accommodations. Horry County has more than 250,000 residents and they are preparing their businesses to welcome bikers."

Except now they're calling it "Cruisin' The Coast", and will take place May 8-17, all along the Grand Strand, except for the Myrtle Beach part. Here's the official website...

That's exactly what happened with the Hollister Motorcycle Rally a few years ago. The city tried to shut it down, except bikers still went there anyways and found the rally going on outside of city limits.

So if you want to do some "sticking to the man", show up on your scooter anyways, and the keep tradition rolling.


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  1. Fuck the city of Myrtle Beach AND the surrounding areas! The Pols lie about the Ralleys and lie about why the city has made new rules to discourage bikers from showing up!
    I think the whole area should be boycotted to let ALL know , how much is spent there. That way the "outside the city limits" vendors can put pressure upon the anti biker goons in "the city of Myrtle Beach"

  2. We are Booe Realty. We specialize in vacation rentals located in the heart of Myrtle Beach and would like to say that just because we conduct our business in Myrtle Beach does NOT mean we agree with the city council’s decision to discontinue both motorcycle rallies. We have always looked forward to the bikers coming down. Being in the vacation rental management business, we provide accommodations to quite a few bikers and have for many years. Just because the council decided what they believed to be in the best interest of Myrtle Beach, not all of the businesses, owners’ or vendors agree with their decision. We are now suffering from the repercussions of their decision which is surely not what we want.

    We hope the bikers continue to come despite the deterrent. Please know that our “welcome sign” is still hanging!!!
    The Booe Crew

  3. And now the Mayor of Myrtle Beach is asking the town of Atlantic Beach to join in with these new bogus rules! Fuck ya all down there. I guess my money isn't green enough or gentrified enough for you folks. Southern Hospitality??
    My ass!
    Eastern South Carolina deserves NONE of our money, now , or in the future , with this shit!

  4. This is all a direct result of the week following bike week!!! If the People coming down the following week didn't destroy everything and treated the city with some respect, We wouldnt have to deal with this B.S.! Ask any one of the business owners down there what happens when we leave and the 2nd week starts! they'll all tell you it's absolute chaos. Thanks so much to all the fools who come down the second week and destroy the town, you have once again ruined a good thing for the rest of us!!

  5. F@#K Myrtle Beach!! I have been a participant of Bike Week for 5 yrs and NEVER have I seen nor heard of such idiocy in my life. This is ignorance at its best. ALL bikers, Harley & Sport Bike Riders should rally together and vacate Myrtle Beach and flock to North, South, or West Horry County and party like we always do, and see how their revenues do for those 10 days. Police citations alone during bike week are an incredible source of revenue for the city. But, guess our money isn't green enough for the "country bumpkins" of Myrtle Beach. No big deal, there are other vendors in the county that would LOVE to get our money, being as though we are in a recession and all,...IDIOTS!!!!!

  6. Myrtle Beach Helmet Freedom Ride
    Saturday February 28, 2009
    rain or shine

    Meet at the Beaver Bar beginning at 11:00 AM. The ride will depart at high noon.

    Beaver Bar (map)
    3381 Highway 17 Business
    Murrells Inlet, SC 29576
    (843) 357-6969

    Participants will be given instructions and route details just prior to the departure of the ride. After the ride we will warm ourselves by a fire as we burn Myrtle Beach shirts; bring yours to add to the bonfire.

    All participants in this Helmet Freedom Ride do so as common adventurers. Local bikers may coordinate this ride but no one is considered a leader of this ride. All participants take responsibility for making their own decisions including, but not limited to, whether to participate and what equipment they choose to use or not such as safety equipment (helmets) or vehicle equipment (mufflers).

  7. Even the Carolina Dealer Association Says FUCK YOU to Myrtle Beach (and SC)
    They moved it to NC now!!!


    The Carolina Harley-Davidson Dealers Association Spring Beach Rally is the oldest, continuous running rally in the history of motorcycling and we are excited to be moving to New Bern, NC.

    The Tradition Continues . . . Yes, it is good-bye Myrtle Beach!

    The Carolina Harley-Davidson Dealers Association is pleased to announce that our 69th Annual Spring Beach Rally will be held in New Bern, North Carolina. Mark Cox, president of the association said, “We will continue our legacy of 69 years celebrating the oldest, continuous rally by offering our Spring Beach Rally in New Bern”. Mark went on to say, “This new venue will allow us to get back to basics and offer our existing and new customers a rally experience they will appreciate without restrictions and with the ability to enjoy the freedom of riding a Harley-Davidson motorcycle”.

    The Mayor of New Bern, T.A. Bayliss, III, welcomed the rally, “We are pleased and honored that you have chosen to hold your rally in our city, and we pledge our total cooperation in making your rally a most pleasurable and memorable occasion for all in attendance”.

    Historic New Bern, located at the confluence of two rivers, is the second oldest town in North Carolina. One of its many features is the picturesque downtown waterfront district and New Bern is only a 30-minute motorcycle ride to the beaches. Or, if you prefer, plan a ride to the Croatan National Forest located southeast of New Bern."

