Arrests Made in SUV versus Motorcycles Incident

Facts in the case continue to unfold in New York City in the SUV vs. Motorcycles incident.

New York Police are saying a group of 20 to 30 motorcyclists, out for an annual ride in the city, "surrounded the Range Rover in order to try and block off the road so they could do tricks." Police believe the rider who was hit by the SUV when he slowed down in front of it lead the Range Rover to bump into his motorcycle. The other riders then slowed their speed and began looking back at the Range Rover.

While this and the ensuing incident was occurring, four calls to 911 were placed by from inside the Range Rover in a span of nine minutes, the first coming prior to the SUV driver bumping the rider. Police received other 911 calls about the incident as well, but would not say who made the calls.

Christopher Cruz, the rider hit by the SUV in the video, has been charged with reckless driving and false imprisonment for not allowing the Range Rover to move about on the highway.

In response to being surrounded by the motorcyclists, Alexian Lien, then sped off, accelerating his Range Rover through the crowd of motorcyclists and hitting some as he took off.

Lien's wife, Rosalyn Ng said her husband was trying to protect her and their child when he fled from the bikers at high speeds, hitting and critically injuring one.

Motorcyclist Edwin Mieses, father of 2, was critically injured and possibly permanently paralyzed.

Some of the riders chased Lien as he fled the scene. Lien was beaten by a motorcyclist when the chase ended minutes later. Reports that Lien had been stabbed are false. He was treated and released from the hospital the day of the incident with stitches.

Police continue to seek out other motorcyclists who were present on the group ride. Late Wednesday, police searched the home of 37-year-old Kevin Bresloff, who they believe wore the helmet camera that filmed six minutes of the conflict. They confiscated his GoPro helmet cam, two laptop computers, a cell phone and a digital camera and are searching the video for clues about anything that was not posted online.

New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said on Monday that Lien would not face charges for hitting the motorcyclists. No additional arrests have been made in the case, although the police are actively looking to arrest other riders who were on the scene and gather more evidence against them. One motorcyclist seen on the video banging on the SUV's window turned himself into police earlier in the week and was questioned and released, police said.


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  1. I don't understand the video I viewed when the bike rider ( Christopher Cruz ) went in front of Range Rover he did not slam brakes bike would have pitched forward under heavy braking brake light never illuminated he never geared down looks as if Range Rover had time to react to being basically cut off mistake made by Cruz he was in the wrong I agree and I see it as a accident that went outta control but how the driver of Range Rover ( Alexian Lien ) reacted by running over people and not be charged with something is what I don't understand that if he was in his Range Rover and made four calls to 911 and I would think police knew exactly where he was located at that it was a good choice to plow over people but Cruz is charged with a traffic violation and a felony charge sounds like New York is one sided in this case goes to show how media and government work together when they want something or someone to be believable when the proof is on video that's edited before the public see it

    1. This incident vwas caused 100% by a group of individuals who felt that laws do not apply to them and that could go out and bully three lanes if traffic to stop for them to turn a public highway into their own playground. Too many people are trying to placate the illusion of "oh well there is plenty of blame to go around" for the sake of not causing offense. . That doesn't make it true. The fact is that this entire chain of events is easily led back to the initial decision by thst group to behave like a lawless hoard of thugs.



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