    Hope SC enjoys the lack of Bikers and their money!!!

  8. I am still going this year but I will not cross the city limits and will spend every cent in the county. I like the county changes to locations of permitts because it spreads everything out for more riding between. the county will generate all the revenue the city looses and show the county it is a good idea to support the rally and show the city they made a booboo.

  9. My crew and I Will be riding down to the Myrtle spring bike week like we have for the past 15 years. We'll ride, See our South Carolian friends, Eat,drink and Party with one new exception. We wont spend one cent within the city limits. We'll hang down in Murrells and ride down to Georgetown. Then we'll hit rte 31 north up and around the city limits to North Myrtle beach where the other half of the party will be rocking. I see theres a post from a real estate agent here that is located in the heart of the city. I feel your pain but It's up to business like yours to put the heat on the one term mayor. We all know this is B.S. hopefully when business down there start going out of business. The city will wake up and realize bikers stick together and can organize when needed.

  10. One other thing. No offense to the guys going to New bern. But We thought about it and cant seem to go along with being "Chased Away" by a dip-Sh&t one term part time mayor who has no legal experience. ( He ran kids basketball tournements before this gig) New Bern is probably a nice town but we'll go there when we feel like not when they tell us to. If a few of us get a ticket or two. We'll deal with it. Guess everyone has their own way to throw a TEA PARTY !!!!!

  11. As a baby boomer and rider myself .. I did NOT support the council !!! However I own a restaurant in Myrtle Beach city limits .. I know .. I'm screwed.. lol.. however .. bikers need to stand together like the other bike week and make a huge statement to MB.. in dignified fashion .. stand up for your rights.. Please make the right choice and let your actions speaks louder than words .. The business in MB .. NEED your business and depend on it .. not to shut our doors down.. We rely on YOU to get through the winter .. Yes I have a vested, however thousands of employees in MB depend on this money to survive.. Do not punish us for the ignorance of the city council .. Human nature .. if someone tells us WE CANT do something .. what do we do .. STAND UP AND RIDE .. BE HEARD ..

  12. Fuck Myrtle Beach. I hope they all rot in hell. As time draws closer now all the "closet" supporters come out begging for my money. Screw you!!

  13. Wow, ya'll wonder why they banned you? You'll never understand what real freedom is, well, maybe one day just before the end you'll get a brief glimpse of understanding that it's more than physical...

  14. I LIVE in Myrtle Beach and DIG the hell outta the bike week. If Myrtle BEach has a problem it's with Black bike week not the Harley bike week. I never hear anyone that has balls say that though. Fuck the NAACP....Black bike week is where the crime & problems are. Disprespectful, dirty, abusive, slander theft, crime ALL ARE A PROBLEM DURING BLACK BIKE WEEK...HAVE A PAIR OF BALLS AND SAY IT RIGHT

  15. I dont ahve a blog account but you can email me at


    The pussy's down here are too scared to say it..FUCK 'EM. I live here and don't need the revenue at all from bike weeks but enjoy the hell out of the harley rides.
    **** IDIOTS**** THE CITY COUNCIL ARE IDIOTS. and they want to raise the taxes due to lack of tourism....IDIOTS>>> I can't even take myself to a town meeting cause I'll end up choking the freakin idiot mayor & cronies who have no clue what made Myrtle Beach successful and the town that it is...PUT UP ANOTHER 300 MILLION DOLLAR PARK TOO YOU FOOLS

  16. we do want your money and support. we are the little people who don't really have the means to start a countermovement. i know tons of servers who are angry about this week being so terrible.
    my birthday falls during bike week and i have had a very depressing birthday today because there aren't any rumbles to make it feel like my birthday.

  17. %$#@ Myrtle Beach. I've given them way too much money since the mid-70's to have them treat me like they have.

    MB didn't just start with this years antics... They cost our company about $10K in '05, and have never refunded a penny. We had 8 employees, 50 linear feet of tents, 4 trailers of goods and transport vehicles, loads of money in expenses, etc all wasted...all for the simple display of our products (not sales). City mgmt told me "though $h1t, they didn't care about our losses". Long story, but I'll never take my businesses or family back to MB as long as I live.

    I'm trying to help their cause by posting signs in our businesses in NC to tell everyone of our experiences with MB. MB has become a place too good for me, run by a bunch of snotty politicians. They forget that bikers went to MB for things other than bike week. They pissed off several hundred thousand people who will in turn tell countless more thounds. AFAIC, if they fail, it couldn't happen to a more deserving bunch. I spent a lot of money there from about 1976 on...several times/year. Never again. Not a dime in '09, again in '10, etc.

    Here's what I wrote and published online in '05...


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  19. Hell yeah. You can't cancel bike week. It will alway continue. You can't stop Americans from traveling. Bike week 2010 is own

  20. Myrtle Beach Small Motels2/06/2010 09:10:00 PM

    With a number of partners we own two mom and pop oceanfront motels (Summer Wind Motel and Gazebo Inn) in the south part of the City of Myrtle Beach. We have always welcomed the bikers, mostly the same ones every year like an extended family. We have always been appreciative of their business as well. We did everything we could to oppose the city's actions, but in the end we are small and big money from the special interests at the large hotels and their respective golf course partners bought the election and nearly all the same politicians were re-elected. We did manage to get one of them defeated, so we have at least one friend on the council now. It appears that the helmet law is ready to be thrown out by the SC Supreme Court so that will be a good thing. Working people like us scrimped and saved our whole lives, pooled our resources with one another, and sunk our retirement money into these small motels, only to have a few special interest groups ruin everything for bikers and us. We hope that the bikers will return and will look to stay at the small motels, as about 100% of them have fought and opposed the measures against the bikers. Avoid the large high rise hotels on the oceanfront as nearly all of these are owned by the people responsible for the ordinances against bikers. Golf at the non-affiliated golf courses and avoid the golf courses owned as part of a large affiliated group of courses. Everyone should be aware that by simply avoiding everything within city limits, the action punishes a lot of people who are big supporters of the bikers. However if you come to Myrtle Beach and then avoid those big hotels you will really send a message to the people who are the ones who were pulling the strings of the politicians who made this mess. Unfortunately we can't name names because although true we can't fight the big money. But the bikers can help the little guy who supports them by patronizing the small motels and hit the fat cats by avoiding their businesses. Southern hospitality still exists even if we are small and stuck inside the city limits!

  21. I been going to bike week spring and fall for last five years,also been going with wife and kids every June or July for last eight years but never again.They'll never get another dam cent out of my family or me.

  22. Will anybody with good conscious spend any money or time in the area of Myrtle Beach proper? How could any biker spend his/her hard earned money in a city where the government and local vendors (yes vendors! You didn't vote them out!!!) Don't want you! Oh yes they want your money, but just get the hell out of our city once you are done spending your money(buying our overpriced beer , t shirts, and crap) Screw MB and their vendors! Teach them a lesson, Go and spend your money and time where you are wanted and treated with the respect we deserve!

  23. Ive been coming to the spring Myrtle rally for over 15 years. Always have fun. Since the Mayor and council began the war with us I have still gone to the party but stay out of the city. I feel bad for the small business guy and girl who are getting screwed but its up to them to change things.My money works fine in Murrells Inlet, Georgetown and North Myrtle and I dont need to put a lid on to ride.

  24. WE STILL BELIEVE. Come join the festivities and be part of breaking a Guinness Book of World Record.
    for the most Harley Davidson motorcycles in a single ride during the Myrtle Beach Spring Rally. Proceeds from this event will benefit The Marine Toys for Tots Foundation along with The Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund. We invite all motorcyclists to this event only Harley's will be counted for the World Recordl

    You can register online at The donation to ride is $40.00 with a $15.00 extra rider fee. There will be awesome goodie bags for all riders including commemorative t-shirts, pins, discount coupons from business along the Grand Strand and a surprise or two. We also have sponsorship opportunities available. Call 407-235-5212

    We will be announcing shortly the route for the ride, where the rally start and end points are. This is an awesome opportunity to take part in a world record attempt and also provide much needed help to a couple of great charities. If you are coming to the Myrtle Beach Spring Rally make sure you take part in this once in a lifetime opportunity. Tell all your Harley friends about this exciting event.

  25. If you check the rental books sent out by the Rental Services for vacation properties most of them say no motorcycles allowed all year long at their rental properties. So much for the county businesses wanting us bikers there for bike week.

  26. I was taking pictures of the cars and bikes at black bike week, and the cops at Myrtle Beach rolled me up, 4 deep, and ran me off. For sitting on the sidewalk, taking photos. Fuck Myrtle Beach. Next time I want jack booted thugs to keep me from enjoying civic events, Ill come back. or rather, Ill go to Wilmington; again, fuck Myrtle Beach, and fuck the cops at Myrtle Beach.

  27. I own a condo in a large complex, we bought it to enjoy in our retirement. Bike week is bad, but black bike week is unbelievable! I am sick
    of the sleazy dress (no wonder the music refer to whores)our complex is trashed! Everything that can be broken is broken, trash everywhere and if you have children they have to listen to the vulger languge as evident in their posts. Like an earlier post say it like it is, there is disrepect for property and people. If you act
    like trash you are treated like trash.

  28. I would love to see an alternitive site for this bike week. I have loved Mytle Beach Bike Week in the past. It was my favorite of all the Bike Weeks I have been to. Because of the City of MB and its rules I will not be back. I do feel sorry for the people who have businesses in the area, but the business people and their employees are the ones who need to stand up to the city. Not the bikers. We all live in different parts of the country and cannot make it there for a city councel meetings. Votes go along way so show the city councel how you feel by getting involved by ousting them. I know at 6 of my best buds and I would attend MB Bike week. We each would spend around 1000. bucks a peice or more. I am sure when your talking about 300,000 others thats a lot of money to lose out of the local economy each year. so stand up!!1



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